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January 9, 1904

Corinne Happenings

  • Mr. Sherman of Tremont was in town Wednesday on his way to Salt Lake.
  • Edna Jensen of Brigham City spent a few days last week in Corinne with friends.
  • A social by the Ladies of the Presbyterian Church is on the tapis for next week.
  • Mrs. Ed Ryan visited with her parents at North String two or three days last week.
  • Ed Ryan was registered at the Cullen House in Salt Lake last Tuesday
  • Mamie Shaw took the early Wednesday morning train for Ogden and returned the same day.
  • Brigham Briefs

  • Mr. Levi Anderson who has been on a mission to Sweden returned last Monday having been gone two (2) years and 4 months.
  • Born Monday to the wife of Orsen Nelson a fine pair of twins
  • Elias Jensen raised the quarantine on the following families at Mantua, this week: Ole Olsen and the Postmistress
  • All the men at the above place not under quarantine are busily engaged hauling maple and mahogany wood.
  • Now the boys can write to their Mantua belles as the mail is running again
  • Source: The Box Elder News - January 9, 1904 -  Transcribed and submitted by Allison Morgan

    January 14, 1904

  • Mrs. B. F. Boothe has returned home from Salt Lake City after a week's visit with relatives and friends.
  • Helgar Packer of Willard was a Brigham visitor Monday. He says that the snow fall in that city Sunday was light and sleighing is poor.
  • W. K. Morrison, the electrician, moved his family from Pocatello, Ida., to this city the fore part of the week and will occupy the residence of Geo. W. Ingram.
  • A little girl of Mr. and Mrs. Willie Forsgren is sick with diphtheria.
  • B. F. Jones of Willard was in town last Saturday. Mr. Jones is manager of a dramatic company in Willard which has shown considerable talent in the past. The company will play "Leah the Forsaken," in their home town tonight and expect to present it in Plain City soon.
  • Arthur Neely, Lawrence Mortensen and others have located a section of oil land out west of Corinne.
  • Thatcher News

  • A wooden wedding supper was given in Thatcher, Utah, Wednesday, Jan. 6th, 1904, by Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Borgstrom. Supper was served at 7 p. m. The evening was spent in games, music and songs, and at midnight refreshments were served. Those present were: Bishop J. Nelson and wife, B. O. Jeppson and wife, Anton Anderson and wife, P. N. Peirce and wife, Allen Roche and wife, W. Adams and wife, John H. Watt and wife, Sheldon Nelson and wife, Thos. Laws and wife, F. W Peterson, Mr. Green, Miss Mabel Borgstrom and Mrs. C. M. Borgstrom.
  • Mrs. C. M. Borgstrom, who has been spending holidays with her son, W. A. Borgstrom, at Thatcher returned home to Brigham Friday.
  • Bear River City

  • The new year seems to be prolific in weddings. Mr. David Holmgren and Mr. A. J. Peterson have already taken unto themselves better halves and we understand that others will do likewise in the near future. May they live long and happily.
  • Mr. E. H. Wight, who had the misfortune of having his leg broken in two places by a horse falling upon him a couple of weeks ago, is steadily improving. We hope soon to see him out again.
  • The friends of Mr. David Holmgren were pleasantly surprised to receive invitations to the wedding reception given at Mr. Holmgren's residence Thursday evening. The bride is a daughter of our village blacksmith, S. W. Nelson. The couple were united in holy wedlock Wednesday, the 6th, in the Salt Lake Temple.
  • The members of the Dramatic Co. were much annoyed Thursday evening, the 7th, when they met to rehearse their play, and found one of members missing. But he was freely excused when they found that he, Albert Peterson, had gone to Brigham to obtain his license and he was married that afternoon. The friends of the young couples join in wishing them a pleasant and prosperous journey through life.
  • We are glad to welcome home once more Mr. Ole Hansen, who has just returned from a two years' mission in Norway. Also Mrs. S. M. Fridal, who has been in Salt Lake City for some time studying under Dr. Pratt.
  • The farmer's representative, John P. Holmgren of this county, was made happy by the arrival of a new son.

