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A Centennial History of Alleghany County, VA
By Oren F. Morton, B., Lit.
Dayton, Virginia, J. K. Reubush Company 1923

 I. The Geography of Alleghany
 II. In the Day of the Pathfinder
 III. Early Land Patents
 IV. Life in the Pioneer Days
 V. Twenty Years of Indian Trouble
 VI. Before 1822
 VII. From 1822 to 1861
 VIII. Alleghany in the War of 1861
 IX. Highways and Railways
 X. Churches, Schools and Journalism
 XI. The Industries of Alleghany
 XII. The County Seat
 XIII. Clifton Forge
 XIV. Alleghany as Seen in a Tour
 XV. Ann Royall and Ann Bailey
 XVI. Alleghany in the World War
 XVII. The Present and the Future
 XVIII. The Families of Alleghany
 XIX. Legislators and County Officials
 XX. Soldiers of 1861 and Earlier Wars
 XXI. Soldiers of the World War
 Paragraphs from the West
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