Bennington County Vermont
Obituaries and Death Notices


1887 Mortuary Index for the Town of Bennington

Obits and Death Notices:

Rev. James Anderson
The News and Citizen Morrisville Lamoille County VT, December 29, 1881
Rev. James Anderson died at Manchester, last week Tuesday morning aged 83 years. He had been pastor of the Congregational council of that place for 29 years.

Harriet (Corbiere) Baker
The Bennington Banner, Bennington VT, January 12, 1888
The friends of Mrs. Harriet Corbiere Baker, widow of the late T. S. Baker, will be pained to learn she died in Chicago, Dec. 11th, 1887 of pleurisy, after an illness of one week. She was in her 66th year. She was a sister of the late W. A. Corbiere and Mrs. W. B. Booth and F. A. Corbiere of Binghamton, NY, besides two brothers, Chas. F. Corbiere and Theo. K. Corbiere of Cal.
She leaves a large circle of relative and friends to mourn her loss. One son T. S. Baker of Denver, Col., and three daughters, Mrs. Dr. F. E. Sherman of Chicago, Mrs. O. H. Wood of Kansas City, and Mrs. J. Sims of Kansas City, besides four grandchildren.
Mrs. Baker was a native of Bennington; her youthful days were spent here. She was married and was united with the Baptist Church when quite young and was a consistent Christian. She died with the hope of a bright future, with a smile on her countenance, which is a great consolation to her dear children who stood around her dying bed, gave her every attendance that none but loving ones can give, to a kind and loving mother.

 Lucy Essex Barber
Source: Vermont Gazette (Bennington, VT) Friday, 26 May 1876; transcribed by FoFG mz
DIED. In North Bennington, May 22d, Mrs. Lucy Essex Barber, the oldest person in town, aged 97 years.

Mrs. Huldah Blackmer
The Vermont Watchman and State Journal, Montpelier, Vermont,
Tuesday, February 14, 1837
Died in Bennington, on the 29th ult., Mrs. Huldah Blackmer, aged 62.

Mrs. Sally Blinn
The Vermont Watchman and State Journal, Montpelier, Vermont,
Tuesday, January 24, 1837
Died in Pownal, Dec. 30th, 1836, Mrs. Sally Blinn, consort of Mr. Theodore Blinn, and daughter of the late Gen. Josiah Wright, in the 57th year of her age.

Cora Bowles
The Bennington Banner, Bennington VT, January 12, 1888
Died in Bennington, Jan. 9th, Miss Cora Bowles, aged 20 years.

Children of Rev. Josiah W. Brown
The family of Rev. Josiah W. Brown, of Manchester, Vermont, have experienced a most sad and crushing sorrow. Five interesting and loving children as ever graced a household, and all they had, have fallen victims to that new and terrible age (diphtheria) that is raging in many localities, and all within the short space of thirty-two days.
[Illinois State Democrat, Aug. 29, 1860 C. Horton -2009]

Bennington, Vt., Dec. 3, ae. 96, a revolutionary soldier.
Source Citation: Annual OBITUARY NOTICES OF EMINENT PERSONS who have died in the United States FOR 1858; BY HON. NATHAN CROSBY; BOSTON: JOHN P. JEWETT AND COMPANY. 1859. Transcribed by Kim Mohler.

Josiah S. Carpenter
Source: Vermont Gazette (Bennington, VT) Friday, 26 May 1876; transcribed by FoFG mz
DIED, In North Bennington, May 24th, Josiah S. Carpenter, aged 47 years.

Abel Clark
Source: Vermont Gazette (Bennington, VT) Monday, 22 Sept. 1788; transcribed by FoFG mz
BENNINGTON, Sept. 22. Died on the 11th September instant, at Newhaven Falls, Mr. Abel Clark, blacksmith, formerly of Torringford, a parish of Torrington, near Litchfield in Connecticut. Mr. Clark had, by his industry, lately built a shop near Newhaven Falls, and was on his way to Torrington, with an intent to remove his family, who were in readiness for his arrival…But alas! how vain are human acquirements! … how uncertain is life.

