Vermont Trails
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Past State Updates

 July 2015: Death Notice: Warren A. Hardy
March 2015: Military: Revolutionary War Pensioners for 1813 - Transcribed For Genealogy Trails by Nancy Overlander
October 2013: List of Ex-Soldiers, Sailors and Marines Living in Iowa From Vermont - Transcribed by Tammy Clark
May 2013: Biographies : BROWNE, WILLIAM P. - Transcribed by Veneta McKinney; Summary of Events of 1904 (part 1) - transcribed by Colleen Breeden ; Summary of Events of 1904 (part 2) - transcribed by Susan Wysocki ; Genealogical And Family History Of The State Of Vermont (First 100 pages); Necrology of Vermont, 1874 - Transcribed by: Gary M. Wysocki

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