1870 Essex County, Vermont Mortality Census

Transcribed for Genealogy Trails by S. Williams

Persons who died during the year ending 1st June, 1870, in Essex Co., Vermont






Married of Widowed

Place of birth

Fath Foreign

Moth Foreign


Occupation Cause of death


3 Baker, Jeremiah 24
(or 29)
M W   Vermont     Aug Farm Laborer Typhoid Fever
3 Colby, Betsey 24(or 29) F W M Vermont     jan Keeping House Typhoid Fever
24 Stevens, William 61 M W M Vermont     April Farmer Kidey Complaint Dis of
34 French, Fanny S. 38 F W   Vermont     June School Teacher Rheumatism
86 Stevens, Mary 68 F W M Vermont     May Keeping House Paralytic Shock Dis
99 Davis, James B. 74 M W M Mass.     Sept Farmer Cholera
18 Thomas, Nancy 47 F W M Vermont     Nov Keeping House Consumption
69? Sara???, Infant 1/12 D W   Vermont X X May   Cholery Infantum
65 Broshaw, Eli 1 M W   Canada X X Nov   Cholery Infantum
107 Baker, Henry 15 M W   Vermont X X Jan Farm Laborer Typhoid Fever
120 Cunningham, Catherine? 20 F W   Ireland X X Dec   Typhoid Fever
125 Ladd, Addie? 17 F W   Wisconsin     Nov   Typhoid Fever
134 Stodard, Infant 6/12 M W   Vermont     Feb   Brain Fever Inflam. of
136 Gills, John 2 M W   Vermont X X Aug   Canker Rash Mouth Dis. of
137 Hoffman, Ezra W. 64 M W M Vermont     July None Heart Disease
147 Osier?, Lenora 4? F W   Canada X X May   Brain Fever Inflam of.
177 Lobroke, Francis 60 M W M Canada X X April Day Laborer Killed by falling trees Falling Bodies
178 Terpon? Alice 1 F W   Vermont X X Oct   Brain Fever Inflam of
219 Clark, Fred 2/12 M W   Vermont     Nov   Lung Fever Dis of
229 Bryant, Lybil 44 F W   Vermont     Mar Keeping House Consumption
259 Metevia, Addie 1/12 F W   Vermont X X Jan   Whooping Cough
1 Taylor, Ludia? 77 F W W Vermont     Feb None Old Age
8 Wait?, John W. 1/12 M W   Vermont     May   Lung Fever Dis. of
11 Holbrook, Avery 1/12 M W   Vermont     July   Fit Convulsions
23 Parcen?, Della Ann? 1 F W   Vermont     March   Inflamation of bowels
8 Morrison, Nancy 63 F W M New Hamp     March Keeping House Lung Fever
26 Quimby, Infant 1/12 F W   Vermont       October ?
37 Turner, Fredrick 38 M W M England X X July Farmer Consumption?
43 Bu???ll, Ada 5 F W   Canada     Sept   Brain Fever Inflam. of
60 Gibson, E??? 55 M W M Vermont     Oct Farmer Consumption
72 Springer, Mary 2 F W   Vermont  


Jan?   Fits Convulsions
82 Webster, Nellie? M. 1/12 F W   Vermont     June   Whooping Cough


44 Wetherby, Alma 19 F W   Vermont     November School Teacher Lung Fever Dis. of
54 Davis, Susan 39 F W M Maine X   October Keeping House Typhoid Fever
91 Smith, ????? W. 1/12 M W   Vermont     September   Fits Convulsions
142 Bonett, Fred 4 M W   Vermont   ? February   Lung Fever Dis of
142 Bonett, Martin 22 M W W Vermont     March Machinest Consumption
144 Richardson, Lydia Ann 5 F W   Vermont     September   Consumption? of the blood? M?????
150 Streeter, Rebecca 75 F W W Vermont     October   Typhoid Fever
165 Ball, Infant 1/12 F W   Vermont     September   Consumption?
170 Adams, Buckley 81 M W W Mass     Feb Retired Farmer Cancer of the foot? Extremities
189 Temple, Tryphene 72 F W W New Hamp     Feb   Ulceration of the stomach Dis
202 Hall, Sollie? 75 F W W Vermont X X March Town Pauper Dropsy & Old Age
231 Southworth, Samuel 21 M W M Vermont     Aug Farm Laborer Consumption
258 William, Moses? 46 M W M Vermont     Jan Farmer Typhoid Fever
265 Lenard, Lydia 80 F W W Mass     May None Appoplexy
270 Aldrich, Infant 1/12 M W   Vermont     may   Ersy??las
277 Isham, Aaron 45 M W M Vermont     Feb Farmer Consumption
280 Woodward, Eliza E. 21 F W   Vermont     June School Teacher Consumption
282 Barker, Susen 30 F W   Vermont     Dec At home Consumption
East Haven
7 Lund, Elijah 51 M W   Vermont     August Farm Laborer Abscess? in the bowels? Abdomen dis of
38 Ricker, James 5 M W   Vermont     January   Fits Convulsions
43 White, Infant 1/12 M W   Vermont     May   Contraction? of the lungs? At???tosis
2 Boyce, Caroline 22 F W   Vermont     Aug School Teacher Typhoid Fever
  Adams, Charlotte A. 65 F W M New Hamp     Nov Keeping House Appoplexy
  Amy Gratus? 66 M W   Vermont     July Farm Laborer Cancer in the intestines of bowels
  Keith, Jemima 67 F W W Mass     Aug Keeping House Dropsy
38 Cummings, Jon? 6 M W   Vermont     July   Hydrocephalis(sic)
56 Fairchilds?, Philomelia? 88 F W W Vermont     Feby   Lung Fever Dis Of
75 Stone, Susan 67 F W M New Hamp Feby Keeping House Typhoid Pneumonia
23 Harris, Gertrude 1/12 F W   Vermont     April   Whooping Cough
24 Stoddard, Henry 55 M W M Vermont     August Farmer Consumption
36 Johnson, Arasmus? 62 M M M Vermont     August Farmer Cancer in the stomach
53 Cheney?, Henry 86 M W M Vermont     Nov Retired Farmer Consumption
55 Dodge, Maria B. 41 F W M Vermont     February   Consumption
56 Chandler, George 1/12 M W   Vermont     February   Congestion Dis of brain
81 Thompson, Martha 90 F W W Connecticut     October   Consumption & Old Age
92 French, Annette 3 F W   Vermont     December   Softening Dis. of the Brain
110 Cleveland, Mary M. 21 F W M Vermont     May Keeping House Consumption
157 Fisher, Rebecca 51 F W M Vermont     August Keeping House Erysipelas
161 Dodge, Infant 1/12 M W   Vermont     April   Disease of the heart
20 Weeks, Mary C. 20 F W M Vermont     May None? Puerperal Convulsions
45 Hall, Sarah 71 F W W New Hamp     Feb   Lung Fever Dis of
46 Martin, John P. 28 M W   New Hamp     April Farmer Abcess
15 Hops??son, Violet 1 F W   Canada X X Aug   Congestion Dis. of Brain
  Taylor, Harry 2/12 M W   Vermont     April   Unknown

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