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Originally Transcribed by Robert Young Clay
Pub. in "Magazine of Virginia Genealogy"
Winter 1997, vol 35, num. 1

Transcribed for Genealogy Trails by K. Torp

Note of Robert Young Clay, abstracter of the 1738 tithable list:  "The 1738 transcription contains, as did the 1737 list previously published, three lists which appear to cover the entire territory.  In 1738 we find two Indians listed: Indian Will under William Walthal in the area between Deep and Flat creeks and Indian Jack with Sarah Crawley in the precinct below Deep Creek. William Walthal does not appear in the 1737 list. Indian Jack is found with William Crawley in 1737. Robert Evans who appeared with Robin, Indian, in 1737 appears alone in 1738. The Indians listed with George Booker and at Peter Mitchel's quarter in 1737 do not appear in 1738. A number of the tithables were labeled Negro, others were not labeled. All appear to be slaves. Since the law passed in 1705 specifically stated that all males over the age of sixteen and all Negro, mulatto and Indian women sixteen or older would be taxed, it is possible that those not labeled either Negro or Indian were mulattos. However, a comparison of the 1737 list with this list shows that the label Negro was consistently applied in the list above Flat Creek, rarely applied in the list for the area between Flat Creek and Deep Creek and erratically applied in the list below Deep Creek. While the first two lists were consistent between the two years, the last list was inconsistent with the label being applied to a group one year and not the next. Thus the use of the word Negro appears to have been more a practice of the individual tax taker than anything else."

 A List of Tithables in Amelia County Above Flatt Creek



Total Number
of Tithables

[Tho]mas Lorton    
Jo[hn] Drinkwater   2
Sollermun Huffom   1
William Towns Punch Gray negroes 3
James Akins Senr. James Akins, Jr.
Joseph Akins
John Towns Dick negro 2
William Archer Lewis Tom negroes 3
Thomas Foster   1
Richard Wells   1
George More   1
Pall Pigg John Pigg
Filis negro
Thomas Prewit   1
Thomas Wingo   1
Langsdon Washinton   1
John More[?] Stephen Molton 2
William Farley Sr. William Farley Jr.
Daniel Farley
John Farley
Jeo negro
Henry Farley Kent negro 2
William Jackson John Brown 2
John Addams   1
David Liles William Sadler 2
George Marchbanks   1
Jesse Seay T___ (torn)  Leay 2
_____ (torn) Hill   1
Jacob Seay   1
Benjamin Clemant Francis Allin 2
William Clament John Clament
Ceser Chester Sare negro
Peter Bondron
John Hudson   2
George Haris [?]   1
Richard Austin   1
John Mullens   1
Ellexander Nelson   1
Bartholomeu Austin   1
Abraham Hurt   1
John Hurt Senr.   1
Richerd Eckhols   1
Abraham Eckhols   1
Joseph Eckhols   1
Thomas Markham Ben negro 2
Capt William Kenner quarter John Hase
George negro
John Arnall   1
Stephen Howil   1
Matthew Talbot William Lester 2
John Harris   1
Thomas Osborne Senr. Thomas Osborne Junr.
Dick Bowser Gloster
Cumbey Richerson
Grace Judy Lucy
Dilcy negroes
John Dabny Tom Samson Harray Gloster Amey  Leander Negroes 7
Daniel Thomas Senr. Gideon Thomas 2
Daniel Thomas, Junr.   1
John Thomas   1
Capt John Dawson Thomas Weathers
 Tom George Nan Jenney Nell negroes
Henry Dawson Kike negroe 2
Joell Meadows   1
Edmond Franklin John Learwood
Dick Peter negroes
William Eckhols Jeo Oco  negroes 3
William Fuqua Joseph Bays
Tom Jack negroes
Thomas Burton Ceser Jeaney negroes 3
Daniel Hambiton   1
Richard Loving   1
Richard Woodson Nathaniel Rollings
Jack negro
Christopher Sneed Sara Bettey Ceser negroes 4
George Polerd Francis Polerd 2
James Colins Thomas Consolvo 2
John Hurt Junr.   1
Matthew Harris   1
Robert Childris Pompy Coale Dilcy Dick Pegg negroes 6
Richerd Rutledg   1
Francis Anderson John Butler, Phill, Ja(torn) Nan negroes 5
Paulin Anderson Quarter Richard Jones Frank Sam in all 3
John Gillintine   1
Cap Richd, Booker Quarter George Foster, Jack, Phillis 3
John Burton Dick Frank negroes 3
Robert Fergusson Jeames Ferguson
Sarah a Negro
John Burton Joseph Scott [2]
  Henry Sage  
Edward Osborn Frank; Jenney 3
Georg Walker Frank 2

