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1840 Census of Pensioners

Source: Census of Pensioners for Revolutionary or Military Services, Publ. 1841.

Transcribed by Linda Rodriguez

Name Location Age Head of Family who Pensioners resided Jun. 1, 1840 Notes
Alvis, Elizabeth   70 Elizabeth Alvis  
Banks, John   92 N. Banks  
Beadshaw, John   78 John Beadshaw  
Chandoin, S.   87 S. Chandoin  
Clark, Elizabeth   78 Elizabeth Clark widow of Turner Clark
Gray, James   77 James Gray  
Grinstead, William   80 John P. Wite  
Isbell, Benjamin   77 Z. Isbell  
Isbell, Henry   79 H. Isbell  
John Richards   86 John Richards  
Johnson, Elizabeth   83 Elizabeth Johnson  
Layne, A.   81 A. Layne  
Lowry, Thornton   78 Thornton Lowry  
Mallory, John   79 John Mallory  
Martin, John   88 John Martin  
Pace, Robert   77 Robert Pace  
Salmon, John   87 John Salmon  
Sanders, John   78 Samuel H. Sanders  
Shelton, Joseph   79 Joseph Shelton  
Smith, Nathaniel   77 Nathaniel Smith  
Toler, Richard   79 Richard Toler  
Watkinis, Joseph D.   85 Joseph D. Watkins  
Wite, Jesse   74 Jesse Wite  
Woodson, Jacob   79 Jacob Woodson  
Woodward, B.   82 B. Woodward  



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