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Surname Year Cause Of Death
Age Gender Month of Death State of Birth
Martha Adamson 1850 Cholera 1 Jul IA
Sally Alvord 1850 Erysipelas 47 F Feb MA
John M. Belnap 1850 Cholera 1 M Jun MO
Obedience Bogs 1850 Cold 57 F Oct NY
Rosanna Bragg 1850 Cholera 8 F Jul ME
Franklin Burns 1850 Cholera 5 M Jul IA
Beneons Campbell 1850 Cholera 50 M Jul NY
Heber G. Campbell 1850 Cholera 5 M Jul OH
John C. Campbell 1850 Cholera 25 M Jun PA
Mary Campbell 1850 Cholera 46 F Jun NY
Jane Clark 1850 Not Listed 6 F Jul UT
Margaret Dana 1850 Cholera 43 F Jun NY
Sarah Dille 1850 Fever 6m F Jul IA
Michael Earl 1850 Artery Burst 22 M Mar Cd
Mary E. Gary 1850 Cholera 4 F Jun IL
Amanda Herrick 1850 Cholera 26 F Jun OH
Perry Keyes 1850 Cholera 33 M Jun OH
Zenos Keyes 1850 Cholera 10 M Jun IL
Electa Lake 1850 Cholera 21 F Aug CA
Elizabeth Malleroy 1850 Cholera 50 F Jun NY
Estel Mc Gary 1850 Erysipelas 3m M Mar MO
Lucy E. Molbery 1850 Whooping Cough 8m F Oct IA
Edmund Nelson 1850 Fever 51 M Nov NC
John Shipley 1850 Cholera 38 M Jun TN
Martin E. Slater 1850 Inflammation 2 M Aug MA
George Walton 1850 Cholera 1 M Jul IA
Jerusha Weston 1850 Cholera 19 F Jul NY

Transcribed by Barb Ziegenmeyer

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