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Albemarle County


Dr. William J Ballard
--Son of John Ballard. Born Albemarle Co VA on May 30, 1803. Married Elizabeth Tapp (b April 07, 1803) of Jessamine Co KY 1822.  Died Bloomington IL on June 26 1878. Children: Dr. James Ballard, Mrs. Emily F. Brown, Mrs. Love Senseney, Mrs. Miranda Rutledge, Lucy Ballard.
[Transcribed by Teri Colglazier]

Rufus Buffum

Class of 1844 – RUFUS ELLIS BUFFUM. A.M. B. 22 Feb., 1824, Walpole , N.H. Teacher. D. 2 Sept., 1906, Charlottesville , Va. Source is: Dartmouth College Necrology, 1907-1908, Hanover , N.H. Transcribed by Kim Mohler.

John Campbell, senr
Richmond Enquirer, January 5, 1826

An aged patriot of the revolution and a good man descended to the tomb. Departed this life on the 17th inst. at his residence in the county of Washington, Va. John Campbell, senr. aged 84 years and 8 months. He was born, raised and educated in the county of Augusta, in this state and removed to the county of Washington about the year 1773, upwards of 52 years ago. He was among the first adventurers who explored the South Western part of Virginia, in which he has resided more than half a century. He explored the country first in company with the late Col. Walker, of Albermarle, about the year 1771 or 72. He was appointed clerk of Washington county in the year 1778. Since his removal to his late residence 9 states of this confederacy to the West and South of it, have been nearly entirely settled with inhabitants.

[Submitted by Dena Whitesell]


CHILDS – Richard was born in Va in 1809; married in 1832 to Margaret Snell, in Albemarle co; emigrated to Mo in 1845, and settled in Callaway co, where, in Apr 1848, he was married to his 2nd wife, Nancy A Wilson, with whom he lived happily till death overtook him. He left Mo, 25 May 1871, and settled in Missouli, Montana Terr, the same year. He had been visiting a dau in Helena and was returning to his home in Missouli when he was over taken … and borne on angel wings to his home in the skies from Deer Lodge Valley, MT, 29 Sept 1877. His remains were conveyed to Missouli to their final resting place. He was an official member of the QC of the Missouli circuit, MECS, from the time of its organization … He leaves a wife and 6 children to mourn his loss. – EJ Stanley (Source: The St. Louis Christian Advocate; Compiled and Published by Mrs. Howard W. Woodruff, C.G.R.S.; Obituaries, July 1877 – Dec. 1879; 23 Jan. 1878; transcribed by Kim Mohler)

Perry Cook
Charlottesville, Va., August 5. - Perry Cook, aged forty years, a well-known farmer of Mt. Solon, Augusta county, died last night at a local hospital, where he had been under treatment for one week. The body was sent to his late home today for internment. Mr. Cook was a son of the late Isaac Cook, of Augusta. He is survived by his wife.
[Richmond Times Dispatch (6 Aug. 1910) Transcribed by FoFG MZ]

Jonathan Cushing

-- April 25, 1835 - Aged about 40, Jonathan P. Cushing, President of Hampden-Sidney College, which office he had held for fourteen years. He was born in New Hampshire. The Institution over which he presided was greatly indebted to his well-directed zeal, talents, and influence, and he was highly esteemed for his virtues. By his will he emancipated his slaves, sixty in number, providing amply for their removal to Liberia; and also gave about $40,000 to establish schools in Albemarle, and the adjoining county.
[Source: pg. 149-151, Obituaries - Historical Collections of Virginia" by Henry Lowe, Babcock & Company, Charleston, S.C., 1845. -- Transcribed by Robyn Greenlund]

Margaret Duke
Died on the 25th of Dec. Miss MARGARET DUKE, daughter of Mr. Richard Duke of Albemarle.

(27 January 1842 - "Watchman of the South" - Submitted by B. Ziegenmeyer)

Milton Elliot Dead
Washington, Dec 15
Milton Courtright Elliot, prominent Washington attorney, died last night at his home of pneumonia and complications. He contracted a cold while attending the University of Virginia-North Carolina football game Thanksgiving day at Charlottsville, Va. Mr Elliot, a native of Virginia, was a former counsel to the comptroller of currency and also was at one time counsel to the federal reserve bank.
[The Bee, December 15 1928 - Submitted by Kathy Stanley]

John G. Farrar
Richmond Enquirer April 17, 1832
At his residence in Albemarle, on the 11th inst. Col. John G. Farrar, in the sixty-first year of his age; leaving a wife and nine children to deplore their loss. In this dispensation of Providence his widow, children and servants have met with an irreparable loss..(long eulogy omitted).

