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1890 Veteran Census Index

Adams, Ezra T. Dist of Islands
Allen, Bedie Lee
Allen, Edmund Pungoliaguo District
Allen, John Pungoliaguo District
Ames, Nicholas Lee
Armstrong, Thomas Atlantic District
Ashby, Henry Pungoliaguo District
Bailey, Amanda Pungoliaguo District
Bailey, Mark Lee
Bayley, Roebrt H. Accomack
Beach, Daniel Pungoliaguo District
Bell, Custis J. Pungoliaguo District
Bell, John Pungoliaguo District
Belval, George Lee
Bialey, Edmond Pungoliaguo District
Birch, David H. Dist of Islands
Birch, George C. Dist of Islands
Birch, Joshua W. Dist of Islands
Birch, William D. Dist of Islands
Blake, Samuel Dist of Islands
Boggs, Souther Accomack
Borton, Stewart Attlantic
Bowles, Goerge Lee
Braxton, James Accomack
Brightton, George S. Atlantic District
Brimsy, Arthur Dist of Islands
Broughton, James Attlantic
Brown, George Pungoliaguo District
Burton, Ezekiel Pungoliaguo District
Byrd, John Atlantic District
Carter, Zadoc Dist of Islands
Chambers, David Pungoliaguo District
Clarke, Elizs Dist of Islands
Clough, James C. Atlantic District
Cluff, James Dist of Islands
Colebourne, William Atlantic District
Coleburn, Lewis Lee
Collins, Charles Dist of Islands
Conquest, Henry Atlantic District
Conquest, Sarah J. Atlantic District
Crapper, Isaac Atlantic District
Croswall, George Atlantic District
Cullen, John S. Attlantic
Custice, Thomas Metompkin Township
Custis, Edmond Pungoliaguo District
Daisy, James Dist of Islands
Darby, James S. Atlantic District
Davis, Dennis Pungoliaguo District
Davis, Major T. Atlantic District
Deer, John M. Atlantic District
Downing, Thomas Pungoliaguo District
Drummond, Able Accomack
Drummond, Charles Lee
Drummond, Lucy Lee
Drummond, Purnell Accomack
Dundick, Henry Metompkin Township
Evans, John S. Attlantic
Ewell, Alford Dist of Islands
Finney, Abraham Metompkin Township
Fletcher, Bettie W. Attlantic
Fletcher, James H. Attlantic
Fletcher, John Attlantic
Fletcher, Spencer D. Attlantic
Flick, Christian D. Lee
Foote, Edwin Pungoliaguo District
Frant, Hollis Lee
Gaskins, William Accomack
George, Zacheriah Dist of Islands
Gibbons, Isaac Metompkin Township
Gillett, Gilbert G. Atlantic District
Gladstown, John W. Attlantic
Grandy, Alexandra Atlantic District
Grant, William Metompkin Township
Gray, John H. Lee
Griffin, Edmond Accomack
Gull, William Atlantic District
Gunter, Sol Accomack
Haley, William Pungoliaguo District
Hall, George F. Accomack
Hall, Theodore L. Dist of Islands
Hamm, Howning, W. Attlantic
Hannibal, James H. Atlantic District
Harris, John T. Lee
Heath, William Pungoliaguo District
Hope, Elic Atlantic District
Hoper, Zan Attlantic
Horsey, Henry Atlantic District
Horsey, Henry C. Atlantic District
Horsley, Jane H. Atlantic District
Hull, Sallie W. Attlantic
Hussy, William D. Attlantic
Hyde, Harry Atlantic District
Jeffries, Elva A. Dist of Islands
Johnson, James H. Atlantic District
Jones, Samuel Metompkin Township
Jones, Samuel T. Metompkin Township
Jusits, Henry Atlantic District
Kellam, Emdond Pungoliaguo District
Kellam, Henry Lee
Kelley, Thoms C. Atlantic District
Kellum, E. E. Atlantic District
Kenney, Joseph T. Dist of Islands
Kollick, William J. Dist of Islands
Lapham, Levi Attlantic
Lark, Larn Dist of Islands