Mrs. Amilia Elizabeth Clark
The Bennington Banner, Bennington VT, January 19, 1888
Died in Bennington, Jan. 17th, Mrs. Amilia Elizabeth Clark, wife of Robert M. Clark, aged 66 years. Funeral Friday afternoon at 2 o'clock.
The estimable wife of Mr. Robert Clark, the veteran railroad engineer, died on Tuesday of this week, 17th inst., after a short illness. Her health had not been good for some time, but the depressing effects of the sudden death of little Hope Squire, her greatly beloved grandchild, together with her condition soon caused serious solicitude on the part of the family. On Sunday a cyst which had formed in the abdomen was operated upon and a large amount of water taken therefrom. It was hoped she would rally, but she did not and sank down until life passed away, and she follow quickly to Paradise the little life of a few months, which she had almost idolized while it was given her to love here. Mrs. Amilia Elizabeth Clark was a woman of more than ordinary character and culture, greatly endeared to her family and friends because of her lovely disposition and sterling worth. She leaves a husband, two daughters and a son, all well known to our people. The funeral will be held tomorrow at 2 o'clock, pm.

Mrs. Lydia (Corey) Curtis
The Bennington Banner, Bennington VT, January 12, 1888
Died in Shaftsbury, Jan. 7th, Mrs. Lydia Curtis, aged 70 years.
Mrs. Lydia Curtis, a native and life-long resident of Shaftsbury, died on Saturday evening last, after a short illness. She was about 73 years old. Her maiden name was Corey. The funeral services were held in the Baptist church of which society she had long been a member, on Monday. Rev. Mr. Wilkins officiated.

Merinus Van Denburgh
The Bennington Banner, Bennington VT, January 12, 1888
The death of the late Merinus Van Denburgh, book binder of our office, necessitated a change in that department, and we have made arrangements with Mr. P. H. Chew to work for us. He is well-known as a fine workman, competent to do any kind of binding or blank book work, from the smallest to the largest bank ledger. We therefore solicit orders for everything in that line. Special jobs of ruling, which have often been sent to the city can now be obtained of us in just as good shape and at lower prices than in the city.

Katie Day
Source: Vermont Gazette (Bennington, VT) Saturday, 26 Sept. 1874; transcribed by FoFG mz
DIED, In Bennington, Sept. 13th, Katie, twin daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Frank G. Day aged about 3 months.

Lorenzo Downs
Source: Vermont Gazette (Bennington, VT) Saturday, 26 Sept. 1874; transcribed by FoFG mz
DIED, In Bennington, on the 23d inst…of Heart disease, Lorenzo Downs, in the 80th year of his age. Funeral from his residence on Friday at 1 o'clock p.m.

Fay Edgerton
Vermont Gazette (Bennington, VT)
24 Apr 1832
Died, At Woodstock, Vt. on the 18th inst. Professor Fay Edgerton, in the 29th year of his age.--He was a native of this town and son of Uriah Edgerton, Esq. His mortal remains were brought to this place, and the funeral solemnities were attended to on Sunday the 22nd inst. The Rev. Mr. Hooker delivered an impressive and instructive discourse on the occasion, from Prov. 14, part of verse 32--"But the righteous hath hope in his death."

Professor Edgerton had just commenced a course of chemical lectures at Woodstock Medical Academy, and was cut down in the midst of his usefulness. He was a man of uncommon talents, amiable manners, and distinguished for his moral and pious course of life. This afflicting Providence is deeply felt, not only as a bereavement to his family and friends, but as a loss to society. The great consolation is derived from the assurance that he was passed from the bondage of time to freedom--from death to life--triumphing in the security of the everlasting promise of Him who is the "resurrection and the life." He retained his senses to his dying moment, and his faith gathered brightness to his last breath. "The heavens sing, for the Lord hath done it."

Transcribed by Mary Dutcher

Fredie Edgerton
Source: Vermont Gazette (Bennington, VT) Saturday, 26 Sept. 1874; transcribed by FoFG mz
DIED, In East Dorset, Sept. 19th, Fredie only child of P. B. and Emma Edgerton, aged 8 years.