List of Tithables Between Deep and Flat Creek
Taken June 10th of the Year 1738

Joseph Morton Toney..Will.. Soldier Sam, Seaser..Jack.. Dyner.. Hannah, Lucy In all 10
Saml Hudson James Gravellet 2
Thos. Rutledge Will 2
John Pride's List Kitt, Kate 2
Samel Young   1
Willm Clarke   1
Robert Man   1
Samel Man   1
Robt. Vaughn Patt 2
Mr. Nashes List    
Tho Spencer, Jack, Jeaney 3
John Hills List Lott. Charles 2
John Bragg   1
John Blanchet   1
Issac Hudson   1
Giding Gowen   1
Peter Webster Seser 2
Coll Kannons List    
Thos. Brooks Frank, Joe, Mingo 4
Mical French   1
Thos. Beavel   1
Joseph Wilkinson's List    
Willm Wilkinson Dick, Naney, Robin, Will, Tom 6
John Obsorns List Seasor Jupiter 2
John Mayes York, Harry 3
Henry Lester   1
Richd Barber   1
Barnaby Wells (Wills?)   1
Danel Beavel   1
Essix Beavel   1
Larrance Brown Seser 2
John Shaw   1
Abraham Burton Jack 2
John Jones   1
Jno. Leverick, Jno. Hues 2
Coll Harrison's List    
Hugh Boston Ralf, Lander, Yallow, Will, Phillis, Dylender, Belenda 8
Willm Boldin Roger 2
Willm Rusell   1
Hamphree Dunavant Jamy, Job, Tom, Kitt, Sue, Grisel, Pegg 1
Henry Anderson   8
Willm Craddoch Jno. Riley 2
Danel Lewellin   1
Charles Burkes Cussey 2
Step. Neale   1
Roger Neale Jemy, Peter 3
Willm Dunavant   1
Thos. Dunavant Samel Cobbs, Robt. Johnson, Part Obryan, Harry, Jemmy; Bob, John, Galeah, Sal, Suckey, Sarrey, Lucy, Hannah, Kate 14
Willm. Booker, George, Sharper, Sam, Jenny Mearia 6
Lodwick Tanner Cockcue, Dick, Moll, Jeny 5
Will Townes List    
Henry Jolley Thos. Hodge, Harkelous, Gloster, Sharper, Charles, Calaber, Veans(?); Lannon, Sipua, Gabrel, Seser, Dick 13
Thos. Coventon   1
Robert Tompsons List