[Submitted by Dena Whitesell]

Susan Field
Died in Petersburg, on Sunday night last, after a short but fevere indisposition, in the 15th year of her age, Mrs. Susan Field, the amiable, and much esteemed consort of Mr. Thomas Field, Editor of the "Republican."

[Submitted by Dena Whitesell]

Sarah Perkins Gibbs

Died at 7 A.M. on 25th February, in Richmond, Sarah Perkins Gibbs, youngest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Henry Gibbs, of Albemarle County.
Funeral at 3 P.M. today at Christ's Church, St. Anne's Parish, Albemarle County.
[Richmond Times Dispatch (26 Feb. 1918) Transcribed by FoFG MZ]



Charlottesville, Va., Feb. 2, -- Mrs. M. C. Giles, mother of G. T. Giles, of this city, died  Monday at her home in Staunton, after a brief illness. The funeral was held yesterday from Roseland Church, in Nelson County. Mrs. Giles was the wife of the late Robert Giles, who died twenty years ago. Three children survive: Miss Mary E. Giles, of Staunton; G. T. Giles and Mrs. W. B. Johnson, of this city. She also leaves a sister,  Mrs. L. G. Edwards, of Staunton; a half-sister, Mrs. Bettie H. Giles, and a half-brother, R. H. W. Godwin, of St. Louis, Mo. -- Karen Seeman Richmond Times-Dispatch Richmond, VA Feb. 03, 1922

Thomas W. Gilmer
-- Feb. 28, 1844 - By the accident on board the U.S. steamer Princeton, Thomas W. Gilmer, of Charlottesville, secretary of the navy. His various public trusts he discharged with great ability. He was respected in public, and beloved in private life.
["Historical Collections of Virginia" by Henry Lowe, Babcock & Company, Charleston, S.C., 1845. p. 406-407; submitted by Robyn Greenlund]

Charles Goodyear
Hon. Charles Goodyear, formerly of Schoharie, died at his home at Charlottesville, Va., on Sunday last, the 9th of April, aged 72 years.  Mr. Goodyear has occupied many positions of public trust, which he ably filled, and was well known as a leading member of the Schoharie bar.  In 1848, he was appointed Common Pleas Judge by Gov. Young for the term of 5 years.  Upon the organization of the Schoharie County bank in 1852 he was elected its president, a position which he held until he resigned a short time before he took up his new home at Charlottesville, Va in 1868.  The bank was reorganized in 1866 and made a national bank, Mr. Goodyear continuing to be its president.  He was representative in Congress from the then 14th district, comprising the counties of Albany and Schoharie, in 1865-67 and has held other positions of public trust.  He was a member of the New York house of Goodyear Brothers & Durand, which house became involved in 1868 and closed its doors.  This failure also involved Mr. Goodyear and he soon after left Schoharie for Charlottesville, Va., where he has since resided and where he died on Sunday last. [Daily Albany Argus (Albany, NY) Saturday, April 15, 1876]

Miss Fannie M. Grayson

CHARLOTTESVILLE, VA., February 17. - Miss Fannie M. Grayson is dead at her home at Crozet, this county, at the ripe old age of nearly eighty years. Her brother, William D. Grayson, one of Albemarle's best citizens, died some years ago. She is survived by her brother, Mr. John Grayson. The Graysons were among the colonial settlers in Albemarle and the family has always ranked as one of the most worthy.
[Richmond Times Dispatch (18 Feb. 1907) Transcribed by FoFG MZ]

Susan Hague
The Genius of Liberty, November 31, 1820

Died, in this town, on Monday the 25d inst. Miss Susan Hague, in the 17th year of her age, after a long illness which she bore with much patience and fortitude. Died on the same day, Charles Neale, aged 17, after a tedious illness. Died on the 10th inst. at the residence of Thomas J. Randolph, Esq. in the county of Albemarle, Va. hon. Wilson Cary Nicholas, late governor of Virginia, and formerly in congress both as senator and representative, but more recently president of the Branch of the United States' Bank at Richmond.
[Submitted by Dena Whitesell]