Albert A. Estes
Source: Vermont Gazette (Bennington, VT) Saturday, 26 Sept. 1874; transcribed by FoFG mz
DIED, In Bennington, Sept. 16th, Albert A. Estes aged 24 years.

Leland Fairbanks
The Bennington Banner, Bennington VT, January 12, 1888
Died in Bennington, Jan. 6th, Leland Fairbanks, aged 94 years.
Leland Fairbanks
In another column today appears the notice of the death of the oldest resident of our town, Leland Fairbanks. With his decease, the "mantle of age" falls next upon the shoulders of Hiram Waters who is nearly three years younger. Mr. Fairbanks was a gentleman well-known in this community where he had lived for many years. He was an excellent citizen, an exemplary Christian, a kind father, and a brother greatly respected by the Fraternity of Free and Accepted Masons.

Zephaniah Frost
Source: Vermont Gazette (Bennington, VT) Saturday, 26 Sept. 1874; transcribed by FoFG mz
DIED, In Bennington Centre Sept. 22d, Mr. Zephaniah Frost in the 73rd year of his age.

Jonas Galusha

In Shaftsbury, Vt., the Hon. Jonas Galusha, aged 83 years. Mr. Galusha was for many years Governor of the State of Vt. a member of the Council for nearly twenty years, Judge of the Supreme Court, and Sheriff. He was a veteran of the Revolution, and was at the battle of Bennington.

[7 Oct 1834; the Baltimore Patriot - Submitted by K. Torp]

Frank Guiltenance
The Bennington Banner, Bennington VT, January 5, 1888
Died in Bennington, Jan. 2, Frank Guiltenance, aged 19 years, 6 months.

Mrs. Mary Guiltenane
The Bennington Banner, Bennington VT, January 12, 1888
Died in Shaftsbury, Jan. 9th, Mrs. Mary Guiltenane, aged 50 years.

Maria Harwood
The Bennington Banner, Bennington VT, January 5, 1888
Died in Bennington, Dec. 28th, Miss S. Maria Harwood, aged 74 years.

The Bennington Banner, Bennington VT, January 5, 1888
In our Mortuary Record in another column today the name of Miss S. Maria Harwood is omitted, knowledge of her death not reaching us until the article was in type.

S. Marie Harwood
The Bennington Banner, Bennington VT, January 12, 1888
Died in Bennington, Dec. 28th, Miss S. Maria Harwood, aged 74 years.
The Death of Miss Harwood
"Miss S. Maria Harwood, aged 74 years, died December 28, 1887," was the inscription on the plate of the casket that contained all that remained of our dear and honored friend. We looked on the face, so full of peace and beauty, in its repose, and thought of the long and useful life that had just passed from our midst. The storm raging without made the day so terrible that but few of her friends could go either to the house or church. How unlike her gentle, quiet spirit was the angry war of the elements when she was laid away to rest.
Maria was the tenth child in a family of eleven children of Perez and Lucinda Harwood, a family well-known in Bennington to the generation just gone, and the one now passing away; a family whose sole survivor is Hiram Harwood, a man in his eighty-ninth year, and now a dweller in California with his sons.
Descended from a line of teachers on the mother's side, our friend seemed designed by nature, as an educator of the race, so well and faithfully did she perform the labors of a teacher for forty years or more of her life. In Bennington, in Troy, in Huntsville, Alabama, and for perhaps a quarter of a century in Schaghticoke, N.Y., she left her impression on the minds and hearts of children. A while she was ever most faithful in imparting instruction, she was doubly faithful in the endeavor to prepare her pupils for a home of happiness in the world beyond. Said one of her Schaghticoke scholars, "I shall never forget how Miss Harwood labored to lead us to a Christian life, praying for each member of her school individually. And the impression she made will never, I think, be obliterated from the mind of any one of us, and it was the means of bringing many to the feet of Jesus."

1869 - JOSIAH BURTON HOLLISTER. A.M.; also Middlebury, 1875. B. 17 June, 1831, Sandgate, Vt. Business. D. 4 Dec., 1907, Rutland, Vt.
Source is: Dartmouth College Necrology, 1907-1908, Hanover, N.H. Transcribed by Kim Mohler.

