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Essex County
Wills and Deeds. 1702 - 1703

Record Book Number 11.

page 1. Appointment of Richard Buckner, gent., Clerk of the Court of the County of Essex, by Edmond Jennings, Esqr., Secretary of State of Virginia.
"At a Councell held at the Colledge of William and Mary March the 25th 1702 Present His Excellency in Councell".
Recorded in Essex Co. 10 June 1703.

page 2. Mr. Thomas Meriwether, High Sheriff of Essex, appearing this day before his Excellency in Councell on complaint of the Justices of the County, for refusing to produce his levy book and render an a/c of his collection, and having given his answer in writing to the Council who called before them Mr. Richard Covington and Mr. Boughan Burgesses for the Co., it is ordered that it be referred to Essex Court and payment be made to the several persons aggreived in Sweet Scented and Aronoke tobacco according to proportions made in the County.
Signed Wil Robertson Cl Con
Recorded in Essex at request of Mr Thomas Edmondson 10 June 1703.

page 2. Deed. 10 June 1703. Benj Goodrioh of James City Co., gent., son and heir apparent of Benja Goodrich late of said Co. dec'd., sells William Ayres of Essex, planter, 200 acres. Whereas Jno Griffing late of Essex dec'd., by deed dated 10 Dec. 1695 sold the said William Ayres 200 acres. This land adjoining the line of Wm Tomlin, the line of John Daingerfield, Tignor's Creek, the line of Joseph Reves, etc., and being part of 830 acres in Essex which said John Griffin (sic) bought of Edward Sorrell and Alice his wife. Executors of the will of the aforesaid Benji Goodrich dec'd, by deed of sale acknowledged in the General Court 27 April 1695, and also their deed of confirmation 17 October next. This deed now for further confirming the sale of the 200 acres to Ayres.
Signed Benj'a Goodrich
Leo: Hill
Larken Chew
Tho Stretton
Ack and rec 10 June 1703
Also Bond L 120. Sterling on above. See next entry.

Record Book No. 11
page 7, Deed, 10 June 1703. Benj: Goodrich of James City Co., gent., son and heir of Benj: Goodrich, gent., late of sd Co., dec'd., sells Eliz' Lowes, widow, of Essex Co., for L 25. Sterling, land where Eliz'a Loes now lives, except 200 acres sold Wm Ayres, "being 830 acres in Essex near the Miles end of a patent of 1350 acres taken up by Bartholomew Hopkins, 600 acres theRecf adjoining side of Hopkins Creek, land of John Gillet, etc. This land formerly granted Lt. Coll. Tho. Goodrich 18 Sept. 1663. The other 230 acres adjoining a small marsh below Tickners Creek, the main branch of Tickners Creek, the land of Reeves, land of Robt Coleman, the Rappahannock River, etc.
Signed Benja Goodrich
Leo Hill
Larkin Chew
Tho Stretton
Rec. 10 June 1703
Bond for above L 50. Sterling.

page 11, P. of A. 20 July 1702. Jno Thomas of Bristoll in England, merchant, to Mr. Wm. Ayres of South Farnham parish in Essex Co. to settle accounts,
Signed John Thomas
Jos Reeves
James Reeves Rec. 10 June 1703

page 12. Exors, Bond. 10 June 1703. Wm Green admr of Thos Green dec'd. L 200. Sterling.
Signed Willm Green, Hen x Woodnot, Peter x Harwood
Wits Charles Smith
Richard Buckner
Rec. 10 June 1703

page 14. Commission to Thomas Edmondson as Sheriff of Essex Co. 24th April 1703. Signed Fr: Nicholson.

page 15. Bond. Thomas Edmondson as Sheriff. 10 June 1703. 100000 lb tobacco.
Wm Johnson Edw Gouldman
Signed Tho Edmondson, Rich'd Covington, Rob't Coleman
Rec 10 June 1703

Record Book No. 11
page 16. Appraisal of estate of Tho. Green, dec'd. Includes:
Francis Merriwether per bill Dr 26. 10. 00
Richd Tilly per bill Dr 15. 00. 00
Totals L 131. 6. 4
Signed Henry x Woodnot; Andrew x Duddin; Jonathan Fisher
Presented by William Green admr of Tho Green decd and recorded 10th July 1703.