Mrs. Lucy Effinger Herring

Lexington, Va., July 23. - Mrs. Lucy Effinger Herring, wife of Supervisor Jonathan Herring, died to-day near Lexington at the home of her father, G. W. Effinger, former county superintendent of schools. She leaves her husband and an infant son, besides her parents.
[Richmond Times Dispatch (24 July 1914) Transcribed by FoFG MZ]

Lucy Marks
-- Sept. 8, 1837
In Albemarle co., aged 85, Mrs. Lucy Marks, the mother of Meriwether Lewis, who, with William Clarke, explored the Rocky Mountains; a woman of uncommon energy and strength of mind.
[Source: pg. 149-151, Obituaries - Historical Collections of Virginia" by Henry Lowe, Babcock & Company, Charleston, S.C., 1845. -- Transcribed by Robyn Greenlund]

Mrs. Marie Meinhardt

CHARLOTTESVILLE, VA., Jan. 26. - Mrs. Marie Meinhardt, a sister of A. Russow, of this city, died Tuesday at the home of her only daughter, Mrs. Howard Eaton, in New York City, where she had resided for the past thirty years. Mrs. Meinhardt was born in Hamburg, Germany, and for several years was a teacher in music at the Albemarle Female Institute, this city. Besides Mr. Russow, Mrs. Meinhardt is survived by three sisters, all residents of Hamburg, Germany.
[Richmond Times Dispatch (27 Jan. 1922) Transcribed by FoFG MZ]

David Meriwether
Born in Albemarle County, Virginia, in 1754 to Col. James and Judith Hardenia Burnley Meriwether.
He served in the revolutionary war as a lieutenant under Washington, and was present with the Virginia troops at the last siege of Savannah, Georgia; brigadier-general of state militia, September 21, 1797; located in Wilkes County, Georgia.
In 1785, and represented that county in the Georgia legislature for several terms, and was speaker of the house, 1797-1800; elected as a Republican to the seventh congress to fill vacancy caused by the resignation of Benjamin Taliaferro; reelected to the eighth and ninth congresses and served from December, 1802, to March 3, 1807.
He was appointed a commissioner to the Creek Indians in 1804, and repeatedly appointed to treat with other tribes; presidential elector in 1817 and 1821.
He retired to his plantation near Athens, Georgia. He died near Athens, Georgia, November 16, 1822.
Transcribed and Submitted by: Frances Cooley

Andrew Monroe, Esq
Died on the 2d inst., at Milton, Albermarle county, Va., Andrew Monroe, Esq., elder brother of James Monroe, Ex-president of the United States.
(Source: Republican Compiler (Gettysburg, Pennsylvania December 20 1826. Submitted by Nancy Piper)

Mrs. Sarah E. Moose 

Charlottesville, Va., August 5. €“ Mrs. Sarah E. Moose, wife of the late Geo. W. Moose, at one time Chief of Police of Charlottesville, died last night, after a long illness. She was a native of Albemarle and is survived by five sons €“ Charles E. Henry J. and John W. Moose, of Norfollk; George W. Moose, of Hymera, Ind., and Clarence L. Moose, of Roanoke.
[Richmond Times Dispatch (6 Aug. 1910) Transcribed by FoFG MZ]


Eliza Nelson
Richmond Enquirer June 13, 1834

Died, on the 4th instant, at Belvoir, in the county of Albemarle, Mrs. Eliza Nelson, consort of the Hon. Hugh Nelson. Within the revolution of one short years, has this bereaved family been called upon to part with two of its dearest members - to resign the precious earthly of these now emancipated and happy spirits to their kindred dust. In July last, a lovely daughter was taken from her mother, to be transplanted to a clime more genial than this cold world for a blossom so fair........For a year before this sad event, Mrs. N. had been in delicate health. The fatigue and anxiety of mind consequent on the protracted illness of her loved daughter, and the shock occasioned by her death, almost snapped the fragile thread by which her existence was suspended.......[Long eulogy omitted].

