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Census Records
1782 Tithables


(Source: Annals of Bath County, Virginia, By Oren Frederic Morton, B Lit.  (from old catalog), The McClure Company, Inc. 1917, Staunton, Virginia, Chapter XV, pages 111-118.
Transcribed  for Geneology Trails By A. S. Pack )

(Transcribed names "as is" from Book)

The personal property books of 1872 (sic) are the oldest that have been preserved. 
Tithables, slaves, horses, and cattle are indicated, respectively, by T, S, h, and c. 
Where a T preceded by a numeral does not occur, there is but one tithable.

List by Captain James Bratton of the Calfpasture:

Head of Household T S H C
Adams, Thomas - also 1 chariot 2T 40S 13h 43c
Armstrrong, Archibald     11h 16c
Bell, John     4h 12c
Black, Rebeckah     6h 11c
Bratton, James   3S 14h 19c
Bratton, Adam     8h  
Bratton, Robert   5S 10h 45c
Carlisle, John   1S 7h 26c
Carson, Thomas     3h  
Craig, Alexander     2h 11c
Craig, Samuel     9h 8c
Davis, Charles     4h 7c
Davitt, Tulley   1S 3h 8c
Elliot, John   1S 9h 14c
Fauntleroy, Moore  also 1-2wheel chariot   11S 6h 1c
Fulton, James   1S 6h 15c
Gay, James     10h 3c
Graham, John      7h 30c
Graham, Elizabeth   2S 7h 25c
Griffith, James     4h 12c
Gween (Gwin), Robert, Sr.     3h 8c
Gwin, Robert Jr.     7h 12c
Hamilton, Andrew, Sr.   3S 8h 22c
Hamilton, Andrew, Jr.     6h 6c
Henderson, John    2S 1h  
Henderson, Joans   2S 12h 52c
Hughart, Thomas   5S 15h 34c
Jones, George        
Kelly, John     4h 9c
Kincaid, John     5h 15c
Kincaid, William     9h 21c
Lockridge, John      3h 10c
Lockridge, William     4h 5c
Lockridge, Samuel     4h 12c
Mateers, William     9h 25c
Mathews, Sampson   14S 26h 45c
McCutchens, Robert   1S 7h 24c
McCutchens, John   1S 7h 19c
Meek, Daniel     6h 19c
Meek, Thomas   3S 4h 23c
Meek, John     6h 16c
Montgomery, Humphrey   1S 7h 15c
Moorehead, Matthew        
Plunkett, John      3h 11c
Poesy (Posey), Thomas   2S    
Porter, William     1h 5c
Ramsey, John     4h  
Ramsey, ______       4c
Salt, Humphrey     2h 13c
Shields, Robert     4h 11c
Stuart, Alexander     8h 23c
Vahubs (Walkup), John      8h 23c
Vahubs, Robert   1S 4h 17c
White, Archibald     4h 5c
Wilson, John    1S 8h 17c
Wright, John      5h 14c
Wright, William     6h 15c
Totals:  63 white tithables, 101 slaves, 352 horses, 870 cattle, 2 carriages

List by Captain John Brown of the Cowpasture:

Head of Household T S H C
Beall (Bell), Leonard     4h 10c
Benston (Benson), Mathias   4S 6h 13c
Benston, Ervin     1h 2c
Benston, George     5h 9c
Black, Alexander     2h 4c
Black, William   2S 5h 11c
Bleak (Blake), Theophilus     2h 5c
Bleak, George     4h 6c
Brown, John      6h 2c
Burns, John      2h 2c
Cameron, Charles     8h  2c
Carlock, Hunkrist     5h 15c
Cartmill, John      8h 9c
Cartmill, Samuel     3h 12c
Cochran, Thomas   8S 8h 4c
Cowarden, John   3S 7h  3c
Crawford, Alexander   2S 6h 6c
Crawford, Nathan      6h 8c
Crawford, William     1h  
Day, Samuel     2h 3c
Dickey, William     6h 10c
Donally, Charles   2S 17h 13c
Ervin, Charles     5h 18c
Feamster, Thomas   6S 24h 37c
Frame, David     6h 19c
Frame, Jeremiah     3h 10c
Francisco, George     8h 19c
Francisco, Michael     2h 3c
Gillespie, Samuel     3h 3c
Gillespie, Thomas     3h 10c
Gillespie, John    2S 6h 15c
Hicklin, Hugh     9h 13c
Hughart, James   1S 3h 10c
Irvin (Ervin), James     5h  
Kenny, James     4h 4c
Kincaid, John   1S 9h 28c
Kirk, Alexander     5h 6c
Knight, James     1h 5c
Laverty, Ralph     8h 10c
Lewis, Sarah   8S 18h 22c
Mais (Mayse), Joseph     10h 25c
Mattinearly, James     1h 1c
Mayhall, Stephen     3h 4c
Mayhall, Samuel     1h 3c
McCaslin (McCausland), John       8h 21c
McCaslin, Andrew     3h  
McClung, John      4h 13c
McCreery, Robert   2S 16h 48c
McCreery, John      11h 15c
McDannald, Samuel     9h 7c
McRobert, John      11h 28c
Miller, Patrick     12h 24c
Montgomery, John      5h 22c
Montgomery, James     6h 4c
Moody, Andrew     2h 7c
Moore, William     5h 11c
Moses, Samuel     2h 3c
Newton, Joseph     7h  13c
Rhea, William   1S 9h 21c
Rhea, John   1S 6h 14c
Setlington (Sitlington), John      6c 8c
Setlington, Robert     5h 5c
Singlenton, Andrew   12S 8h 44c
Sloan, James     6h 14c
Smith, John      5h 4c
Stout, Daniel     7h  7c
Stuart, Robert     6h 16c
Swerengen, Van     2h 7c
Thompson, Robert     3h  
Thompson, Edward     4h 11c
Thompson, William     2h 9c
Townsend, Taylor     3h 4c
Wildridge, William     2h 6c
Wilson, Samson     3h 2c
Young, William     5h 14c
Young, James     1h  
Totals:  83 white tithables, 61 slaves, 451 horses, 830 horses