page 19. Deed. 9 July 1703. Mary Lake relict of Wm Lake dec'd of Essex (this name also appears as Leak and Leake in the deed) sells John Harper, planter of Essex (for consideration paid but more especially for said John Harper making over deed for 300 acres to Tho. Harper of Essex ) 471 acres on the head of Piscataway Creek, a part theRecf 114 acres formerly granted to said Wm. Lake 21 October 1687 and adjoining Jas Boughan's land, Clay Patch Branch, the plantation of the Widdow Boughan, Mr. Samuel Parry's land, the land of John Jones, et. Another parcel of the land, 150 acres was formerly sold by James Boughan of Essex Co. deed to Thomas Troath decd and escheated by the said Wm. Leak. And another parcel being 103 l/2 acres was formerly purchased by Thomas Harper of Essex Co. dec'd from Francis Browne of said County dec'd, and by Harper sold to Tho Lydall of said County dec'd, and by said Wm. Leak escheated as by inquest taken by and before Mr. Isaac Alderson, Escheater, the 18 August 1685. Another part being 103 l/2 acres being the other moiety of the 207 acres purchased by the said Tho Harper of the said Francis Browne and was purchased by said Wm Lake from John Jones.
All of which makes up 471 acres, which by will of Wm Leake was given to Mary Leake the extrx and reliot.
Signed Mary x Lake
Tho Edmondson; Salvator Muscoe; James Boughan Junr.
Rec. 10 July 1703

page 22. Deed. 9 July 1703. John Harper of Essex, planter, sells to
Thomas Harper of said Co., for 8000 lb tobo, 300 acres in Essex on
branches of Piscataway Creek, part of 1000 acres granted 8 Oct 1672
to James Boughan and Tho. Harper both deceased. The 300 acres adjoins
the bridge swamp, Allexander Denham's line, etc.
Signed John Harper
Tho Edmondson
James Boughan junr
Salvator Musooe
Rec. 10 July 1703

Record Book No. 11
page 24. Assignment. 10 July 1703. Tho Man assigns 100 acres "which
I have of Thomas Meadoes with warrenty" to Tho Griffin.
Signed Christopher x Man (sic); Jeane x Man
John Ellits; Thomas Dickinson
Jeane Man wife of Christopher Man relinq dower rights.
Rec. 10 July 1703

page 25. Deed of Gift. 23 July 1695. Henry Johnson "is Intended to
marry', gives his 4 daughters all under 21 personal property.
Eliza Johnson the oldest, Sarah the 2nd daughter, Catherine the 3rd
daughter and Ann the 4th and youngest daughter.
Signed Henry Johnson
Jno Battaile
Sam'll Sallis
Tho x Griffin
Proved by oath of Tho Griffin and recorded 10 July 1703.
Coll John Battaile swears before John Taliaferro he saw Henry Johnson sign the above.

page 26. Deed. No date shown in body of deed. John Spencer of Richmond Co., sells John Morgan of Essex Co., for 3500 lb tobo, 100 acres in Essex. Adjoins "pore tobaooo Swamp", Jas Cogwell's line, Wm Claphams land, etc. The land formerly conveyed to Alexander Henderson by Wm. Clapham and Mary his wife, and by Henderson to James Jones, and by Jones to said Spencer.
Signed John x Spenoer
Wit: Will'm Gannock
Christopher Jones
Rec. 10 July 1703

page 27. Will of Henry Johnson of St. Marys Parish, Essex Co., planter. Dated 30 Oct. 1702. Prob. 10 June 1703. To son Richard 400 acres "I now live upon".
To dau Ann plantation Robt Bent lives on.
To dau Katherine 100 acres "the backwardest part of the tract".
To son Riohd the 3 l/4 acres bought of Capt Battaile. (Prob a mill)
Personal estate to be div among 4 children, Richard, Sarah, Katherine
and Anne, "and my wife", daughter Elizabeth having had her part.
To be delivered to heirs when at age or marriage. Signed Henry Johnson
Wit: James Harrison; Autom Labrie (sic); Peter x Bourne
Proved by oaths of James Harrison and Antoni Labrie.
Rec. 10 July 1703.