Barbara Howes

BENNINGTON, Vt. -- Barbara Howes, 81, a poet who was one of five finalists for the National Book Award in poetry last year for her book Collected Poems 1945-1990, died in her sleep early yesterday at the Southwestern Vermont Medical Center in Bennington, Vt.

She died after a long illness, said her son, Gregory Jay Smith. Miss Howes, who was also a short-story writer, essayist, translator and editor, was the author of eight books of poetry and was a finalist for the poetry award in two earlier years.

Her Collected Poems 1945-1990 (University of Arkansas Press, 1995) was praised in December by Robert Richman, the poetry editor of The New Criterion, in a review in The New York Times Book Review. --Lexington Herald-Leader (KY) - February 25, 1996; contributed by A. Newell.

Charles Huntington
The Bennington Banner, Bennington VT, January 12, 1888
Charles, H., son of Olin Huntington, died on Sunday evening of inflammation of the bowels, after a week's illness. His age was thirteen years. Charlie was a bright, clever boy and will be greatly missed in the home circle and by his many friends. The funeral services held in the Center Church on Tuesday afternoon were attended by a large number of sympathizing friends of the family. The deceased sang in the children's chorus choir in the cantata on Christmas Eve and a dozen or so of the best singers among the children sang at the funeral an appropriate and touching hymn. Rev. Mr. Wilkins conducted the services and preached a fitting sermon.

Hiram Koon
Source: St. Albans Daily Messenger (St. Albans, VT) Thursday, 19 Nov. 1874

Dr. Hiram Koon of Bennington, died on the 16th, aged 60. He was buried with Masonic honors.

Raymond J. Koslofsky


Raymond J. Koslofsky, formerly of the Warehouse Point section of East Windsor, died Monday at his home in Bennington, Vt. He was 80.

Born in Hartford, he lived most of his life in Warehouse Point. He later lived in Enfield and Springfield before moving to Bennington, Vt.

Mr. Koslofsky was employed for 35 years at the State Receiving Home in Warehouse Point, retiring several years ago.

He was a U.S. Army veteran of World War II and a communicant of Sacred Heart St. Francis de Sales Church in Bennington.

He leaves four nephews and a niece, Kenneth and Ronald Hurlburt, both of Enfield; Gerald Hurlburt of Rocky Hill; Gordon Hurlburt of Merced, Calif., and Sandra Vining of Enfield. His sister and her husband, Ann and Maynard Hurlburt, and a nephew died previously.

The funeral will be Thursday at 9:30 a.m. at the Leete-Stevens Enfield Chapels, 61 South Road, followed by a Mass at 10 a.m. in Holy Family Church. Burial will be in the Hazardville Cemetery, Enfield. Calling hours are Thursday from 8:30 to 9:30 a.m. at the funeral home.

--Hartford Courant, The (CT) - January 21, 1998; contributed by A. Newell.

Joseph Lamoix
The Bennington Banner, Bennington VT, January 12, 1888
Died in Bennington, Jan. 9th, Joseph Lamoix, aged 26 years.

Oliver Leavitt
The Vermont Watchman and State Journal, Montpelier, Vermont, April 25, 1837
Died in Palermo, N.Y. 3d inst. Rev. Oliver Leavitt, 55 - a native of Rupert, Vt., and a graduate of Middlebury college.

Mrs. Joseph Lewis
The Bennington Banner, Bennington VT, January 5, 1888
Died in Bennington, Dec. 31st, Mrs. Jos. Lewis, aged 32 years.

Mrs. Joseph Lewis died of consumption Saturday and the funeral was attended Tuesday.

Samuel Loomis
Windham County Democrat, Brattleboro, Vt. December 13, 1848
Died at Bennington, on the 4th of apoplexy, the wife of Samuel Loomis, Esq., aged about 69.

Mary E. Mathers

Mary E. Mathers, Bennington, Vt., resident; active in church

Mary Elizabeth Mathers, 76, of 227 Dewey St., Bennington, Vt., died Monday morning, July 29, 1996, at Bennington Health and Rehab after an extended illness.

In her earlier years, Mrs. Mathers was employed at BenMont paper and Union Carbide.

She was a devout communicant of Sacred Heart/St. Francis de Sales Church in Bennington.