List by Captain David Gwin – Jackson’s River and Back Creek

Head of Family T S H C
Bates, Ephraim     5h 9c
Baxter, John 2T   10h 37c
Beans, Jacob     2h 5c
Boreland, John 3T 5S 10h 20c
Bratton, George   3S 9h 12c
Byrd, John     17h 15c
Davis, John   1S 13h 18c
Dennison, John     4h 10c
Dixon, William     1h 4c
Elliott, Richard     4h 18c
Ellis, James   4S 7h 16c
Fitzpatrick, James     3h 5c
Givens, William   1S 14h 15c
Green, John     5h 15c
Gregory, John     2h 4c
Gwin, David   1S 19h 35c
Hamilton, Alexander   1S 6h 18c
Hamilton, Charles     5h 12c
Hamilton, John     10h 12c
Hamilton, Osborn     9h 12c
Hickman, Roger     6h 14c
Hughes, David     3h 4c
Hutchinson, William   1S 8h 20c
Johnson, Samuel     2h 3c
Kelly, Oan (Owen)     2h 6c
Kilpatrick, Andrew     1h 2c
McClain, James     4h 6c
McFarland, Daniel     5h 11c
McLaughlin, James     2h 4c
Nail (Neil), Thomas     2h 5c
Rider, William     4h 5c
Robertson, William     4h 7c
Slavin, William     3h 1c
Stout, Hezekiah     1h 4c
Tabley, Jewel   1S 2h 2c
Townsend, Ezekiel     2h 5c
Townsend, James     2h 7c
Vance, Samuel   2S 10h 28c
Vance, Martha   1S 8h 14c
Waid(Wade), John     4h 10c
Warren, Obijah     1h 1c
Willison, William   4S 26h 35c
Willson, Stephen     11h 30c
Willson, John     13h 24c
Wright, Elizabeth     4h 9c
Wiley, Alexander     4h 3c
Wiley, Robert     4h 16c
Totals: 46 white tithables, 28 slaves, 293 horses, 568 cattle

List by George Poage – Greenbrier River:

Head of Family T S H C
Anderson, Thomas        
Barker, James        
Blaik, Thomas        
Blakeman, Adam        
Blakeman, Moses        
Carson, James        
Cartmill, Thomas        
Docherty, Michael        
Drenon, Lawrence        
Drenon, Thomas        
Dunlap, Alexander      44h 24c
Galford, Thomas        
Gillespie, Jacob        
Guy (Guy), James        
Guy, John        
Hencher, John        
Hutchinson, Robert        
Jarvis, Thomas        
Lowry, Alexander        
McCarty, James        
McCollum, John        
Moore, David        
Moore, Levi        
Moore, Moses        
Offill, John          
Poage, George        
Reaugh, James        
Rogers, John        
Rucker, James (1)        
Rucker, James (2)        
Sharpe, William        
Stuart, Ralph        
Sutton, Joseph        
Tackett, Christian        
Tackett, Lewis        
Tackett, Francis        
Tanner, James        
Taylor, William        
Tracewell, Edward        
Warwick, Jacob     80h 88c
Warwick, William     22h 34c
Wiatt, Leonard        
Totals:  43 Tithables, 460 horses, 543 cattle. 


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