Record Book No.ll
page 28 Administrators Account. Tho: Burnett and Jane his wife, admrs of Jno Powell dec'd present a/c. Includes the following:
Recd of Wm Glover -- 550 lb tobo
" Henry Kerby -- 500 "
" John Harper -- 200 "
" Wilcox -- 060 "
" Miell Rise -- 111 "
Contrary Credit (sic)
Paid to Mr Tho's Parker -- 350 lb tobo
Mr John Dixon -- 120 "
Paid to Wm Cox one pr finch falles showes -- 050 "
Sworn and recorded 10 July 1703.

page 29. Bond. 10 July 1703. 20000 lb tobacco. Christian Johnson as extrx of Henry Johnson decd.
Signed Christian -
Edward Price
John Bourne
Wit: Richard Buckner
Rec 10 July 1703

page 29. Deed - 10 July 1703. The entry opens with "To all Exparince popell to whom these Presents shall com I John Haille of the County of Essex son and hare of Cap't Richard Haille Deoeased send greeting". After that he sells to John Loveing, for 2000 lb tobo, 100 acres in King and Queen Co., being part of a greater tract granted "to my Father Cap't Richard Haill" lying part in King and Queen Co. and part in Essex Co. Boundries begin "at a marked Whight oak standing upon a branch side that Iesweth out of Bevarley run that cometh out of Mattaponey river", adjoins "portobago path", etc.
Signed John Haile
James Edmondson
Joseph Edmondson
Rec. 10 July 1703.
("all Exparince popell" - all Christian people )

page 31. Deed. 10 July 1703. Siman Copnall of Essex sells Richard Johnson of same Co., for 1900 lb tobo, 50 acres. Adjoins Mr. Henry Awberry's quarter land, etc.
Signed Siman x Copnall
Wit: Thomas Harper; Thomas Burnett
Rec 10 July 1703.

page 32. Deed 10 April 1703. John Hawkins of Sittenburn parish sells Richd Ripley of Kingston Parish in Gloucester Co., for L 30. Sterling and 3000 lb tobo., 300 acres adjoining land of Edward Martin, etc., in Sittenburne Parish. Deed refers to Eliz'a wife of Jno Hawkins. Signed John Hawkins; Elizabeth x Hawkins
Wit: William Smether, Samuel Stallord, John x Rudderford
Eliz'a Hawkins by Benja Moseley her atty relinq dower rights
P. of A. Eliza Hawkins to Benja Moseley to ack above. Dated 10 July 1703, Signed Eliz'a Hawkins and wit by John Hawkins and Richd Ripley, Bond on above. Wit by William Smither (sic), Stallord and Rudderford (Rutherford),
All recorded 10 July 1703.

page 39. Inventory of est of Richd. Grigory deceased. Taken by Court order of 10 Nov 1702, Long inventory covering 3 pages. Total value L 85. 9. 8
Signed William Johnson, Leonard Chamberlaine, John Games

Sworn before Rob't Coleman 29 Dec 1702. Note of 2 mares sold for 1000 lb tobo by Tho x Snead.
Presented by Thomas Snead and Katherine his wife 10 July 1703 and recorded.

page 42. Deed of Gift. 10 Dec. 1702. Robert Mills of Southfarnham parish, Essex Co., planter, and Mary his wife, give "for kind love and tender affection , unto our Dear and loveing Daughter Frances Byrom the now wife of Henry Byram of the aforesaid parish and County, Gun Smith" 100 acres, a plantation in So. Farnham par, formerly the land of Thomas News and since purchased of William Bendry late of this County deceased. Adjoins old Plantation swamp, etc. This plantation is given to Frances Byram (also appears as Byrom and Biram in the entry) and not to her husband.
Signed Robert x Mills Mary x Mills
Wit: William Greenhall; Saml Coates
Rec. 10 July 1703.

