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Census Records
1783 Tithables


(Source: Annals of Bath County, Virginia, By Oren Frederic Morton, B Lit.  (from old catalog), The McClure Company, Inc. 1917, Staunton, Virginia, Chapter XV, pages 111-118.

Transcribed for Genealogy Trails By A.S. Pack

(Transcribed names "as is" from Book)

Tithables, slaves, horses, and cattle are indicated, respectively, by T, S, h, and c.  Where a T preceded by a numeral does not occur, there is but one tithable.

            List by Captain George Frazier – Cowpasture, below Botetourt Line (1783)

Head of Families T S H C
Beard, James   1S 4h 10c
Beard, Samuel   1S 4h 11c
Beaty, Robert 2T   4h 10c
Cairns, Michael     2h 15c
Carrigan, Patrick     3h 9c
Cashady, Thomas     1h  
Clendening, John   1S 8h 17c
Cooper, James     4h 11c
Daugherty, William   3S 4h 5c
Davidson, Willliam 2T 3S 5h 16c
Fleming, James   2S 6h 6c
Fogle, Philip     2h 4c
Fogle, John      3h 3c
Frazier, George   1S 5h 13c
Galloway, William     8h 26c
Galloway, William   1S 4h 7c
Galloway, Robert     9h 13c
Gilliland, James     2h 11c
Gillispie, Simon   2S 5h 13c
Gore, Michael     3h 4c
Griffith, William     7h 10c
Haines, Joseph     2h 7c
Haines, Benjamin     4h 5c
Haines, Betty   1S   2c
Hanley, Mary   2S 2h 3c
Hill, Robert   3S 11h 20c
Hughes, Aaron     5h 9c
Insminger, John     2h 5c
Insminger, John, Jr.     1h  
Lingnecker, Mary     2h 4c
Maze, William     5h 15c
Maze, Richard   2S 6h 16c
McColgan, Edward 2T 1S 6h 11c
McKay, Archibald       1c
McMurray, William   1S 8h 22c
Miller, Henry     2h 3c
Muldrough, Jean     2h 2c
Muldrough, Hugh     7h 21c
Muldrough, William     4h 3c
Musson, Jean     2h 2c
Nighswinger, John      3h 11c
Roberts, Abel     2h 6c
Roop, Nicholas     2h 4c
Scott, James, Sr. 2T 1S 9h 9c
Scott, James, Jr.     5h 7c
Shanklin, Richard     8h 7c
Shaver, Sebastian 2T 2S 11h 21c
Simpson, James   3S 5h 17c
Stewart, James     2h 9c
Thompson, Joseph     2h 2c
Vaught, Casper     2h 12c
Walker, James     2h 7c
Wooley, William 2T   9h 12c
Totals:  23 tithables, 10 slaves, 102 horses, 212 cattle

            List by Captain John Bollar – Jackson’s River, below Botetourt Line (1783)

Head of Families T S H C
Armstrong, James     6h  
Armstrong, Robert     11h 11c
Barbery, Thomas     3h 3c
Barratt, William        
Boller, John        
Bullitt, Cuthbert   3S 8h 24c
Carpenter, Jeremiah     5h 6c
Clark, Joseph     2h 6c
Corder, William       1c
Cottle, Benjamin     1h 2c
Craig, James     3h 9c
Davis, William     1h 3c
Davis, James       3c
Dean, John    8S 11h 28c
Doylton, William        
Edwards, Jeremiah     5h 4c
Elliott, James     7h 20c
Fitzpatrick, John         
Fitzpatrick, Thomas        
Harvie, Thomas     1h  
Jones, Henry     2h 3c
Jones, John     1h 3c
Jones, John      3h  
Kender, Peter        
Kimberlane, Adam     7h 5c
Kincade, Andrew     7h 17c
Kincade, William     3h 9c
Lilley, William     3h 4c
Mann, Jean   1S 8h 10c
Mann, Moses     2h 9c
Mann, Moses     7h 2c
Mann, Esau     3h 3c
Massie, Thomas   7S 41h 30c
McCalister, Thomas   1S 8h 11c
McCalister, James 2T   7h 5c
McCalister, Garrett     1h  
McClintock, William     6h 21c
McClintock, William     5h 5c
McClintock, Robert     4h 7c
McDuff, John     3h 5c
McGart, John      3h 11c
Milholland, Thomas        
Morren (Morris?), Bernard     3h 4c
Morris, Richard     22h 18c
Price, Evan      3h  
Price, Zachariah     1h 1c
Robinson, James   3S 5h 17c
Robinson, James     5h 5c
Robinson, William     3h 7c
Scott, John      5h 6c
Scott, James     1h 3c
Slath, John     1h  
Smith, William     4h 11c
Sprowl, William     4h 7c
Thompson, Martha     1h 3c
Trotter, Ezekiel     3h 3c
Wall, Thomas     1h 5c
Wall, Thomas     1h 5c
Ward, William     1h 2c
Wright, Peter   2S 10h 38c
Totals:  29 tithables, 7 slaves, 130 horses, 209 cattle


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