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Albemarle County, VA
1840 Census of Pensioners


Source: Census of Pensioners for Revolutionary or Military Services, Publ. 1841.

Transcribed by Linda Rodriguez

Name Location Age Head of family who Pensioners resided Jun. 1, 1840
Backsdale, Samuel St. Ann's Parish 81 Samuel Backsdale
Bowen, M. St. Ann's Parish 83 William Bowen
Boyd, William St. Ann's Parish 90 William Boyd
Burton, Thomas St. Ann's Parish 83 William Reynolds
Drumheller, L. St. Ann's Parish 75 L. Drumheller
Dunn, James Sen. Fredericksville Parish 80 James Dunn, Jr.
Gentry, George Fredericksville Parish 80 James A. Johnson
Gentry, James Fredericksville Parish 82 James Gentry
Harris, William Sen. Fredericksville Parish 80 William Harris, Jr.
Harrison, Richard St. Ann's Parish 83 Richard Harrison
Herring, James Fredericksville Parish 90 James Herring
Jones, John St. Ann's Parish 82 John Jones
Jordan, William Fredericksville Parish 79 William Jordan
Keblinger, Adam Fredericksville Parish 77 Adam Keblinger
Lewis, Jesse St. Ann's Parish 77 Jesse Lewis
Maupin, William Fredericksville Parish 80 William Maupin, Jr.
Morgan, William St. Ann's Parish 51 William Morgan
Snow, Richard Fredericksville Parish 86 Richard Snow
Strange, David St. Ann's Parish 78 David Strange
Watson, Walter Fredericksville Parish 79 F. F. Kirby
Wood, John Sen. Fredericksville Parish 83 John Wood, Sen.




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