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World War 2 
Honor List
 of Casualties

Source: Official War Department Casualty Lists at the National Archives.
Transcribed by Linda Rodriguez


KIA--killed in action
DOW--died of wounds
DNB--died non-battle
FOD-finding of death
DOI--died of injuries

Name Serial Number Rank Status
Agee, James C. 33446247 PFC KIA
Anderson, Howard 33441574 PFC KIA
Banks, Major M. Jr. 33123072 PVT DNB
Banton, Samuel 33094410 TEC5 KIA
Barker, Robert J. 33542300 PFC KIA
Catlett, ARthur B. 33127423 PFC KIA
Creekmur, Thomas C. 0-797796 1 LT DNB
Crow, Robert J. H. Jr. 0-797796 2 LT FOD
Davidson, Richard L. 0-324945 CAPT KIA
Hardiman, Wesley E. 20364851 S SG KIA
Lann, George Y Jr. 33822943 PVT DOW
Maxey, Clyde E. 33133391 SGT KIA
Melton, Malcom H. 33645763 PVT KIA
Murphy, Harry 33446293 PVT KIA
Murphy, William G. 33441983 PVT KIA
Murphy, William A. 33446187 PFC KIA
Oliver, Thomas W. 33521852 PFC KIA
Osborne, Bevely 33218204 TEC5 DOW
Patteson, George R 6852385 PVT KIA
Peaks, Claiborne 33096860 PFC KIA
Robinson, Phillip W. 13016742 PFC KIA
Shumaker, Charlie E. 33133384 PFC KIA
Shumaker, John W. 33446179 PVT KIA
Smith, Walter C. 13034980 PVT DNB
Thomas, Carl E. 13033401 S SG DNB
Williams, William C. 33851508 PFC DOW
Wood, Alex P. 33127345 PFC KIA

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