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County History

Gloucester was formed in 1651 in what was then known as the Virginia Colony.  It was named after Henry Stuart the Duke of Gloucester, and the son of King Charles l of Great Britain.  It borders the York River and the lower Chesapeake Bay.  Richmond, Virginia's capital, is about 75 miles to the west. 

Gloucester was the site of Werowocomoco, the capital of the Native American group known as the Powhatan Confederacy.  The recorded Native American history of Gloucester County, began soon after the settlement of Jamestown in 1607.  It also was once home to members of early First Families of Virginia and important colonial leaders of the American Revolutionary War. Thomas Jefferson composed some of his early work at Rosewell Plantation, for Virginia and Colonial Independence.  Rosewell Plantation overlooked the York River and was the home of his close friend John Page.  John Page was from one of the First Families of Virginia, and a famous patriot who served as the Governor of Virginia and also in the U.S. Congress.  When the war came to its conclusion at Yorktown, across from Gloucester Point, the county almost was an escape route for the British forces led by General Cornwallis. 

Gloucester County is rich in farmland.

An area of Gloucester county is called Guinea, which includes the unincorporated communities of Achilles, Bena, Severn, and Big Island, located near Gloucester Point.

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May 2014

5/9 Obits: James Polk Ash, Mrs. E.G. Brown, Mrs. Anne Gordon Byrd, Laticia Nelson Catlett, Thomas Jones Clopton, William H. Fletcher, Luther George, E.M. Healey, C.M. Hibble, Gerald Hopkins, Horace Wellford Jones, Colonel Richard Henry Lee, Robert McCandlish, Eliza Booth Mason, Judge Sanders, Mrs. Hairston Seawell, Miss Mollie Jackson Seawell, Courtney W. Selden, Mrs. G.S. Selden, Edith Sterling, J.M. Shack elford[sic] Welford?, John G. Williams

5/7 Obits: Mrs. Susan Roy Carter, E.H. Clopton, Thomas Dixon, Jr., Joel Allan Hayes Dobson, Robert T. Douglas, William L. Ennis, Joshua Gray (Bray?), Joshua Gray, Mrs. Eliza S.B. Gregory, infant of Mrs. Hogg, Dr. J.T. Jones, Goodson Miller, Mrs. W.O. Miller, Julian D. Mitchell, Mrs. Emily Page, Rebecca Lloyd Tabb Perrin, Mrs. Ann Robertson, John T. Sinclain, Mrs. E.W. Somerville, Thomas Taylor, George A. Tinsley, William H. Vaughan, Mather Wallis, Mike Washington, Edward T. Wellford

5/6 Obit: Mrs. Broadus, Mrs. Smith Brown, Lewis N. Chevrier, Will Clopton, Mrs. M.B. Coleman, Mrs. Emory Dabney, Arthur Prior Davies, James Duncan, Laura C.P. Duval, Mrs. Allen Fitzhugh, Mrs. Emma J. Kerns, Miss Helen Oothout, Richard Mann Page, Thomas B. Roane, Mrs. Elizabeth Parker Rose, Captain Benj. A. Rowe, H.H. Shackelford, Mrs. J.M. Shackelford, Dr. Phillip Taliaferro, J. Walter Wallis, Byrd Charles Willis

Apr 2014
4/30 Obit: Martha Lucille Allen, Mary Mann Berkeley, Joseph Bryan, Thomas Jefferson Hanley, David Kirkbride, Mrs. Henry Marshall, Molly Elliott Seawell, General Washington Seawell, General W.B. Taliaferro, John Willes, Mrs. Elizabeth Willis, Colonel Henry Willis

4/29 Obit: Benjamin P. Amory, James Thorn Bell, Anne Bickerton, Thomas G. Burke, George M. Cary, Richard Coke Jr., Samuel M. Cooke, Robert B. Cringan, Dr. Benj. F. Dabney, Charles H. Dimmock, Roger Eubank, William Lawson Fauntleroy, Anna M.D. Garrestson, Jane Hester, Mary Jane Magill, F.H. Montague, Mrs. Sally B.B. Nelson, Almire Newcomb, Mrs. Elizabeth Nicolson, Elizabeth Skaife, Marion A.M. Smith, Robert Carroll Stubblefield, Seth Ellis Stubblefield, Thomas Whiting

4/28 Death Records: Index and links to Obits
Obit: Major Thomas Buckner Armistead, Nathaniel Bacon, Ann M. Bridges, William H. Bridges, Mrs. Harriet Chapman, John Dixon, John B. Donovan, William L. Enos, Mrs. James C. Flemming, Mr. A.J. Ford, Lewis Harvey Gates,  Mr. L.H. Gates, Henry Gibbs, Henry Hibble, Joseph McClellan, Mrs. Hester A. Medicott, Thomas R. Moore, Captain James M. Nicolson, Mrs. C.T. Roane, Mrs. James R. Seawell,  Major Jefferson Sinclair, Harold Smith,  M.K. Smith, Joseph Stubbs, Martha Tabb, Mrs. Rebecca Tabb, William B. Taliaferro, Rev. J.M. Thomas, Miss Harry Ann Thurston, Morgan Treat, Mr. William C. Trevillian, Mr. Temple Vaughan, Mrs. Beverly R. Wellford, Mrs. Emmeline M. Wellford,  Mr. Churchill Wilson, William B. Browne, Lewis Burwell, Mrs. Mary Lewis Byrd, Betty Wilis Cary, John Catlett, Mrs. Seigniora P. Catlett, Ella St. Clair, Evelina D. Clopton, Evilina D. Clopton, R.C. Coleman, James Parker Corbin, Mrs. Mary L. Curtis, Charles C. Duval, Mrs. Mary Ellen Gordon, Mrs. Margaret Hall, William Harwood, Colonel Catesby Jones, Harriet Peyton Jones, Robert Brooke Jones, William A. Leavitt, George W. Lewis, Mrs. Margaret Munford, William Robens, Mrs. Jane Royster, Col. Thomas Smith, Mr. Thos. M. Stubblefield, John Tabb, Philip Edward Tabb, Edwin Taliaferro, Archibald Y. Taylor, Robert Taylor, Robert Coalter Tomlin, Daniel Triplett, Mary Ann Yates

Nov 2012
1890 Veteran's Census - Abingdon
1890 Veteran's Census - Warr District

Jun 2012
Smith - Sedden Marriage
Manning - Bland Marriage
Taliaferro -Marshall Marriage
Crump - Tabb Marriage
Manning - Bland Marriage

Jan 2012
Ralph Wormeley Biography
John Lightfoot Biography
William Carter Stubbs Biography
Lewis Burwell Biography
Luke Pryor Biography

Dec 2011
Colonel John B. Cary Biography
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