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Marriage Bonds of
Bedford County, VA

Bedford County was formed from Lunenburg County in 1753
Campbell County was formed from Bedford County in 1781
Franklin County was formed from Bedford and Henry Counties in 1784
Earle S. Dennis and Jane E. Smith
Copyright, 1932

Transcribed by Pam Rathbone

William Austin and Esther Alexander, January 23, 1781. Robert Alexander, surety.

Richard Adams and Elizabeth Pruitt, September 12, 1781. Robert Pruitt, surety.

Richard Austin and Panny Neal, April 13, 1793. John Pate, surety. Consent of Zachariah Neal.

Robert Armstrong and Jane McElwaine, August 23, 1784. Saml. McElwaine, surety.

James Adams, batchelor, and Mary Irvine, spinster, both of this County, March 4, 1776. James McMurray, surety. Consent of David Irvine, father of Mary.

Thomas Austin and Nancy North, December 15, 1788. John North, surety. Consent of Abram North, father of Nancy.

William Anderson and Sally Early, December 23, 1783. David Jones, surety. Consent of James Callaway, the guardian of Sally.

Josiah Ashurst and Rebeckah Kennedy, July 25, 1793. Samuel Hatcher, surety.

Samuel Ayres and Betsey Richardson, October 27, 1794. John Cundiff, surety.

Leroy Apahear, batchelor, and Elizabeth Bradley, spinster, October 24, 1769. William Bradley, surety.

John Anderson, batchelor, and Ann Butler, widow, June 22, 1772. John Hook, surety.

Mark Anthony and Emelia Leftwich, December 12, 1799. John Anthony, surety. Consent of Thos. Leftwich, the father of Emelia.

Barnabas Arther, batchelor, and Martha Talbot, spinster, May 26, 1755. William Arther, surety.

Robert Armistead of Gloucester County, and Susanna Morris, February 12, 1778. William Armistead, surety. Consent of Saml. Morris, father of Susanna.

Elisha Adams and Franky Hudnall, February 4, 1783. William Adams surety. Consent of W. Hudnall, father of Franky.

William Anglea and Sarah Mitchell, April 5, 1797. John Hancock, surety. Consent of Beelender Ross.

George Asbury and Mary Hatcher, May 3,1789. Edmund Winston, surety. Consent of Bengeman Hatcher, father of Mary.

William Arthur and Joanna Arthur, August 14, 1787. Boice Eideon, surety. Consent of Thomas Arthur, the father of Joanna; and consent of Gross Scruggs for the marriage of William.

Jesse Anderson and Elizabeth Jones, June 21, 1791. Thomas Johnson, surety. Consent of John Jones, father of Elizabeth.

Robert Anderson, of the County of Henrico, and Mary Read of Bedford County, March 29, 1784. William Read, surety.

Richard Anderson and Hanna Payne, January 11, 1793. Micajah McCormack, surety. Consent of Sarah Payne, mother of Hannah.

Benjamin Arthur, batchelor, and Anne Arthur, April 23, 1765. William Arthur, surety.

Benjamin Arthur, and Sarah Terrill, November 26, 1781. Edward Woodham, surety.

William Arther, Jr. and Elizabeth Dalton, spinster, June 24, 1762. Gross Scruggs, surety. Consent of Timothe Dalton.

Joshua Adkerson and Nancy Grooms, September 22, 1800. Jonathan Grooms, surety.

William Adair and _________Rodgers, January 22, 1781. John Rodgers, surety.

Joshua Absten of the county of Pittsylvania, widower, and Mary Carter, spinster, of Bedford County, May 9, 1782. Austin Carter, surety. Consent of Mary Carter, mother of Mary.

James Anthony and Sally Tate, August 1, 1792. Josiah Carter and John Talbot, sureties. Consent of Henry Tate, father of Ann.

Micajah Anthony and Sally Tate, August 1, 1792. Jesse Tate, surety.

James Asberry and Nancy Wright, November 13, 1792. Tommy Wright, surety. Consent of John Wright, father of Nancy.

Edward Allen and Winney O' Denial, June 25, 1787. John O'Deniel, surety.

James Alverson and Mary Alligre, February 12, 1781. Jessi Moorman, surety. Consent of Marthew Alligre, the father of Mary.

Anthony Apperson, widower, and Susannah Holland, spinster, May 2, 1765. William Iryia, surety. Consent of Peter Holland, father of Susannah.

Samuel Adams and Patsy Wade, November 25, 1800. Archibald Wade, surety. Consent of Isaac Wade, father of Patsy.

John Arthur and Elizabeth Addams, November 12, 1785. Thomas Arthur, surety. Consent of John Addams.

Lewis Arthur and Sarah Hatcher, May 11, 1786. William Haiden, surety. Certificate from Sarah herself.

Thomas Alexander and Sarah Huddleston, May 26, 1800. Henry Huddleston, surety. Consent of Abraham and Mary Slack, for the marriage of "our daughtr Sarah Huddleston".

David Arthur and Mary Mullens, March 11, 1793. Thomas Mullens, surety.

Griffin Harris and Susanna Smith, Aug. 28, 1783, Bedford Co., Va.

William Harris and Doshia Thorp, April 25, 1781, Bedford Co., Va.


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