She was a 1938 graduate of Bennington High School.

Mrs. Mathers was born in Syracuse, N.Y., on April 15, 1920, daughter of the late August J. and Mary (Baker) Smith.

Survivors include her husband, Francis K. Mathers of Bennington, whom she married on May 1, 1943; a daughter and son-in-law, Diane and George Fox of Wilton; three grandchildren, Erik Fox of Wilton, Kyle Fox of Concord and Deirdrea Rust of Clarksville, Tenn.; and cousins.

The Hanson-Walbridge Funeral Homes in Bennington, Vt., is in charge of arrangements.

--Telegraph, The (Nashua, NH) - July 30, 1996; contributed by A. Newell.

1861 - HORACE GREENLEAF MC DUFFEE. B. 22 Dec., 1833, Bradford, Vt. Served in the 169th N.Y. Vols., 1862-63. Business. D. 3 July, 1910, Bennington, Vt.
Source is: Dartmouth College Necrology, 1909-1910, Hanover, N.H. Transcribed by Kim Mohler.

Miraett Northup
Source: Vermont Gazette (Bennington, VT) Tuesday, 20 Jan. 1846; transcribed by FoFG mz
DIED, In this town, on the 14th inst., Miraett, infant daughter of David and Jane Northup age 6 months and 12 days.

Harriet (Wrisley) O'Brien
The Bennington Banner, Bennington VT, January 19, 1888
A telegram was received Monday, by E. Mason Wrisley, giving the sad intelligence of the death of his daughter, in Denver, Colorado, on Sunday noon, Jan. 15th, in the 39th year of her age. She was pleasantly situated and receiving the kind attentions of her mother, her brother Wells and sister, Jennie, who, with her were keeping house in this placed selected by them as the best adapted to climate for their health and comfort. She went there some seven years since and followed teaching in the city public school until last September, when she gave up, on account of her health, for a season of rest. She has a taste and love for music, early learning the accomplishments connected with the art. She also taught music and of late had been at Castle Rock, where she gave lessons, but returned to Denver and at last unexpectedly and rapidly declined. She commenced teaching when fourteen years old and was the first primary teacher in our Graded school, filling its duties to the satisfaction of the patrons and always receiving the confidence and love of her scholars. Before going west she was employed as a teacher for six years in the public school of Troy, and with the approbation and recommendation of the officers of this board of education was able to obtain a situation in Denver without living the ususal time in the city before being employed in this vocation. This is the first inroad, by death, into the immediate family circle where it will be most deeply felt, the other sister, Cora, remaining here with her father. The loss will be mourned by a large circle of relatives, friends and acquaintances.

Private George Parker
El Paso Herald Home Edition El Paso, Texas May 10, 1917
- Contributed by Dale Donlon
Military funeral services were held for George Parker, private in the machine gun company, Seventh cavalry, at the Peak chapel Thursday morning at 11 o’clock and the soldier’s body was shipped to Bennington, Vt., this afternoon. Parker died in the base hospital Wednesday morning.

Harlan P. Partridge
The Bennington Banner, Bennington VT, January 5, 1888
Died in Bennington, Jan. 5th, Harlan P. Partridge, M. D., aged 48 years.

Dr. Harlan P. Partridge
The Bennington Banner, Bennington VT, January 5, 1888
This morning at 7 o'clock Dr. Harlan P. Partridge passed to the better life. His condition for some time had indicated that his life would be short, but the end came suddenly. Dr. Partridge was born in Wilmington, N. Y., July 10th, 1839 and had resided here since 1873. He was a worthy citizen and his death is greatly regretted. The funeral will be held on Sunday afternoon at 3 o'clock. His wife and children will receive the cordial sympathy of many friends. We shall publish a biographical sketch of the deceased next week.