page 43. "Mr Tho: Stretton Pray appear for me at the next Court to be held for Essex County at the suit of Edward Adcocke and Defend the same and you will oblige"
Signed Your servant
Allice x Ellet her mark

page 43, Deed, 7 Aug 1703, Mr Wm Upshaw of Petsoe Parish, Gloucester Co., planter, sells Mr Charles Waller of same Par. and Co., for L 60, 400 acres in So. Farnham Par., Essex C., part of a sale of 9 Jan 1699 to said Mr Wm Upshaw from Mr. Harry Beverley. The land adjoins said Upshaw's line, Hoskins Swamp, Thomas Streachlys line, etc.
Signed William Upshaw
Wit: James Reynolds, Sarah Reynolds, Will: Miller
Bond for above. All recorded 10 Aug 1703

page 48, Deed, 9 August 1703. Mr Robert Deputy and Eliz'a his wife of Middlesex Co., sell Mr Richard Kemp of same Co., 300 acres. Eliz'a Deputy, wife of Robt., being the daughter of Hugh Mead of Piscataway late deceased. The land being on N. side of Piscataway Creek, 100 acres whereof formerly sold by John Soaper of said Co., deceased, to Hugh Mead by deed dated 6 April 1667 and 200 acres granted to Mr John Grigory and the said Hugh Mead by patent dated 4 Oct. 1675 and joining the other 100 acres.
Signed Robert Deputy; Eliz'a x Deputy
Wm Mountague
Rice Jones
Francis x Salbury
Eliz'a Deputy relinq her dower rights.

Bond "Robert Deputy Chirurgeon of the County of Middlesex",
P of A, 9 Aug 1703. Robt Deputy "of the County of Middlesex Doctor" to
Niche Fowles to acknowledge above,
Rec. 10 Aug 1703

page 52, Deed. 10 April 1703. George Brooks and Sarah Brooks assign to Henry Smith 100 acres in Essex Co.
Signed George Brooke (sic)
Wit: Edward Adoock
Thomas Williamson
Following the entry and thus a part of it "(Memorandum the above deed is a deed from Hodges and ux'r to John Brooks acknowledged and recorded 1696. Private memo)".
Bond for above, Rec. 10 Aug 1703

page 55, Bond, 10 Aug 1703, L 500, Sterling, George Lloyd to keep an ordinary.
Signed George Loyd (sic), Tho x Gregson, Edward Gouldman
Wit: Salvator Muscoe; Richard Buckner
Rec, 10 Aug. 1703

page 55, Will of Tho, Munday of Sittenbourne Parish, Dated 1 August 1702, Probated 10 August 1703,
To eldest son Thos. Munday the new plantation adjoining branoh where John Graves' spring is, White Oak Swamp, etc.
To son John Munday land to East of son Tho, adjoining White Oak Swamp,
the Desert Swamp, etc.
To son Charles Munday balance of land to E of Desert Swamp to Saw pit branch.
To son Joseph Munday land "I now live upon".
To wife Sarah personal property.
To daughters Hannah, Frances, Mary and Martha.
Exors son Tho and wife Sarah.
"desire that my Loveing brother Francis Brown see that this my last will and Testament be justly and honestly performed".
Signed Tho x Munday
Edmund Pagett, Ephriam Pagett, Francis Pagett

page 59, Bond, 10 Aug 1703, L 50, Sterling. Arrabella Bird as admrx of Randall Bird dec'd.
Signed Arabella x Bird
Wit: Edward Gouldman, Francis Gouldman, Richard Buckner, James Boughan
Rec 10 Aug 1703

page 60, Indenture. 10 Aug 1703, Robert Brooke, John Taliaferro, Richard Covington and Daniell Dobins, Gent., Justices of Essex Co. on behalf of Thomas Evans orphan of John Evans late of Essex Co,, deceased, bind him to serve Robert Mills and Mary his wife as apprentice till 21, he being 15 years old the 6th January next.
Signed Robert x Mills, Thomas x Evans,
Wit: Salvator Musooe
page 61, Bond, 10 August 1703, L 1000 Sterling, Sarah and Thomas Munday exors of Tho, Munday dec'd.
Signed Sarah Munday, Thomas Munday, Geo Loyd, Tho x Thrashley
Wit: Richard Buckner
Rec, 10 Aug 1703

