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Elizabeth City County
Land Patents


Manuscript paging is given in parentheses within the patent abstracts, indicating the point where a patent is continued to another page.
Source: "Magazine of Virginia Genealogy". Published by the Virginia Historical Society.
Contributed to Genealogy Trails by Barb. Z.

The following abbreviations are used in this series:
a: acres
g: granted
ptd: patented
afsd: aforesaid
g. by p.: granted by patent
par: parish
bet: between
L: land
R: river
Br: branch
N: north
Rd: road
c: corner
NL: new land
S: south
Co: county
OL: old land
sd: said
cr: creek
p: patent; page
Sw: swamp
E: east
W: west

Land Patents in Book 15:

EDWARD ANDROS, 50a, OL, Elizabeth City Co.; at Slipery Pine Br. falling into Talfords Cr.; Joseph Jeggits L. (p. 287) to Anthony Tuckers L.; William Tuckers L. and c. of John Caseys & William Tuckers L.; being part of a p. g. Robert Salford bearing date 8 Nov 1624. 21 Aug 1734.

JOHN CASEY, 62a, OL, Elizabeth City Co., Slipery Pine Br. at the c. of Edward Andros's L. to William Tucker's L.; to Whites Landing on Salforts Cr. 1 Aug 1734.

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