Harlan Page Partridge
The Bennington Banner, Bennington VT, January 12, 1888
As announced last week the funeral of Dr. Partridge occurred Sunday afternoon at 3 o'clock. The Rev. Z. Marten, who officiated (assisted by the supply of the Second Congregational church for last Sunday), made a few remarks, an epitome of which we take as a most suitable obituary.
Harlan Page Partridge, M. D. was born in Wilmington, N.Y., July 10, 1839. He was a confiding and affectionate child, and early and always found a warm place in the hearts of the family circle. At ten years of age he experienced religion and has for 38 years lived a consistent growing, spiritual Christian; ever conscientious in all the duties of home, church and business life. The death of his father, when he was 13 years old was loss deeply felt and lamented. He enlisted twice during the war of the Rebellion; one in the 96th Reg. N. Y. Volunteers and the second time in the Harris Light Cavalry of Albany, N.Y. He has never been well since his army experience and soon after the war began the study of medicine; graduated at the New York Homeopathic College in the year 1868 of New York City, and for six years practiced his profession in that great metropolis. During this time he entered the marriage relation, in which he became the father of three sons, the eldest of whom died some years ago.
In the year 1873 he moved from New York to Bennington, where he has since lived and where he has secured the confidence and esteem of a large circle of friends. His profession has been managed with marked ability, integrity and benevolence. In his domestic life he was kind, prudent, gentle and affectionate; he met life's trials with patience, courage and resignation.

Gertrude Patchin
Source: Vermont Gazette (Bennington, VT) Tuesday, 20 Jan. 1846; transcribed by FoFG mz

In E. Bennington, on the 10th inst. Gertrude, infant daughter of Lyman and Harriet Patchin, aged 8 months.

Wm Perkins died last week Wednesday age 83. The deceased was a life long resident of the town and had been in poor health several years. He leaves a wife and 4 children, Henry of East Rupert, Joseph and Jennie of this place and Mrs. James McDonald of North Adams. All were present at the funeral which was held at his late residence last Friday. Rev. Mr. Butler of Deciple church of this place officiated.

Bennington Banner, March 22, 1905, page 3
Bennington, VT
-- Contributed by Robin Line

Mehitabel L. Pettibone
Source: Vermont Gazette (Bennington, VT) Saturday, 8 Aug. 1874; transcribed by FoFG mz

In Manchester, July 31st, Mehitabel L. Pettibone, daughter of the late Hon. John S. Pettibone, aged 57 years.

Captain Benjamin Plank

In Mobile, Alabama, 10 July, Captain Benj. Plank, commander of the Steam Boat Jachin, and formerly of Bennington, Vermont.
[Newburyport Herald, September 24, 1819 - Transcribed by AFOFG]

Abigail (Stark) Prentiss
The Bennington Banner, Bennington VT, January 5, 1888
White Creek
Died at the residence of her son, Rev. Henry S. White, Flint, Mich., Mrs. Abigail Prentiss, in the 88th year of her age. For the pas two years she has made her home with her son. Deceased was a daughter of Capt. John Stark of Pawlet. She was twice married, her first husband being Newman S. White, who died in 1843. She was married the following year to Asher Prentiss of Bennington whom she survived three years. She moved to Bennington soon after Mr. Prentis' death. Deceased was beloved by all who knew her. The remains arrived at No. Bennington at 2 o'clock Sunday morning, Dec. 25, in charge of Will S. White, a grandson, and funeral services were held at the house of Charles Knapp on Sunday afternoon at 1 o'clock, her pastor. Rev. Mr. Hitchcock of South Shaftsbury officiating and were interred at Bennington Falls beside her husbands.

Frank P. Proud
The Orleans County monitor, Barton, VT, January 22, 1872
State Items
Frank P. Proud, a maimed soldier, having lost one arm in the service, committed suicide by hanging himself in Gains' woods, Pownal. The body was found on Monday. He was watchman in the Custom House at Burlington for a number of years after the war, but lost his situation last winter, and since that time has been despondent and unhappy, which added to domestic infelicities is supposed to have been the cause of the sad act.

Mrs. Judith Renne

Tuesday Jan. 30, 1821

Died. In Rupert, on the 4th inst., Mrs. Judith Renne, in the 26th year of her age. VITAL RECORDS FROM THE RUTLAND (VERMONT) HERALD.