  • Special Officer H. H. Cordon was home from the Lucin cut-off Sunday visiting his family.
  • Elder Fred G. Nelsen of the Second ward returned last Monday week from a mission to Denmark for which he left in October, 1901. He says while he has had ups and downs his missionary experiences in the main have been pleasant. He returns in good health.
  • David Holmgren, the well known school teacher of Bear River City, and Miss Hilda Nelsen, a charming young lady of that place were united in marriage in Salt Lake City last week.
  • Miss Louise Gasberg is able to be around again after ten weeks severe illness with rheumatic fever.
  • Sheriff Josephson brought a man in from the Lucin cut-off last Saturday named John Clossen a German, supposed to be demented. It is believed he will be all right in a few days.
  • Galvin W. Richards, Jr., of Fielding and Miss Fannie Snow of Orangeville were married in the Salt Lake temple last week.
  • Dr. L. H. Berg, dentist, Utahna hotel.
  • Dry land lucern hay for sale. J. C. Fredericksen, Brigham City.
  • T. C. Jones, a brakeman on a work train on the Lucin cut-off, fell between the cars last Saturday afternoon at Hogup and his right arm and portion of the shoulder were cut off. A special train was made up and the unfortunate man was conveyed to Ogden and the best surgical attendance given him. He is reported to be in very critical condition.
  • J. M. Shockley, arrested in Salt Lake last week on information given by his companion, confessed Sunday that he killed the two street car men on January 6th. He claims to be alone responsible for the terrible deed and professed great sorrow for the crime. His confession has saved great expense, but his guilt would have undoubtedly been established in time without it.
  • The quarantine has been raised from the Boden House.
  • Mrs. Alice Johnson of Corinne has located an oil claim which she has named "Carrie Nation." It ought to be a gusher.
  • Funeral services over the remains of Mrs. Ingaborg Sorensen were held in the First ward meeting house last Saturday afternoon. The deceased was 74 years of age and has lived in this city since 1885. She leaves several sons and daughters and a large number of grandchildren surviving her.
  • Mr. and Mrs. Alcorn are happy over the arrival of their first baby, a fine girl, born last Thursday morning.

  • Source: The Box Elder News - January 14, 1904 - Transcribed and submitted by Allison Morgan

    February 6, 1904


  • W. O. Kay was in town yesterday cleaning up the last car of alfalfa for Portland.
  • Joe Brownson who visited Constantinople, Hamburg, Antwerp and Liverpool during the last year is home.
  • A small fire occurred last week and the residence of C. C. Wilson, Bear River City while the family were at breakfast. It is supposed to have been caused by sparks falling down an air shaft and lighting the wood work in the attic. Prompt application of a few buckets of water put out the fire. With fire and water together the loss was nominal, but it looked at first like the dwelling was doomed. Mr. H. N. Bowring of the firm of Bowring and Rich with whom Mr. Wilson had insured, went over immediately and adjusted the loss and handed him a check for the amount
  • Corrine Happenings

  • We are glad to announce that the Guthrie Hotel which has been closed for the last two months will be open to the public in a day or two. Mrs. Goss of Ogden has taken charge and the accommodations will be first class; Mrs. Goss being an experienced hand at the hotel and restaurant business.
  • Mrs. Caggie and Duncan went to Ogden Monday for several days visit.
  • Mrs. Romino started east last Monday evening called by the sickness of her mother.
  • Miss Oleen Murphy was in town Monday but returned to Roselle next day.
  • Mrs. Gregg living four miles west of town has been confined to her bed for several months with inflammatory rheumatism and is improving very slowly.
  • Ed Officer went to Ogden Friday on business.
  • Mrs. J. W. Guthrie of Ogden has been in Corinne for a day or two this week turning over the hotel to Mrs. Goss.
  • Mrs. Barnes went to Ogden last Friday for a two weeks stay.
  • Brigham Briefs

  • Sheriff Josephson returned from Ogden Tuesday with three men charged with burglary. They were placed in the hands of the sheriff by Mr. Sullivan who had arrested them at Terace. It is claimed they broke open a railroad car and purloined over $200 worth of truck there from.
  • Lost a light bay horse branded P. J. combined. Weight about 1100. Finder return to Peter Johnson at Brigham City and be rewarded.
  • Adam Larsen of Park Valley was in town, the fore part of the week.
  • Mrs. F. J. Billings of Ogden spent a few days in Brigham, visiting relatives, the for part of the week.
  • Source: The Box Elder News - February 6, 1904 - Transcribed and submitted by Allison Morgan