Robt. Tompson Junr, Peter Tompson, Dick, Mongo

Robt. Stoker, Golloway 2
John Leonard   1
James Long   1
Samel. Morgin Jeney 2
Franc. Man   1
Jno. Olds List    
Thos. Kivel Lucy 2
Samel. Pincham Dick 2
Hannah Robert List    
Rob Lockart, Willm. Willson 2
Richard Booker Joseph Clarke, Tom, Abinton, Pompey, Abigarl, Prose 7
John Mcdarll (?)   1
John Ferguson Addam 2
Sam Bentley Will 2
Will Marshall Harry 2
Rob Ferguson   1
David Neal Adam, Bess 3
Thos. Reames   1
Willm. Shannon John Cammile 2
John Garrot, Issac Garrot 2
Joseph Nunry   1
John Gibbs   1
Jno. Young   1
Sam Sherwin's List    
James Ollive Sarry, Lucy 3
Joseph Motleys List Abraham 1
Mrs. Bradby's List    
George Vose Pompy, Toney, Blackwall 4
Capt Cock's List    
Josiah Tatam York Molbrough, Nead, Chester, Esup., Sue, Sary, Eave, Dol, Tempt 11
George Willson Danel. Willson, Robin, Dilecy, Lucy 5
Capt. Worsham's List    
John Hudson, Peter, Tom, Yorke, George, Phyllis 6
Willm. Mote Wm Mote Junr, Jno. Mote, David Mote, Jacob Bower 5
Jno. Combs, George Combs 2
Thos. Bottom   1
Willm. Anderson   1
David Burn   1
Joseph Wards List    
Geo Avery Frank, Jack, Bosen, Hanah 5
George Avery   1
Charles Cheatham, Hall 2
James Cheatham   1
Matthew Jackson   1
Majr. Mayo List    
Walter Maxey, Cugger, Pompey 3
Jno. Nevels, Calafair 2
Wm. Worshams List Tom 1
Thos. Leonard   1
Willm. Watts   1
Benj Branch List    
James Mitchell Harry, Tollamore, Pompy 4
Willm. Chandler, James Clarke 2
Willm. Cleament   1
Joseph Granger, Jno. Worsham 2
Willm. Foster, Peter, Nan 3
Joseph Wilkinson   1
Richd. Borom, Harry 2
Cap Isa Randolph List    
Thos. Elisson, Phil 2
Willm. Richardson Will Richardson Junr, Jonathan Richardson 3
John Hudsons List Jeney 1
James Rutledge Seaser, Bowson, Sharper, Dol 5
Willm. Burks, Will 2
Robt. Taylor   1
Peter Rowlet, Robt. Taylor Junr 2
Nicholas Gunel   1
Willm. Marphe   1
Willm. MCKalen   1
John Robertson, Francs. Gill, Tom, Jack, Robin, Grace 6
Will Mayes, Sambo 2
Willm. Mayes   1
Henry Talley   1
Willm. Hudson, Nickcolas Hudson, Edwd. Hudson, Billinton, Will Coffey, Plimoth, Jack 8
Willm. Walthol, Indian Will, Nancy 3
Thos. Botts List Frank, Nance 2
Hez. Ford, Phillis 2
Edmund Booker, Edmund Booker Junr, Bob, Jemy, Magg 5
Edward Booker, Edward Booker Junr., Willm. Ambrose, Willm. Feston, Joe, Job, Jack, Seaser, Swon, Isaac, Miriah, Patt, Nanney, Peter, York Phillis, Moll 17
Collo. Kennons List    
Step Crumpet, Dick, Toney, Tom, Hector, Cuffey, Jeney 7
Total   323
John Childry   1
Jno Ellis, Phillis 2
Jno. Tabb, Josh, Gloster, Jammey, Robin, Kit, Sary, Nanney 8
Eliz Anderson, Tho. Baley, Andrew Doll, Lett, Nanney 5
John Hearn   1
Edward Booker    
Brot. Over   340
Jos. Warbinton [torn] a negro 2
Geo. Bookers Tiths Tom. Joe. Venus & Sarah 4
Fras. Stoakes Tithe. jack, Ratchel. Sarah & Noll 4
George Stegall   1