(as printed in the "Genealogical Exchange," January 1910)

Contributed by K. Torp

Albert Rice
Windham County Democrat, Brattleboro, Vt. December 13, 1848
Died in Bennington, 1st inst., of small pox, Albert, son of Mr. Stearns Rice, aged 1 year and 9 months.
Also on the 3d inst., of the same disease, Mrs. Moon, aged 52.

Heman Robinson
The Vermont Watchman and State Journal, Montpelier, Vermont, March 21, 1837
Died in Bennington, 26th ult. Heman Robinson, Esq. aged 50 years, son of Gen. David Robinson

Guelma Rosenburg
Source: Vermont Gazette (Bennington, VT) Saturday, 8 Aug. 1874; transcribed by FoFG mz

In Pownal Centre, July 31st Guelma, wife of George Rosenburg, and daughter of Joseph Barber, aged about 40 years.

Edwin Safford
Source: Vermont Gazette (Bennington, VT) Saturday, 8 Aug. 1874; transcribed by FoFG mz

In North Bennington, July 28th of paralysis, Edwin Safford, aged 68 years.

Susie Dell Scott
Source: Vermont Gazette (Bennington, VT) Saturday, 8 Aug. 1874; transcribed by FoFG mz
DIED. In Stamford, Vt., July 23, Susie Dell, infant daughter of Walter F. Scott, aged 11 months and 5 days.

Jason Smith
Source: Vermont Gazette (Bennington, VT) Saturday, 8 Aug. 1874; transcribed by FoFG mz

In Bennington August 5th, Jason Smith, aged 79 years 4 months, 14 days.

Hope Elizabeth Squire
The Bennington Banner, Bennington VT, January 5, 1888
Died in Bennington, this afternoon, youngest daughter of Fred N. Squire, aged 9 months.

The Bennington Banner, Bennington VT, January 12, 1888
Died in Bennington, Jan. 5th, Hope Elizabeth, youngest daughter of Fred. N. Squire, aged 9 months.
The sudden death of little Hope Elizabeth, youngest daughter of Fred. N. Squire is a great affliction to both the parents and immediate family relatives. She was a bright child. The funeral was attended Saturday afternoon.

Henry Van Loon


Henry Bowditch van Loon, an architect, economist and planner involved in the reconstruction of Germany and the Netherlands after the devastation of World War II, died of heart failure Sunday in his home in Dorset, Vt. He was 87. From 1944 to 1946, Mr. van Loon worked with the US Foreign Economic Administration and was placed in charge of the reconstruction of housing and industry in the Netherlands before becoming chief of the Berlin office of the West Berlin Economic Advisory Committee.

Born in Warsaw, he studied architecture at Columbia University in New York and with the firm of Pierre Cuypers in Amsterdam. In the years before World War II, he was an architect with the firm of Kastner & Hibben, for whom he developed plans for expandable homes and construction with soil cement under contract with the Public Works Administration.

After WWII, he designed and built a passive solar home incorporating many features that would become common in the energy-saving designs of the 1970s and conducted investigations into waste management in New York under Gov. Nelson Rockefeller.

In the late 1950s he was executive director of the Pennsylvania State Planning Board under Gov. George M. Leader before becoming chairman of the Bennington County (Vt.) Regional Planning Commission and establishing a private architectural practice in Vermont.

He was co-author of "The Urban Development Guidebook." At the time of his death he was working on a book examining the relationship between humans, their cultures and the environment.

He leaves a daughter, Jane of Santa Monica, Calif; three sons, Hendrik W. of South Newfane, Vt., Jan. H. of Plymouth, N.H., and Dirk of Nova Scotia; his longtime companion, Lea Ehrich of Dorset, Vt.; 11 grandchildren and nine great-grandchildren.

A memorial service will be held at 11 a.m. Saturday in Dorset (Vt.) Congregational Church. --Boston Globe, The (MA) - September 15, 1994; contributed by A. Newell.

WEBSTER, Isaac, of Bennington, Vt., a Revolutionary soldier between 70 and 80, rescued his five year old grandson, Henry Allen, from a well. ([MARRIAGE AND DEATH NOTICES ABSTRACTED FROM The Camden Journal & The Southern Chronicle & Gazette, 1822-1842, COMPILED BY JANIE REVIL, 1936] Issue April 1, 1826)

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