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Buckingham County
Divorce Records

Early Petitions for Divorce
Data comes from the "Legislative Petition Database" from the Library of Virginia.
There is further information contained for each of these names located at the Library of VA (take your checkbook!)





Crow, Amanda Buckingham County 1844/12/21 Asks for a divorce from her husband Samuel M. Crow, late of Campbell County. Includes judgment.
Davis, Peter C. Buckingham County 1845/12/23 Asks for a divorce from his wife Sarah E. Cox. Includes court record & deposition.
Porter, Thomas Buckingham County 1824/12/03 Husband of Mary Ann Barstow asks for a divorce from his wife. Includes affidavits & resolution.
Wingo, Mildred Ann Buckingham County 1852/01/17 Asks for a divorce from her husband Alfred W. Wingo. Includes court record with depositions.

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