A list of Tithables Taken Below Deep Creek for year 1738
Charles Irby

Abraham Cocke William Cross, James Brown, Boatswain Peter, Jack, Cupit, Will, Nane, Agney, Moll, Sarah, Cloe 13
Abraham Jones quarter Toney, Jack, and Peter 3
Abraham Eades   1
Alexander Bruce   1
Alexander Gray   1
Arthur Leath   1
Amanuel Jones and Joe 2
Bryan Fanin   1
Charles Irby, Will, Harry, Vall, Fanny, an Bowman 6
Charles Coussons, an Jack 2
Charles Clay   1
Christopher Roberson Junr.   1
Christoper Lane   1
Charles Weatherford   1
Christopher Roberson   1
Charles Westbrook   1
Christopher Hinton, Dick, Peter, Rose, an Patt, 5
Daniel Coleman, an Joel Stow 2
Duncom Hammons   1
Edward Thweatt   1
Edward Parish   1
Edward Roberson   1
Capt. Frans.: Eppes quarter James Old and West 2
Frans. Tucker   1
George Booth   1
George Caberness Negro Peter 1
George Tacker, and Jack 2
George Bagly, Cambridge 2
Henry Tinlch   1
Henry Caberness   1
Hugh Leaton   1
Henry Roberson, an Joe 2
Hen: Powell, an George McVay 2
Higdon Roberson   1
Henry Roberson Junr.   1
John Robberds   1
John Benson   1
John Hall   1
John Powell, Will, an Betty 3
James Allen   1
John Nance Junr.   1
James Anderson   1
John Mitchel   1
John Johnson   1
John Nance, and Jack 2
Jacob Mitchell   1
Joseph Nobles   1
John Cordle John Cordale Junr. 2
John Wilson   1
James Clarke, Abraham Alfred John Bedlock and Tab 4
John Tally an Allen Tally Abraham Tally an Dimond 4
John Tally Junr.   1
James Clay   1
John Tucker   1
John Hastens   1
Joseph Coleman   1
James Broadway   1
James Edmund   1
John Wyningham, Phillis 2
John West Junr and Tom 2
John Cox   1
James Hall Richd. Wilson and Jubon a negro 3
John Walles, frans. Walles 2
John West, and Wm West 2
James Grig, Jos. Grig,
Peter And Judy Negroes
Isham Vaughn, an Lucy 2
John Halls quarter, James Oliver, Ned Winson, Hannah 4
Maj' James Munford quarter William Coleman, Pompey, Ned, Juno, Sarah, Robt. Haslop 6
Isham Melone   1
John More   1
Joseph Gray   1
John Evans, quarter Jack, Betty, an Cabe 3
John Waller and Doll 2
Joshua Hauks   1
Joseph Morton, Corse, Sarah, Thoms., Morton 4
John Ragdle   1
John Clay   1
John Gillums Quarter Hall, Pompey, and Mussear Leonard Dyson 3
Leonard Dyson   1
Lodwick Tally   1
Mathew Caberness   1
Mathew Tucker   1
Nicolas Dyson   1
Capt Peter Jones quarter Spinner, and Will 2
Maj Richd Jones, Richd Jones Junr., Peter Jones, George Shepard, Robt, Hall, Jeamey, Lot, Nero, Murrear, Frank, and Judah 12
Robt. Moody, John Higdon 2
Richd. Dennice Bram, Walley, Abram, Matt 5
Coll. Robt. Bollings quarter Seller, Harry, and Sarrah, negroes 2
Collo. Richd. Randolph quarters Stephen Collins, John Hardin,
Sanco, Warwick, Frank, Coock, Barrah, Driver, Seasor, Abram, Bellock, Phebe, Margaret, Amea, Mary, Jeamy, Jacob, Moggcea
Robt Tucker, Seaser, Fanny 3
Richd. Fletcher and Cube 2
Collo. Robt Bollings quarters Samuel Sandefer, Thoms. Sullenge, Samuel Jones, York, Harry, Aron, Pompey, Pearrow, Tull, Nick, Moll, Pegg, Cate and Eve, Cofa, Dick, York, Betty, Sue, Adam, Ben, and Eve, 22
Robt Tucker, Wm Tucker, Joe, and Sarah 4
Robt Tucker Junr., and Cate 2
Robt Coussons, Brister, York 3
Richd. Tally, Thoms. Tally, 2
Robt. Coleman and Dick 2
Robt. Bumpass   1
Rubin Lawson   1
Robt West an Venerious Turner 2
Robt Daviss   1
Robt Downe   1
Richd. Hix   1
Robt Evans   1
Robt Melone   1
Richd Chambers   1
Richd Royals quarter Richd Beasly, Sepio, Cazar 3
Sarah Crawleys List John Chappel, Isaac Little, Jeamy, Sambo, Jack, Sam, Tom, George, John, Cearsey, Abram, Indian Jack, Lidde, Issabel, Sarah Negroes 15
Samuel Jordan Robt, and Debro 3
Samuel Wynne   1
Thoms. Jackson   1
Thoms. Booth, John Booth, and Peter 3
Thoms. Booth Junr.   1
Timothy Murrils, Negro Peter 1
Thoms. Tuckee   1
Thom Broadways Son John Broadway 1
John Broadway   1
Thoms. Jones, Drago, Sirus, Pollemus, Jeanny, Betty, Bess, and Annica 8
Thoms: Elles Jack, George 3
Thoms. Potter   1
Thoms. Bell   1
Uriah Clisswell, Peter, 2
William Shorts quarter Jeamy, Toney, Dick, Bess,And Cube, negroes 5
William Shorts Junr. quarter Quocko, Toney , Rose, and Sue 4
William Hudson   1
Walter Childes, Robt, York, Harry, Hamton, Moll, Kate 7
William Green, Jos. Waldrap, Guy, Mingo, Stephen, Bess, and Pegg 7
William Jackson, Andro, and Mingo, Negroes 3
William Evans   1
Capt William Starks quarter Timothy Murrils, Peter, Sue, Samson, and Pegg 5
William Tally   1
Cap William Hamlins quarter Frans. Merimone, Sam, Jack, 3
William Coleman Wm Coleman Junr., Godfry Coleman 3
William Broadway   1
William Parish   1
William Hood   1
William Coleman Junr   1
William Colemans Son Robt Coleman   1
William Batts quarter Roger, Cabe, and Boatswain 3
William Hardcastle   1
William Gamlin   1
William Kitely   1
William Westbrook Samson And Phillis 3
William Hulm   1
Cap William Watson, John Brown, Joe, Harry 4
William Anderson   1
Capt Isham Eppes quarter Tom, Will, and Harry 3
Mrs. Bollings quarter Johnno, Cofa, Hall, Jack, Doll, and Phillis 6
Robt Muns   1
William Powell   1
William Cordle   1
Henry Chiles, quarter Jack and Tamar 2
John Ginkins   1

C. Irby 1739 List of Tithables below Deep Creek


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