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Fluvanna County
Sutherland Family


The Sutherland Family in America
By Katherine Scott Gottschalk
The name Southerland, or Sutherland, with the two ways of spelling appears among the early families in both the New England, and the southern states. No doubt they were related, but have since grown widely apart.

Among the settlers coming over before the Revolution was a family of Sutherlands, whose members settled in Virginia. One of that family was George Sutherland (1), born in Scotland in 1761. From old deeds, and gifts of land it seems that he had a brother Samuel (1), and their father was Saunders [Sanders, Sandy], Sutherland. George Sutherland died in 1847. By deed, dated January 2, 1783, Saunders Sutherland and Martha, his wife, Samuel, and George Sutherland's consent given, all of Fluvanna county, Virginia, convey land to James Crudsan. See deed book No. 1, p. 434, Fluvanna county, Va. The Martha mentioned would be the second wife of Saunders, and stepmother to George, and Samuel. She was the daughter of Samuel Davis of Fluvanna county, Va.
George Sutherland (1) settled first in Virginia. Shortly before the Revolution he moved to Carolina, enlisting from Caswell county, N. C., in the fall of 1775, serving as drummer boy for two years
under Captain Henry Dixon, Captain Tilman Dixon, and Colonel Clarke, in the First North Carolina Regiment. On October 5, 1780, he enlisted again, giving Albermarle county, Va., as his residence, under Samuel Eddins in the artillery and served until a short time before the battle of York, when he was furloughed on account of disability. George Sutherland (1) married, first, a widow named Jane Johnson Shores, September 15, 1791, in Fluvanna county, the Reverend William Baskett officiating; he married, second, Mary Hemdon, October 18, 1822, the Reverend Isaac Tuckadoo officiating. There were no children by the second marriage. The children of the first marriage were: 1. George F., 2. Elizabeth L. (Betsy), 3. Richard Lee, 4. Thomas.
Samuel Sutherland (1), brother of George Sutherland (1) married Judith Foster of Louisa county, Va., on April 3, 1783, in Fluvanna county. They lived in Louisa county and in Fluvanna.

George F. Sutherland (2) died young and probably unmarried. He was constable in Fluvanna county in 1814.
Elizabeth L. Sutherland, sometimes mentioned as Betsy Sutherland, married Madison Bibb, before 1835.
Richard Lee Sutherland (2) was born August 8, 1798, in Fluvanna county. He married, first, Sarah Ann , some time before 1821. I believe there were no children by this marriage. In 1826 he married Mary Jane Dickinson of Nelson county, Va. She was the daughter of Thurston James Dickinson and Mary Martin. After the birth of their oldest child they moved to Missouri, settling on a farm seven miles north of Farmington, in St. Francois county. Here they lived, raising a large family, owning slaves and prospering. Richard Lee Sutherland died in 1846, and his widow died in 1870 at the age of 70 years. They had the following children: 1. Frances Ann, married George Evans, and moved to Crawford county, Mo.; she was born in 1833, died in 1867 leaving children, Richard, William, Laura, and Lizzie.
2. Martha Adeline, born in 1842, married Mr. Clay; she is living and has children.
3. Mary M., married Clay, was born January 9, 1830, died December 6, 1899; a son, Judge J. E. Clay, lives in Farmington.
4. Thurston James, died young.
5. Eliza Lewis, married Revilo Nichols, and lived in St. Louis, having one daughter, Martha, who married Mr. Hall.
6. Richard Lee, Jr., married Cordelia , and left a daughter Ida, who married a Mr. Foster, and has two sons in St. Louis. 7. Maria Victoria, married Dr. H. D. Dickinson, a relative, and lived in West Virginia. 8. Mildred Dickinson Sutherland, born May 1, 1831, in St. Francois county, Mo., died in Rolla, Mo., May 7, 1864; she was the second wife of Judge A. Van Warmer, and left four children as follows: 1. Emma Jane, born in 1853, died in 1898, married H. W. Cox, and had two daughters, Katherine, and Lois; 2. Andrew, married Nancy Dixon of West Plains, Mo., daughter of Dr. J. C. B. Dixon and Katherine Welsh of Kentucky; and have three children. Mrs. Fred. C. Lauwin of New York city. Dixon Van Warmer of West Plains, and Mrs. Russell Cochrane .of Springfield, Mo.: 3. Joseph Lawrence, married Allie Paydon of West Plains, Mo., and has five children, Victor, Paydon, Allen, Louise and David;
4. Mary M., married Carmical and has one son, Andrew Lawrence.
Thomas Sutherland (2), son of George Sutherland (1), was born in 1804 in Virginia and died in 1846 in Chillicothe, Ohio. He married Sarah Jones, who was of Scotch-Welsh descent, her father a Jones, her mother a Miss North. They lived in Bedford county, Va. Thomas Sutherland and his wife did not believe in slavery, and this fact caused him to remove with his family to Ohio. His children were: 1. George, 2. Martha Jane, who is Mrs. Parks of South Charleston, Ohio; 3. Thomas, 4. Elizabeth, 5. William, 6. Martin, 7. Ripley, and 8. Abraham.

Thomas Sutherland (3), the third child of Thomas and Sarah (Jones) Sutherland, was born February 28, 1835, in Jackson, Ohio. With his father's family he removed to Chillicothe, Ohio, but on April 7, 1854, returned to Jackson and remained there until his death, March 16, 18%. He married N. Maria Pickerel, February 24, 1857, in Jackson, and the following children were born of this union: 1. Alice S., wife of the Honorable David Davis of Cincinnati, Ohio; 2. Gertrude, wife of Dr. John F. Morgan of Ft. Collins, Colo.; 3. Mame E., wife of A. L. Erwin of Jackson, Ohio: 4. Stella, wife of Prof. Frank N. Tuillan of Ypsilanti, Mich.
Thomas Sutherland (3) was a successful business man and banker in Jackson, Ohio, being one of the founders of the Iron Bank in 1873 and its president at the date of his death. There are no sons surviving; the name Sutherland for this branch of that family has died out.
The records of Fluvanna and Albermarle counties show other Sutherlands, possibly relatives of Saunders, George, and Thomas, but not sufficient data to trace the kinship accurately has been found. Of these, there appear, among others, the following:
Mr. Feudal L. Sutherland and Miss Mathilda Thomas, married December 29, 1827 in Fluvanna
Source: A JOURNAL OF AMERICAN ANCESTRY, Vol. 3, No. 2 New York, February, 1913 Whole No. 47

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