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ALDOUS, Marion Clair Pfc. USMCR parents Mr. & Mrs. Clarence M. Aldous 2825 Marilyn Dr., Ogden Weber
ANDERSON, James D Pfc. USMCR mother Mrs. Donette A. Anderson 1056 25th ST., Ogden Weber
ANDREWS, Stuart Earl 1st Lieutenant USMCR wife Mrs. Verla A. Andrews 330 Adams Ave., Ogden Weber
BEUS, John A Cpl. USMCR parents Mr. & Mrs. Leslie J. Beus 362 30th St., Ogden Weber
BEVAN, Richard N Pvt. USMCR parents Mr. & Mrs. Sylvanus J. Bevan 376 Washington Blvd., Ogden Weber
BRADLEY, Eugene L Pfc. USMC wife Mrs. Yvonne L. Bradley 838 24th St., Ogden Weber
BROWN, Clarence D Pfc. USMCR father Mr. Almon D. Brown Rt. 2, Ogden Weber
BURTON, George C Pfc. USMCR mother Mrs. Fannie Burton 1772 Pacific Ave., Ogden Weber
CALDER, David Gale Motor Machinist's Mate 2c USNR parents Mr. & Mrs. David Calder 751 25th St., Ogden Weber
CALL, Junior E Pfc. USMCR mother Mrs. Zetta S. Cal 3567 Porter Ave., Ogden Weber
CAWLEY, Paul Howard 2d Lieutenant USMCR mother Mrs. Eva S. Cawley 754 27th St., Ogden Weber
CLEGG, Boyd N Pfc. USMCR mother Mrs. Emily O Clegg 4050 Monroe Blvd., Ogden Weber
COX, Robert B Pvt. USMCR parents Mr. & Mrs. Orren Cox H-4 Army Way, Washington Terrace, Ogden Weber
DAVIS, Lewis Delbert Signalman 2c USNR wife Mrs. LaVerne Davis 2026 Liberty Ave., Ogden Weber
DE GROOT, John J Pfc. USMC father Mr. John De Groot 468 River Drive, Ogden Weber
DUNAWAY, Robert William Pvt. USMCR mother Mrs. Sadie B. Dunaway 485 Irving Ave., Bonnevile Park, Ogden Weber
EDDY, Walter R Pvt. USMCR mother Mrs. Rika Eddy 1748 Lincoln Ave., Ogden Weber
EGGLESTON, Melvin C. Pvt. USMCR father Mr. Joseph S Eggleston Gen. Del., Eden Weber
FOSTER, John Wesley Coxswain USN parents Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Billings Foster G-12 Victory Rd., Washington Terrace, Ogden Weber
GOODALE, Ray N Pfc. USMCR parents Mr. & Mrs. Thomas H. Goodale Rt. 1, Roy Weber
HEATH, George R Pfc. USMCR daughter Miss Georgia L. Heath c/o Mrs. Verla Heath, 319 1/2 26th St., Ogden Weber
HENNESSY, Ronald Thredgold Seaman 1c USNR wife Mrs. Shirley LaRue Hennessy 728 21st St., Ogden Weber
HOLMES, Hal L Pfc. USMCR mother Mrs. Emmie A. Holmes 725 22d St., Ogden Weber
HOLMES, Jay Melvin Seaman 1c USNR parents Mr. & Mrs. Parley Clifford Holmes 3287 Adams Ave., Ogden Weber
HOPKINSON, Joseph Casto Carpenter's Mate 2c USNR wife Mrs. Norma Jean Hopkinson 1245 24th St., Ogden Weber
HOWARD, Grant Pfc. USMC parents Mr. & Mrs. Alfred J Howard 2350 E. Ave., Ogden Weber
HUNTSMAN, Samuel Reese Aviation Ordnanceman 2c USNR father Mr. James Franklin Huntsman 2640 Washington Blvd., Ogden Weber
JARDINE, Donald LeRoy Pvt. USMCR parents Mr. & Mrs. LeRoy H. Jardine 1-14 Army Way, Washington Terrace, Ogden Weber
JOHNSON, Vernon Morris Ship's Serviceman 2c USNR son Steven Morris Johnson 1235 32d St., Ogden Weber
JONES, David L Cpl. USMC mother Mrs. Anna Jones J-12 Navy Way, Washington Terrace, Ogden Weber
