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Governors of Utah Territory

During the territorial period, from 1850 to 1895, Utah's governors were appointed by the president of the United States. With the exception of Brigham Young, all the governors were outsiders and nonMormons. Often referred to as carpetbaggers, most had practiced law and pursued political office before arriving in Utah. A patronage appointment, the governorship of Utah was a difficult and geographically remote assignment, and some of those willing to accept posts in the western territories were of marginal ability and character. Utah's territorial governors represent a wide range of capabilities and accomplishments.

Name Took Office Left Office Party Biography
Brigham Young 1850 1858   Yes
Alfred Cumming 1858 1861 Democrat Yes
John W. Dawson 1861 1862 Democrat/Republican Yes
Stephen Selwyn Harding 1862 1863 Liberal Yes
James Duane Doty 1863 1865 Democrat Yes
Charles Durkee 1865 1869 Liberal/Republican Yes
John Wilson Shaffer 1870 1870   Yes
Vernon H. Vaughan 1870 1871   Yes
George Lemuel Woods 1871 1875 Republican Yes
Samuel Beach Axtell 1875 1875 Democrat Yes
George W. Emery 1875 1880   Yes
Eli Houston Murray 1880 1886   Yes
Caleb Walton West 1886 1888   Yes
Arthur Lloyd Thomas 1889 1893   Yes
Caleb Walton West 1893 1896   Yes

Governors of Utah Since Statehood

The State of Utah was Admitted to the Union on January 4, 1896.

Name Took Office Left Office Party Biography Lieutenant Governor
Heber Manning Wells 1896 1905 Republican Yes None
John Christopher Cutler 1905 1909 Republican Yes None
William Spry 1909 1917 Republican Yes None
Simon Bamberger 1917 1921 Democrat Yes None
Charles Rendell Mabey 1921 1925 Republican Yes None
George Henry Dern 1925 1933 Democrat Yes None
Henry Hooper Blood 1933 1941 Democrat Yes None
Herbert Brown Maw 1941 1949 Democrat Yes None
Joseph Bracken Lee 1949 1957 Republican Yes None
George Dewey Clyde 1957 1965 Republican Yes None
Calvin Lewellyn Rampton 1965 1977 Democrat Yes Clyde L. Miller
Scott Milne Matheson 1977 1985 Democrat Yes David S. Monson
Norman Howard Bangerter 1985 1993 Republican Yes W. Val Oveson
Michael Okerlund Leavitt 1993 2003 Republican Yes Olene S. Walker
Olene Smith Walker 2003 2005 Republican Yes Gayle McKeachnie
John Meade Huntsman, Jr. 2005 2009 Republican Yes Gary R. Herbert<
Gary R. Herbert 2009 Incumbant Republican Yes Greg Bell (Incumbant)

Source: Wikipedia
Submitted and transcribed by Barb Ziegenmeyer

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