Alleghany County, Virginia
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Alleghany Cemetery 374430N 0801327W aka Echols-Smith/Lewis Tunnel
Alleghany Memorial Park 374716N 0795410W  
Alleghany Mountains      
Armentrout Family Cemetery      
Armentrout-Humphries Cemetery      
Arrington Cemetery     Blue Spring Run
Arritt Family Cemetery      
Bennett-Hamlett Cemetery     Rich Patch
Bess-Byer Cemetery      
Bess-Wright Cemetery     Jordan Mines
Big Ridge      
Blue Spring Run      
Bowen-Fridley Family Cemetery     Blue Spring Run
Bowyer Cemetery     Blue Spring Run
Boys Home Cemetery      
Burns Cemetery      
Callaghan-Dickson Cemetery      
Campbell Family Cemetery      
Carson Cemetery      
Carson-Lewis Cemetery      
Carter Cemetery 373959N 0801243W  
Central Advent Christian Church Cemetery 374943N 0794536W  
Charlie Dehart Cemetery      
Cox-Cayton-Jones Cemetery      
Crown Hill Cemetery 374850N 0794901W  
Dameron Cemetery     near Crows
Emory United Methodist Cemetery      
Falling Springs Presbyterian Church Cemetery      
Fletchers Chapel Cemetery      
Gillespie-Reid Family Cemetery      
Helmintoller Cemetery      
Helmintoller Cemetery 374705N 0800428W  
Hoke Cemetery 375132N 0800722W  
Hooks Cemetery 374339N 0795622W  
Humphries Cemetery 374204N 0795845W  
Hylton Cemetery      
Iron Gate Hill Cemetery      
Iron Hill Cemetery      
Irvine Family Cemetery      
Jacon Bennett Cemetery      
Jamison Cemetery      
Jennings-Damron Cemetery      
Jerry's Run      
John A Carson Family Cemetery      
Karnes Family Cemetery      
Kean Family Cemetery      
King Family Cemetery      
King-Stull Cemetery      
Kyle Family Cemetery      
Lewis Tunnel Cemetery 374430N 0801327W aka Alleghany Cemetery
Lone Star Cemetery      
Mallow Cemetery 374541N 0795803W  
Massie Family Cemetery      
Methodist Church      
Mount Carmel Cemetery 374715N 0795309W  
Mount Pleasant Methodist Church Cemetery      
Mount View Cemetery      
Mountain View Cemetery 374849N 0794849W  
Moyers Cemetery     See Boys Home Cemetery
New Stull Cemetery     See Rosehill Cemetery
Nichols Family Cemetery      
Oakland Presbyterian Cemetery 374806N 0795137W  
Old Stull Cemetery     See Rosehill Cemetery
Palestine Chapel      
Palestine Presbyterian Church Cemetery      
Paul Dehart Cemetery      
Persinger Memorial      
Potts Creek      
Red Hill Cemetery      
Rose Hill Cemetery 374417N 0795431W  
Samuel Brown Cemetery      
Sharon Baptist Church Cemetery      
Sharon Union Church Cemetery      
Shawver Family Cemetery      
Simmons Cemetery 374037N 0795931W  
Smith Cemetery 375141N 0795922W  
Sunrise Cemetery      
Sweet Chalybeate      
Walker Cemetery      
Walton Memorial Cemetery 375003N 0794720W  
William Bowen and Wife Graves      
Wolfe-Sively Cemetery      



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