    February 17, 1906


  • Stanley Dallin was a Salt Lake visitor the fore part of the week.
  • M. A. Boothe went to Bingham Junction Sunday returning Tuesday.
  • W. H. Boothe, Sr. of Brigham, was in Garland on business Wednesday.
  • Atty. J. D. Call of Brigham City, was in town on on legal business Saturday.
  • T. E. Secrist returned Saturday from a visit to his former home in Farmington, Utah.
  • Miss Elva Booth, clerk at Riter Bros Drug Store, is spending this week at Provo.
  • Fife Bros, have purchased the Norman Percheron - Jimmy Hicks. His weight is 2,100 pounds.
  • Mr. and Mrs. John Burns, of Fielding parents of Mrs. Ursel Rose, are visiting in the city afew days this week.
  • H. C. Vanausdeln and John Goss are having a public sale of horses and farm implements in this city today.
  • Mr. and Mrs. Lucian Ray of Salt Lake came up Sunday to visit relatives here. Mr Ray returned Sunday and Mrs Ray will remain here for a few days.
  • An "Old Fashioned Dress Ball" will be given at the Amusement Hall Washington's Birthday, Feb. 22nd, for the benefit for he Garland Sunday School.
  • Don't fail to see the comedy success "Other People's Money" at the Garland Opera House Monday, Feb. 18th.
  • Geo. F. Grover, son of Ogden to spend a few days with his parents the later part of last week.
  • Dan Reeder of Laren and Reeder, Brigham, was in town Tuesday and purchased a car of pulp from J. Y. Rich to be shipped to Salt Lake City.
  • John E. Austin of Heber City, Utah, spent the fore part of last week here in the interests of the Utah Sugar Co's shrep.
  • Miss Essie Evans returned to the Salt Lake University Sunday and Mr. Howard Evans resumed his studies at Logan the fore part of the week.
  • John Lewis. assistant agriculturist of the Utah Sugar Co., returned from Provo the Latter part of last week to resume his labor and is our among the farmers contracting for beets.
  • Lane Gleason has enlisted with the Globe "force" and expects to become a first class printer. Judging from the way he sets the type, we predict for him a bright future as a typographer.
  • We would be pleased to have our readers, and the public generally, send in such items of news as may come under their observation, such as births, deaths, marriages, goings and comings, etc. Many things transpire that we may overlook, hence we ask you to assist us in this matter that we may be able to publish ALL the news.
  • Mrs. Mosiah Evans entertained at 3 o'clock teas at her residence on Monday the following ladies in honor of Mrs. O. P. Rumel who left for Salt Lake on Tuesday on a account of ill health: Mesdames O. P. Rumel, Jno. T. Roberts, G. S. Mowry, J. C. Wheelon, T. H. Edwards, L. J. Somsen, Jos. Wing, Joseph Wallis, M. A. Boothe, W. A. Ray, Ursel S. Rose, Lucian Ray, W. P. Eaton, W. D. Lewis, and Miss Mable Cowan. An enjoyable afternoon was passed and all wished Mrs Rumer God speed on her trip and a speedy recovery of her health.
  • J. W. Lewis, the jeweler, is busy this week moving his furniture to this city from Plain City.
  • Don't fail to see the comedy success "Other People's Money" at the Garland Opera House Feb. 19th. One night only.
  • Fife Bros. assisted in transporting part of the Consolidated Wagon and Machine Co's goods from Tremont to this city the fore part of the week and moved them into their new building here.
  • Do you take the Globe? If not, just drop into the office or mail us a card and we will send it to you. Our list is growing but there are a few who we feel would be pleased to add their names to the list and help us make the paper a success. Let us hear from you.
  • A few errors were made last week in our write up of the city and we hasten to correct them. A. H. Gleason was the first postmaster of Garland and held the position six years 1895 to 1901. In place of T. H. Edwards as a member of the new board the name of Chas. Edwards should have appeared.
  • Mr. and Mrs. Jno. T. Roberts entertained at a card party at their home on Tuesday evening Messes and Mesdames Walter P. Eaton, M. A. Boothe, T. H. Edwards, H. C. Cutler, Mosiah Evans, Mrs Glaney S. Mowry and Miss Bessie Shumwell. Light refreshments were served and all enjoyed a jolly good time.
  • The Misses Bessie and Caroline Shumwell of Los Angeles, California who have been visiting with their sister Mrs. Walter O. Eaton for the past three months, left on Wednesday for Salt Lake, accompanied by Mrs. Eaton, where they will take up their abode. After a short visit Mrs Eaton will return.
  • Vol 1, No 1, of the Inter Mountain Republican, Salt Lake's new daily paper, came to the Globe office Monday and is a clean, well printed daily that reflects great credit to the publisher. Mr. A. E. Blunck is the president and manager and general make up, a bright future lies before it.
  • The executive board of the Farmers Proctective and Commerical Assn, met at the residence of W. S. Hansen one day this week and were royally entertained. Mr. Hansen is the vice-president of the club. After a pleasant repast was served the members discussed the telephone question and disposed of some other matters of business.
  • W. A. Ray went to Pocatello on business Thursday.
  • Miss Edna Carter is now one of the "Hello" girls at Central.
  • Miss Mary Grover came home to visit her parents Saturday returning to her school on Logan Sunday evening.
  • Robert Wallis who is taking the missionary course at the B.Y Logan was a Garland visitor Sunday.
  • Dan Perry's team runaway yesterday morning from Bone's blacksmith shop where the rig was taken for repairs. They dashed up Main St. and the rig run into the fence just south of Ray's store and the team dashed up the side walk and collided with a telephone pole opposite the Porter House. No particular damage was done except to the harness.
  • Lynn Stewart, a student of the A. C. Logan, was a town visitor the first of the week.
  • Lester, the little son of F. L. Walker of East Garland who has been so very sick, is improving nicely.
  • Horace G. Whitney, secretary and treasurer of The Utah Sugar So., W. W. Riter, president of The Bank of Garland, and Judge Elias A. Smith, cashier of the Deseret Savings bank of Salt Lake, came here Saturday and audited the accounts of The Bank of Garland. They found the bank a flourishing condition. Mr. Evans escorted them to the factory and through the city in a cutter and they expressed themselves as being pleased with the city's rapid growth.
  • Source: The Garland Globe - February 17, 1906 - Submitted and transcribed by Maggie Coleman

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