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1840 Census of Pensioners

(Source: Census of Pensioners for Revolutionary or Military Services, Publ. 1841. Transcribed by Linda Rodriguez)

Name Location Age Head of family who Pensioners resided Jun. 1, 1840
Allen, Catharine   79 Catharine Allen
Bailey, Nancy   75 Armstead Bailey
Calvin, Sarah   78 Sarah Calvin
Cannady, John   77 John Cannady
Clark, Hannah   87 Madden Willis
Creel, John     John Creel
Edwards, Elizabeth   90 Elizabeth Edwards
Freeman, John   83 John Freeman
Gray, Gabriel   77 Gabriel Gray
Griffin, Zachariah   79 Zachariah Griffin
Hall, John   79 John Hall
Hill, Humphrey   77 Humphrey Hill
Hunt, Julius   78 Julius Hunt
Jett, William   77 William Jett
Lambkin, Mary   78 Mary Lambkin
Lewis, William   77 William Lewis
Newman, Abner   85 Abner Newman
Payne, Richard Sen.   77 Richard Payne Sen.
Pellit, Lucy   78 John L. Conner
Rosson, Reuben   87 Reuben Rosson
Slaughter, Philip   82 Philip C. Slaughter
Stallard, Randolph   83 Randolph Stallard, Jr.
Triplett, Peter   88 Peter Triplett
Vaughan, Almond   84 Almond Vaughan
Welsh, Isaiah     Isaiah Welsh


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