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1860 Mortality Schedule

Persons who died during the year ending 1st June 1860 in Highland Co., Virginia











Disease or Cause of Death

# days ill

Hester Armstrong 4 F       Virginia May   Worms 4
Infant (No Name) 1/12 F       Virginia December   Disease of the heart Sudden
Thomas Rimer? 71 M     M Virginia May Miller Pneumonia 2?
Infant No Name 1/12 F       Virginia April   Unknown 30
Infant No Name 2/12 M       Virginia January   Unknown 2 months
William H. Canel? 34 M     M Virginia October Farmer Disease of the heart 10 days
Hannah B. K---head? 38 F     M Virginia May Housekeeper Disese of bowels 8 days
Jacob Hanover? 36 M     M Virginia February Farmer Paralysic 9 days
Peter 9 M       Virginia May   Flux 15 days
Jackson --ver 33 M B S   Virginia December Farmer Consumption 7 months
Mahala Waggy 19 F       Virginia July House Attendant Pneumonia 14 days
William Sprowell 64 M       Virginia October Idiotic Jaundice 70? days
Infant (No Name) 3/12 m       Virginia July   Hives 4 days
Michael Doil 80 M     M Ireland May Farm Hand Pneumonia 5 days
Jordan 24 M B S   Virginia August Farm Hand Consumption 42 days
James Wilson 52 M     M Virginia June Blacksmith Consumption 5 years
Amos E. Campbell 27 M       Virginia April? Merchant Consumption 10 months
Thomas W. Campbell 3 M       Virginia July   Burnt to death by accident 6 days
Rachael Bowers 58 F       Virginia April Housekeeper Flux 48 days
Reuben May* 23 M     M Virginia April? Farmer Found dead on the road? Sudden
Stuart Clanderman 16 M       Virginia June? Blacksmith Flux 10 days
Justin McCarty 11 M       Virginia August   Flux 7 days
Infant (No Name) 10 days F       Virginia August   Flux 2 days
Infant (No Name) 10 days F       Virginia June?   Flux 2 days
Mary Robinson 64 F     M Virginia June House Keeper Chronic Rheumatism 4 years
Elizabeth Sharp 88 F     M Virginia December   Old Age 9 years
Mary F. Williams 74 F     W Ireland January   Pneumonia 4 days
George Hecklin 79 M     M Virginia September Farmer Dropsy 4 months
Sarah E. Marshal 4 F       Virginia September   Flux 3 weeks
Nancy J. Meadows 85 F     W Virginia April House Keeper Pneumonia 5 days
Infant (No Name) 1/12 F       Virginia January   Croup 4 days
Jesse Snellins? 55 M     M Virginia February Farmer Pneumonia 9 days
Rebecca A. Hicklin 42 F     M Virginia December House Keeper Consumption 12 months
Benjamin Vance 77 M     M Virginia March Farmer Pneumonia 5 days
Israel 60 M         April Farmhand Pneumonia ? days
*Ruben May was found dead on the road, whether thrown from his horse, or struck with apoplexy is unknown
Infant (No Name) 1/12 M B S   Virginia April   Hemorrhage of the bowels 1 day
Taylor 12 M B S     April   Dropsy 12 month
John 4 M B S     March   Disease of the brain 4 days
Infant No Name 1/12 F B S     October   Unknown Sudden
John P. Morton 27 M         July Farm hand Consumption 10 months
Alsina Bowers 17 F         November ----- Attendant Inflammation of the bowels 7 days
Infant No Name 2/12 F B S     July   Unknown Sudden
Laflus? Pullins 64 M     M   February Farmer Pneumonia 8 days
Theodore N. Pullins 1 M         May   Unknown 8 days
Jane 45 F B S     March   Pneumonia 4 weeks
Erveline C. Turnble? 6/12 F         June   Croup 45 hours

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