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Clarence Beard
Amherst, Va., August 5. – News has been received here announcing the death of Clarence Beard, at his home in Tennessee, at an advanced age. Mr. Beard was the father of the late John P. and A. D. Beard, of this place, and is survived by one son, Henry Beard, and one daughter, both of Tennessee. His remains will be brought to Amherst and interred Sunday in the Amherst Cemetery. He leaves a number of grandchildren at this place.
[Richmond Times Dispatch (6 Aug. 1911) Transcribed by FoFG MZ]

Hill Carter, Esq.
Died - on the night of the 2d of Sept. 1830, Hill Carter, Esq. of the county of Amherst. His death has been a subject of universal regret - he was an amiable, useful, active, and intelligent man, and his loss will be sincerely felt by his family, his friends and the community generally. He died of a bilious fever, with which he was confined but a few days. No danger was apprehended until it was too late to resist the disease, and he fell a victim to it without a murmur, and almost without a struggle. His friends and numerous acquaintances, gathered around his remains, and in performing the last awful duty of cousigning them to the bosom of the Earth, testified their respect for his memory, and their consciousness of his worth. He will be long remembered as a man of unquestionable integrity, and of unsullied honor. These are the only inheritance he has left to a numerous family - although fortune may fail them, these never will.

[Richmond Enquirer September 14, 1830 - Submitted by Dena Whitesell]

Mrs. Mamie K. Dearborn
AMHERST. VA Sept. 12—Funeral services for Mrs. Mamie G. Dearborn, who died in Philadelphia will held Friday afternoon at 4 o'clock at the Amherst Cemetery, being conducted by Rev. E. W. Tearney of the Holy Cross Catholic Church. Lynchburg. Mrs. Dearborn's body was brought to Amherst Thursday night, accompanies by her sister-in-law. Mrs. S. M. G. Wills, of Amherst, and her son. George Dearborn, of Philadelphia, and other members of the family. The interment was in the family plot at the Amherst Cemetery, by the side of late husband. Peyton B. Dearborn.
Date: 1927-09-13; Paper: Richmond Times Dispatch

Had  Served in Official Capacities For More Than 40 Years.
[Special  to The  Times-Dispatch.]

AMHERST   VA.   Jan.   13.—R. H. Drummon, 65, treasurer of Amherst County, died early this morning at his home near here after an illness of several months from paralysis and other complications.  Mr. Drummond is survived by his widow, who was Miss Marie Ellis, of Richmond, and the following children: Mrs. Maude Dawson and K. H. Drummond. Jr.. of Petersburg, Mrs. E. Chappell. Mrs. T. P. Compbell,  Mrs. W. B. Curry,  Mrs. Dayton Watts and Miss Ella Drummond, of Amherst.

He also leaves the following brothers and sisters: B. T. Drummond, Zack Drummond, and Mrs. C. W. Tucker. Mrs. W. A. Richerson and Miss Lila Drummond, of  Amherst; Charlie Drummond, of Wigina, and Mrs. K. J. Harris, of Lynchburg.   He was a son of the late Captain Henley Drummond of Amherst

The deceased was a member of the Amhurst Baptist Church, acting as secretary of the Sunday school and in other official capacities until his health began to fail.

For more than forty years he had been officially connected with the affairs of the county, having served as deputy clerk of the court, deputy sheriff, sheriff, commissioner of the revenue,   examiner   of   records, for Amherst and Nelson Counties, and in 1919 was elected treasurer. The Funeral services will be held Sunday morning at 11 o'clock at the Amherst Baptist Church.

Date: 1922-01-14; Paper: Richmond Times Dispatch

HUTCHESON, MRS. ELIZABETH B. died Dec. 27, 1832, age 33, in Amherst Co. Was the consort of Mr. Thomas Hutcheson of Amherst.   She is survived by 7 children.
[The Lynchburg Virginian, Feb. 14, 1833, page 3, column 4]

HUTCHERSON, JOHN died June 4th at age 60, was of Amherst Co.
[The Lynchburg Virginian June. 28th 1826 page 3]

JONES, ALEXANDER NELSON died on 9th inst,, age 23, at his mother's  residence in Amherst Co.  He was of Amherst Co.   Left mother and brother.
[The Lynchburg Virginian, Oct. 19, 1826, p. 3, &. 2.]

William Smith of this city died yesterday noon at Amherst. He was a brother of George Smith of Marble Street and well known here. He was a member of the local lodge of Knights of Columbus, and they will meet this evening at 8 to act upon his death. The funeral will be held in the Catholic Church in Amherst tomorrow afternoon at 1.  A Special train will leave this city tomorrow morning at 10 for the funeral, and will return at 1.
Date: 1901-11-09; Paper: Springfield Republican

Paul P. Smoot

AMHERST VA., Dec. 15.—Paul P. Smoot, 73, died Sunday about noon at his home, near Sweet Briar. Mr. Smoot is survived by the following: children: Mrs. J. Marvin Casey, of Lynchburg; Mrs. Charles Banton, of Appomattox: Arthur C. Smoot, of Monroe; Archie Smoot, of Sweet Briar; P. C. Smoot, of Petersburg, and T. L. Smoot, of Amherst    Mr. Smoot was twice married and is survived by his second wife, who was Mrs. Leila Ann Campbell, whom he married in 1923.

His first wife, who was a daughter of the late Thornton Rodeo, of this county, died some years ago. The

body  was buried today In the family graveyard at the home of Charles White, services being: conducted by Rev. E. E. Sumpter,  of the Baptist Church.

Date: 1926-12-16; Paper: Richmond Times Dispatch

Whitfield W. Wood
Died, the 15th inst. at the house of Edwin Rucker, Esq., in Amherst Co., Whitfield. W. infant son of the Rev. Henry D. WOOD. (N.S. v. 2. no. 14.6 April 1848. p. 55.)
Source: Abstract Obituary Notices from the Virginia Conference Sentinel and Richmond Advocate, pub in "Magazine of Virginia Genealogy" by The Virginia Genealogical Society Volume 23 February 1985 Number 1 -- Sub. by K.T.

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