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These are some of the updates made to this site over the years:

Apr. 2014:
obits - Adkins, Bellam, Bolling, Brett, Brookes, Brown, Bryce, Dabney, East, English, Eustace, Ferguson, Fleming, Fontaine, Gathright, Gray, Hagner, Harris, Harrison, Hobson, Hoawrd, Hunnicutt, Johnson, Kean, Key, Leake, Leath, Meriwether, Miller (3), Morris, Morson, Murray, Nicholas, Payne, Pearce, Pemberton, Pleasants (3), Plumer, Poore, Pope, Powers, Randolph, Redford, Respess, Richardson, Royster, Rutherford (2), Sampson, Samuel, Saunders (2), Sedden, Seldon, Shelton, Skipwith, Smith (2), Stanard, Taylor, Walker, Watkins (2), Webb, Wight, Wilt, Winfree, Woodson, Woodward (2)

Nov 2012
James Woodson Bates Biography
Edward Bates Biography (More Information)

Oct 2012
Mrs. Mary S. Kean Obituary

Jun 2012
Johnson _ George Marriage
Worsilow - Nuckles Marriage
Bryce - Pickett Marriage
Forune - Miller Marriage
Maydian - Deeds Marriage
Bryce - Pickett Marriage

May 2012
Frank X. Manteiro Obituary
Mrs. Fannie A. Mason Obituary

Jan 2012
Anthony Martin Branch Biography
Henry W. McDearmon Obituary
1866 Marriage Records



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