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World War 2
Army & Air Force Casualties


(Source: Missouri State Archives, Submitted by Linda Rodriguez)

Meaning of the Abbreviations

KIA--killed in action
DOW--died of wounds
DNB--died non-battle
FOD-finding of death
DOI--died of injuries

Name Serial No Rank Status
Bogle, William W. 6778524 PFC DOW
Burke, James L. 0-443395 2 LT KIA
Burton, William A. 0-453383 1 LT DNB
Farmer, Leroy T. 33660024 PVT FOD
Gober, Wilbur F. 33525906 PVT DOW
Kitts, Frank F. Jr. 13023730 T SG KIA
Long, Willie C. 33527016 PFC KIA
Manning, Edward D. 01183919 2 LT DOW
Miller, Robert T. 33662483 SGT FOD
Morehead, Jeff T. 33536071 AV C DNB
Pauley, Earl G. 33651615 PVT KIA
Ramsey, James O. 33131898 PVT KIA
Reed, Robert M. 0-807050 2 LT DNB
Sadler, William H. 33660028 PVT KIA
Stone, Herman L. 42051130 PVT DNB
Stone, William L. 33660034 SGT DOW
Strock, Z. W. Jr. 33526999 PFC KIA
Willis, Clifford A. 33888477 PFC KIA
Wilson, Owen T. 15115486 S SG DOW


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