LEATHEROW, William E Pvt. USMCR wife Mrs. William E. Leatherow Gen. Del., Hooper Weber
LETTMAN, James F Pfc. USMC mother Mrs. Ione Lettman 2462 1/2 Lincoln St., Ogden Weber
LOWDER, Wayne L Cpl. USMCR parents Mr. & Mrs. Ira S. Lowder Rt. 3, Box 149, Ogden Weber
LUND, David H 2d Lieutenant USMCR mother Mrs. Petra Lund 257 21st St., Ogden Weber
LUNNEY, Harlow M Pfc. USMCR father Mr. William Lunney 422 27th St., Ogden Weber
MADDEN, Hubert J Field Music 1c USMC mother Mrs. Myrtle Madden 2568 Swaner Pl., Ogden Weber
MAW, Virgel B Pvt. USMCR parents Mr. & Mrs. Gilbert E. Maw Rt. 2, Ogden Weber
NEUTEBOOM, Harvey C Pfc. USMC wife Mrs. Helen L. Neuteboom 541 29th St., Ogden Weber
O'NEILL, Robert Daniel Chief Pharmacist's Mate USNR sister Miss Ellen Patricia O'Neill 563 23d St., Ogden Weber
ORAM, Ferrion Leory Seaman 2c USNR mother Mrs. Myrtle May Oram 3147 Stephens, Ogden Weber
PATTON, Raymond G. Sgt. USMC mother Mrs. Beulah L. Patton 2553 26th St., Ogden Weber
PETERSON, Delbert John Cpl. USMCR parents Mr. & Mrs. John F. Peterson Jr Rt. 4, Box 640, Ogden Weber
POORTE, Thomas H Pfc. USMCR parents Mr. & Mrs. Edward A. Poorte 1521 Jefferson Ave., Ogden Weber
POST, Orric Seaman 2c USN parents Mr. & Mrs. Jacob Post 3500 Harrison Ave., Ogden Weber
RAMSTAD, Loyd R Pfc. USMCR wife Mrs. Loyd R. Ramstad A44 Victory Rd., Washington Terrace, Ogden Weber
RENSTROM, Keith A Gunnery Sgt. USMC parents Mr. & Mrs. Arnold P Renstrom Huntsville Weber
RICHINS, Wayne Joseph Pfc. USMCR wife Mrs. Dora F. Richins 2871 Lincoln Ave., Ogden Weber
RUSSELL, Jack Pfc. USMC mother Mrs. Helen Russell 332 30th St., Ogden Weber
RUSSELL, Raymond Edgar Seaman 2c USNR parents Mr. & Mrs. Edgar Walton Russell 3220 Monroe St., Ogden Weber
TALBOT, John T Cpl. USMCR parents Mr. & Mrs. Edward C. Talbot 1749 Childs Ave., Ogden Weber
THACKERAY, Jay Roland Seaman 1c USNR mother Mrs. Leah T. Fisher 369 Healy St., Ogden Weber
THOMAS, Russell D. Pfc. USMCR parents Mr. & Mrs. Dvid P. Thomas 932 23d St., Ogden Weber
TILLET, David J Pfc. USMC wife Mrs. David J. Tillet 3157 Union Ave., Ogden Weber
TROTTER, John Calhoun Jr Aviation Radio Technician 2c USNR parents Mr. & Mrs. John Calhoun Trotter Sr 720 Carney St., Ogden Weber
WAHLEN, George Edward Pharmacist's Mate 2c USNR parents Mr. & Mrs. Albert George Wahlen Rt. 1, Ogden Weber
WEST, Courtney Brewster Seaman 1c USN mother Mrs. Helen West Civilian Dormitory, E-531, Hill Field Ogden Weber
WIKSTROM, John F Jr Pvt. USMC mother Mrs. Gladys K Wikstrom 2422 Polk Ave., Ogden Weber
WILSON, Derrald Louis Pfc. USMCR wife Mrs. Marilyn S. Wilson 508 27th St., Ogden Weber
WILSON, Leroy K 1st Lieutenant USMCR father Mr. David J. Wilson 2531 Powler Ave., Ogden Weber

Source: State Summary of War Casualties from World War II for Navy, Marine Corps, and Coast Guard Personnel, 1946 (machine-readable records), National Archives at College Park

Submitted by Tammy Clark


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