[Submitted by Dena Whitesell]

Hugh Nelson
-- March 18,1836

[sic; as in print]- In Albemarle, Va., Hugh. Nelson, formerly speaker of the House of Delegates, a judge of the General Court a member of Congress from 1811 to 1823, and afterwards U. S. Minister to Spain.
[Source: pg. 149, Obituaries - Obituaries - Historical Collections of Virginia" by Henry Lowe, Babcock & Company, Charleston, S.C., 1845. -- Transcribed by Robyn Greenlund]


Charlottesville, Va., Feb. 2 – George H. Nicholas, Confederate veteran and retired farmer, expired suddenly yesterday afternoon at his home two miles south of Scottsville, this county. The interment  will take place in the Baptist cemetery at Scottsville. Mr. Nicholas was born in Buckingham County. He entered the war as a private in a Buckingham company and served throughout the greater part of that conflict.  Last October he as a conspicuous figure at the Grand Camp reunion, held in this city, and participated in the ball given to the old soldiers, dancing nearly every set and being among the last to leave the armory. Mr.  Nicholas married Miss Florence Reeve, of Goochland County, who survives, with one son, Reeve H. Nicholas An only brother, John W. Nicholas, died about three years  ago. [Richmond Times-Dispatch Richmond, VA Feb. 03, 1922 . Submitted by KS]

Henry Ninmo
On Tuesday evening, the 14th inst. Mr. Henry Nimmo, an old and worthy citizen of this community, died at his residence, near town.
[Jeffersonian Republican, Dec. 22, 1880 - Submitted by Dena Whitesell]

William Brice Norford

Charlottesville, Va., February 14. €“  William Brice Norford, a well-known Albemarle farmer, died yesterday at his home near Rosena, after a brief illness, aged forty-four years. Mr. Norford married Miss Fannie Priddy, daughter of the late James Priddy, of this county. She survives with four children.
[Richmond Times Dispatch (15 Feb. 1912) Transcribed by FoFG MZ}

Mrs. Mary Anna Page
Mrs. Mary Anna Page, widow of Mann Page, of Albemarle  County, and daughter of the late T. L. and V. R. Hobson, died Wednesday night at 8 o'clock at her home, "Brroklyn." She was eighty years old, and was widely known throughout the section in which she lived, and had many friends and relatives in Richmond.

She leaves two sisters, Mrs. Clara Nash and Mrs. Guthrie, and three brothers. Funeral services will be held at 3 o'clock this afternoon from Emanuel Church. Persons going over the Chesapeake and Ohio Railway to attend the funeral will be met at Rock Castle station.
{Richmond Times Dispatch, March 19, 1915 - Transcribed by Therman Kellar]

Margret Randolph
Miss Margret (sic) Randolph, daughter of the late Major T. J. Randolph, died at Edge Hill, on Friday last.  For some years she had been a sufferer from that dreadful disease, consumption, and her death was not unexpected.  She was a widely beloved and highly esteemed young lady, and her death will be mourned by a large circle of friends.  On the Wednesday previous to her death, a younger brother, who had been an invalid from birth, from a disease of the spine, preceded her to the grave.
[Jeffersonian Republican, Dec. 22, 1880 - Submitted by Dena Whitesell]

Martha Randolph

-- Oct. 10, 1836

In Albemarle co., Va., aged upwards of 70, Mrs. Martha Randolph, widow of Thomas M. Randolph, and the last surviving daughter of Thomas Jefferson; a lady distinguished for her talents and virtues.
[Source: pg. 149-151, Obituaries - Historical Collections of Virginia" by Henry Lowe, Babcock & Company, Charleston, S.C., 1845. -- Transcribed by Robyn Greenlund]

C. Henry Sloan
CHARLOTTESVILLE, VA., April 5. - C. Henry Sloan, aged 34, of Millport, W. Va., died yesterday at the University Hospital, where he was brought for treatment Saturday. His wife and seven children survive. 
[Richmond Times Dispatch (6 Apr. 1920) Transcribed by FoFG MZ]


Capt. William Smith
Republican Compiler (Gettysburg, Pennsylvania)
March 19 1823 - Page 3
Died on the 12th ultimo, in Albemarle county, Va., Capt. William Smith, in the 96th year of his age. Mr. Smith served against the Indians as a captain in a campaign under the command of colonel George Washington, sometime before Braddock's defeat. He was also in several battles during our revolutionary struggle, and was distinguished for his bravery and devotion to the cause of his county. For many years past, he has been a great lover of his bible, and could read with ease without spectacles.
[Submitted by: Nancy Piper ]