Lewis, Henry C. Metompkin Township
Lewis, Joseph Lee
Logan, Levin Lee
Lynch, Joseph B. Dist of Islands
Manuel, Samuel Atlantic District
Mapp, Appias Pungoliaguo District
Mapp, George Atlantic District
Martin, Smith W. Pungoliaguo District
Mason, Steven E. Accomack
Matthew, William H. Atlantic District
Matthews, Henry Pungoliaguo District
Matthias, John E. Pungoliaguo District
Mattthews, Alford Atlantic District
Mears, James H. Pungoliaguo District
Miles, George S. Atlantic District
Miles, William D. Atlantic District
Miller, William H. Attlantic
Mister, William T. Atlantic District
Modigue, James Atlantic District
Napp, Happy Pungoliaguo District
Newtham, George W. Metompkin Township
Nock, John Accomack
Nock, Lewis Metompkin Township
Northam, Spencer Metompkin Township
Oldham, George W. Atlantic District
Parker, Benjamin T. Accomack
Payne, Petter Accomack
Pazton, John D. Atlantic District
Phillips, George Lee
Pitts, Horace Atlantic District
Pitts, John Accomack
Poulson, Edmond Metompkin Township
Poulson, Isaac Lee
Powell, Linn H. Dist of Islands
Powers, Jessie M. Atlantic District
Reed, William Dist of Islands
Reeder, Decay Metompkin Township
Rew, George E. Accomack
Reynolds, Richard P. Dist of Islands
Risley, Daniel B. Atlantic District
Rogers, Charles Pungoliaguo District
Rosser, Jaocb Lee
Rowley, George Atlantic District
Rowly, John Atlantic District
Russell, Elijah Dist of Islands
Sample, Samuel Accomack
Sample, William Pungoliaguo District
Savage, Charlie Accomack
Savage, Thomas H. Atlantic District
Scarbourgh, Charles Accomack
Selocaurb, Joseph Atlantic District
Seymour, William Pungoliaguo District
Sharpley, Elizabeth Dist of Islands
Sharpley, John A. Dist of Islands
Shields, Peter E. Atlantic District
Show, William H. Attlantic
Smith, Charles Accomack
Smith, James H. Metompkin Township
Smith, James H. Pungoliaguo District
Smith, Nathaniel S. Dist of Islands
Snead, Henry Accomack
Steffins, Joseph Dist of Islands
Straun, Jesse Lee
Stubbs, Andrew Dist of Islands
Sutchell, William Pungoliaguo District
Taylor, Charles W. Dist of Islands
Taylor, John H. Metompkin Township
Taylor, Joshua J. Dist of Islands
Taylro, Smith W. Pungoliaguo District
Teddamace, Able Atlantic District
Terry, George Atlantic District
Thornton, William T. Atlantic District
Trummell, Levice Atlantic District
Turlington, Charles Dist of Islands
Turlington, George Pungoliaguo District
Twilley, Benjamin Atlantic District
Upsher, Able Accomack
Vissels, Jacob Dist of Islands
Warren, James Accomack
Watson, George Dist of Islands
Watson, John M. Atlantic District
Watson, Thomas Dist of Islands
Wehaton, Frank Lee
Welsey, Slocomb Attlantic
West, George Pungoliaguo District
Wharton, Gabriel Atlantic District
Wharton, Laura Atlantic District
Whealton, William J. Dist of Islands
White, Isaac Metompkin Township
White, Lewis Metompkin Township
White, Rasberry Metompkin Township
William, Wilma R. Dist of Islands
Williams, James E. Lee
Williams, Parker Accomack
Wise, John R. Pungoliaguo District
Wise, Samuel T. Accomack
Wise, William B. Accomack
Wodain, Sallie Atlantic District
Wright, Isaac T. Accomack
Wruthurly, James Attlantic
Young, Ezekiel Lee
Young, Theodore J. Dist of Islands

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