page 62. Bond. 11 August 1703. L 50 Sterling. Thos Dickinson to Capt Wm Tomlin in an action of Trespass and Ejectment, Dickinson appealing to the General Court.
Signed Thomas Dickinson, James Boughan
Wits Salvator Muscoe, R Buckner
Rec 10 Aug 1703 (sic)

page 63. Bond. 11 Aug 1703. 4000 lb tobo. John Waters guardian of Eliz'a Carter, orphan of Richard Carter deceased, for care of her estate.
Signed John Waters, Henry x Woodnot, John x Webb
Tho Stretton, Richd Buckner

page 64. Deed. 30 August 1703. Wm Williams, gent., of Sittenbourn Parish, sells Anthony Samuel, 200 acres. This land purchased by said Williams from John Barker 17 Dec 1694. Adjoins line of Col. Catlett, etc.
Signed William x Williams
Wits: William Vickery, Daniel x Mackgurt, Tho Ramsey
Bond witnessed by Tho Ramsey and Anthony Samuel Jr.
Rec. 10 Sept 1703

page 67. Deed. 7 Sept 1703. Jane Butler of Sittenbourne parish, widow, "only Daughter and heir apparent of Robt Gullock late of the same parish County and Collony Planter deced" sells Tho: Gregson of same parish, for 6000 lb tobo, 113 acres in same parish. Adjoins "the old road that leadeth from the said Jane Butlers now Dwelling house to Tandys mill", the line of John Cooke, line of Richard Mathews, etc. This land part of 460 acres granted 6 April 1671 to Edward Rouzee and James Gullock "(brother of the said Robert Gullock) both dec'ed", a moity conveyed 6 Nov 1672 by Edward Rowzee and Mary his wife to said Robert Gullook and the other moity theRecf descended to said Robert by decease of James, and the whole right belongs to Jane Butler the heir.
Signed Jane x Butler
Wit: Rob Brooke, John x Cooke, Salvator Muscoe
Bond on above deed.
Recorded 10 Sept 1703

page 73. Deed. 9 Sept 1703. Jane Butler, widow, (see foregoing entry) sells Robert Brooke of Sittenbourne parish, gent, for 3000 lb tobo,100 acres wherecn Wm Wakeland now lives, adjoining Landing of John Morris, Wasiananion Creek, line of John Cooke, the old road from Jane Butler's now dwelling to Tandy's mill, etc, etc., the land being part of 460 acres, etc
Signed Jane x Butler
Wit: Tho: Gregson, John x Cooke, Salvator Muscoe
Bond on above deed.
Rec. 10 Sept 1703

page 79. A long proclamation, dated 13 August 1703, for the speedy and due administration of justice, etc
Signed Fr Nicholson
Test Richard Buckner Cl Cur

page 81. Bond. 10 Sept 1703. L 100. Sterling. Jane Butler admrx of John Butler decd.
Signed Jane x Butler, Ro Brooke, Tho x Gregson
Wit: Richd Buckner

page 82. Deed. 6 Sept 1703, William Brown of Sittenbourne parish, planter, sells Charles Smith of St Marys parish, Essex Co., for 300 lb tobo, 1 square acre of land, at the head of Blackbournes Creek in Sittenbourne parish adjoining the mill house of said Charles.
Signed Wm x Brown
Wit: Arthur Bowers, Richard Buckner Rec. 10 Sept 1703

page 84. Deed. 7 Sept 1703. William Price of Sittenbourne parish, planter, sells Charles Smith of St. Marys parish, gent, for 500 lb tobo, 2 acres on Blackbournes Creek, which with the 1 acre in foregoing entry, includes or incompasses a mill house and dam of Smith's, Signed William Price
Wit: Arthur Bowers, Richard Buckner
Katherine Price wife of Wm Price relinq dower rights,
Rec. 10 Sept 1703

page 87. Inv of Est of Randall Bird decd submitted by Arabella Bird Admr. Totals 1180 lb tobo. Sworn before Fra: Gouldman, Signed by Robt Moseley and Robt Moss, Rec 10 Sept 1703

page 87, Inventory and appraizement of the Estate of Mr James Sargeant Dec'ed taken by us the subscribers the 26th Day of 9 ber 1702 in obediance to an order of Essex Court [Inventory omitted here]

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