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County History




Founded in 1785  Split off from Rutland County

County Seat: Middlebury

Available for Adoption


Founded in 1779 (One of the two original counties)

County Seat: Bennington

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Founded in 1792.  Formed from Orange County

County Seat: Saint Johnsbury

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Founded in 1787. Formed from Addison County

County Seat: Burlington

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Founded in 1792.  Formed from Orange County

County Seat: Guildhall

Available for Adoption


Founded in 1792.  Split off from Chittenden County.

County Seat: Saint Albans

Available for Adoption

Grand Isle

Founded in 1802. Formed from Chittenden County and Franklin County

County Seat: North Hero

Available for Adoption


Founded in 1835.  Created from parts of Chittenden County, Franklin County, Orleans County and Washington County

County Seat: Hyde Park

Available for Adoption


Founded in 1781.  Formed from Cumberland County

County Seat: Chelsea

Available for Adoption


Founded in 1792. Formed from part of Chittenden County and Orange County

County Seat: Newport

Available for Adoption


Founded in 1781 Formed from Bennington County.

County Seat: Rutland

Available for Adoption


Founded in 1810.

Originally called Jefferson County.  Formed from parts of Caledonia County, Chittenden County, and Orange County.  Renamed Washington County in 1814.

County Seat: Montpelier

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Founded in 1779. Formed from Cumberland County

County Seat: Newfane

Available for Adoption


Founded in 1781. Formed from Cumberland County

County Seat: Woodstock

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