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Surname Year Cause Of Death
Age Gender Month of Death State of Birth
John Ames 1870 Diptheria 50 M Oct En
George A. Barrett 1870 Diarrhea 5M M Nov UT
William Campbell 1870 Teething 10M M Apr UT
Arsen, E. Carver 1870 Canker 7M M Sep UT
Palmer Cutler 1870 Lameness 14 M Dec PA
Mary Davis 1870 Dropsy 46 F Jun Wl
Charles Elmer 1870 Measles 10M M Feb UT
Laura C. England 1870 Canker 11M Dec UT
Edward Farley 1870 Sun Stroke 74 M Aug NY
Hiram Farr 1870 Lung Fever 4M M May UT
Susan Geddis 1870 Croup 1M F Feb UT
Ellen Giller 1870 Teething 1 F Dec UT
William Hadley 1870 Erysipelas 1M M Dec UT
Elmyra A. Hammon 1870 Bowel Disease 5M F May UT
John W. Hill 1870 Diarrhea 1 M Oct UT
Gertrude Killey 1870 Typhoid Fever 11M F Oct UT
Clara Leavitt 1870 Teething 9M F Sep UT
Alma Legres 1870 Teething 1 M Nov UT
William Martin 1870 Diarrhea 11M M Oct UT
Sarah E. Mower 1870 Hives 4M F Apr UT
Elizabeth Moyes 1870 Bowel Disease 1 F Oct SE
Franklin Musgrave 1870 Lung Inflammation 9M M Dec UT
Richard Parker 1870 Cholera 1 M Aug UT
Emma J. Renkwist 1870 Measles 4 F Apr Sn
Rachel Shurtliff 1870 Not Listed 1M F Aug UT
Rebecca Shurtliff 1870 Not Listed 1M F Aug UT
Rosanna Smith 1870 Measles 1 Aug UT
Robert Snider 1870 Diarrhea 9M M May UT
Viola Stewart 1870 Bowel Inflammation 1 F Oct UT
George Taylor 1870 Scarlet Fever 7M M Oct UT
John T. Taylor 1870 Scarlet Fever 3 M Oct UT
Anna R. Thurston 1870 Teething 2 F Sep UT
L. M. Tracy 1870 Rheumatism 17 M Dec IA
Emma Tucker 1870 Typhoid Fever 46 F May En
Chauncey W. West 1870 Lung Hemorrhages 42 M Jan PA
Franklin West 1870 Brian Fever 10M M Feb UT
David Williams 1870 Diarrhea 1 M Aug UT
Henrietta Woloordson 1870 Teething 11M F Sep UT

Transcribed by Barb Ziegenmeyer

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