Benjamin Sneed

The Alexandria Herald, May 5, 1819

Mr. Benjamin Sneed, a native of Virginia, died on the 23d ultimo, near Danville, six or seven days subsequent to the middle of his ninety eighth year. He lived in the county of Albermarle as a teacher of the English language seventy-one years, and was the first instructor of Thomas Jefferson. Abut three years ago he removed to this country and settle in the vicinity of Danville, amongst a number of his descendants, his mental faculties little if at all impaired, and his bodily activity sufficient to enable him to ascend Clunch mountain on foot. When he arrived he could read the smallest print fluently without spectacles, and until about nine months previous to his decease was in the daily habit of walking from three to five miles for exercise and recreation-at that time he received an accidental hurt which confined him to his bed, and no doubt hastened the event, which he met with stoical indifference. The most remarkable circumstance in the life of this old gentleman is, that he was not only of a slender delicate form, but very unhealthy from his birth until about his 50th year, after which he enjoyed perfect and uninterrupted health to the last; for he went off with mere debility, without pain or struggle. He has left about one hundred and forty or fifty descendants, and seen the fifth generation.
[Submitted by Dena Whitesell]

Beverley Stanard
The Enquirer, November 19, 1805

Died, on 11th inst. at the feat of William Stanard, of Spotsylvania county, after an ? of short duration, Mr. Beverley Stanard, of Albemarle county, a young man highly respected and sincerely lamented by a numerous acquaintance.
[Submitted by Dena Whitesell]

Malvina Terrell
On Friday night last, Miss Malvina Terrell, a very estimable lady, died at the residence of Mr. W. W. Minor Sr. at a ripe old age.
[Jeffersonian Republican, Dec. 22, 1880 - Submitted by Dena Whitesell]

James Thomas
Died at the residence of his father in Kanawha County, West Virginia on January 7, 1868, James II Thomas, son of David S and Caroline Thomas He was 25 years of age David died 26 January . . native of Albemarle but resided in Kanawha over 20 years - 61 years old . . .  ["Christian Observer", February 25, 1868 - BW - Sub by FoFG ]

Mary Susan Thomas
Died 1 Nov. in Paris, Mo., at the residence of her uncle, Joel MAUPIN, late of Albemarle Co., Va., Mary Susan, daughter of M.B. and P.A.F. THOMAS, aged 12 years. (Signed) B.H. SPENCER.
> (N.S. v. l, no.48. 2 December 1847, p.192.)
[Source: Abstract Obituary Notices from the Virginia Conference Sentinel and Richmond Advocate, pub in "Magazine of Virginia Genealogy" by The Virginia Genealogical Society Volume 23 February 1985 Number 1. Sub. by K.T]

Rev. James Waddell
The Enquirer, October 4, 1805
We announce the death of the Rev. James Waddell, of the county of Albermarle. In this great and good man centered every thing that is calculated for social and domestic life. He was a man of virtue, talents and eloquence; an affectionate and indulgent husband, father and master, and though for many years he has laboured under the influence of palsey and for 8 or 10 years blind, he still continued to discharge his religious duties in the pulpit. Mr. Waddell is the eloquent Preacher, of whom the British Ship has spoken in such animated strains.

[Submitted by Dena Whitesell]

Mildred S. Wingfield
Died. Mildred S. WINGFIELD. 2 March last, wife of Richard WINGFIELD and daughter of John EARLY of Albemarle County. (Signed) D. WOOD. (N.S. v. 2, no. 21. 25 May 1848. p. 84.)
[Source: Abstract Obituary Notices from the Virginia Conference Sentinel and Richmond Advocate, pub in "Magazine of Virginia Genealogy" by The Virginia Genealogical Society Volume 23 February 1985 Number 1. -- Sub. by K.T.]

George W. Worneldorf.
LEXINGTON. Sept. 15€”George W. Worneldorf died in a hospital at Staunton Wednesday evening. Funeral services were held at his home near here at 4 o'clock Friday afternoon. Mr. Worneldorf is survived by his widow, who before marriage was Miss Lilly B. Clement, of Amherst County, and nine children: the Rev. J. Raymond Worneldorf, Presbyterian missionary to China; Herman Worneldorf, a student at Union Presbyterian Theological Seminary, Richmond; William, Misses Katherine, Mamie and Maud. Joshua, Misses Cora B. and Florence Worneldorf, who live at home.
[Richmond Times Dispatch, September 16, 1928 - Transcribed by Barbara Ziegenmeyer]

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