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Isle of Wight County
Orphan and Guardianship Records
from the Order Books


Isle of Wight Order Book 1755-1757

[abstracted records; not a complete list]
Source: "Magazine of Virginia Genealogy" a quarterly published by Virginia Historical Society, 1986

Transcribed for Genealogy Trails by Barb Ziegenmeyer

Thomas Lee, orphan of John, chose William Davis as guardian, p. 1. October 2, 1755
Francis Davis, orphan of Benjamin, chose William Wrenn as guardian, p. I. November 6, 1755
Richard and Benjamin Bell, orphans of Benjamin, are to be bound out. p. 8. January 1, 1756
Lewis Meacom, orphan of Lewis, is to be bound out. p. 23. January 2, 1756
Beck, a bastard mulatto girl, the child of Elizabeth Fulgham, is to be bound out. p. 30. February 5, 1756
Sarah Ward, orphan of Benjamin, is to be bound out. p. 34.
Robert Pyland, orphan of James, is to be bound out, p. 39. February 6, 1756
Richard Halcom, orphan of Simon Halcom, is to be bound out. p. 42. March 4, 1756
Joseph Copeland is appointed guardian to Copeland, William, and Joseph Whitfield, orphans of William, p. 55.
Ann Pyland, orphan of James, is to be bound out. p. 65. March 5, 1756
Christopher Dickinson, orphan of Jacob, chose Charles Fulgham as guardian, p. 72. June 3, 1756
Lidia Norsworthy, orphan of John, chose Joseph Chapman as guardian, p. 80.
James Bridger is appointed guardian to John Woodward, orphan of John. p. 81.
Ralph Frizzell, orphan of John, is to be bound out. p. 81. July 1, 1756
Ann Norsworthy, orphan of John, chose John Norsworthy as guardian, p. 112. August 5, 1756
Robert Pinhorn, orphan of John, is to be bound out, p. 125.
William Gay is appointed guardian to Thomas, William, Fereba, and John Gay, orphans of Thomas, p. 126.
James Fallsygh, orphan of Benjamin, is to be bound out. p. 126.
Guardian accounts for Lidia and Ann Norsworthy, orphans of John; pp. 126-127.
Rachel and Ann Chapman, orphans of Charles; pp. 126-127.
Jane and Sarah Summerell, orphans of John, by John Wills, their guardian; pp. 126-127.
Susannah Hardiman, orphan of Thomas, by Daniel Herring, her guardian; pp. 126-127.
Robert Driver, orphan of Robert, by Giles Driver, his guardian; pp. 126-127.
Robert, Unice, and Mathew Westray, orphans of Mathew; pp. 126-127.
Philarity Giles, orphan of Hugh; pp. 126-127.
Jethro Gay, orphan of Thomas; pp. 126-127.
Mary and Lewis Meacom, orphans of Lewis; pp. 126-127.
Richard Carrell, orphan of James; pp. 126-127.
Benjamin Westray, orphan of Mathew; pp. 126-127.
Herbert Haines, orphan of Edward, were recorded, pp. 126-127.
Guardian accounts for William Westray, orphan of Mathew, were recorded, p. 128.
Lazarus Ash, son of Rachel, is to be bound to Thomas Applewhaite, Jr., p. 131. September 2, 1756
Guardian accounts for John and Thomas Day, orphans of Thomas, by John Mallory, their guardian, were recorded, p. 142.
Mary Richards, orphan of Robert, chose Thomas Miller as guardian, p. 143. September 3, 1756
Thomas Miller is appointed guardian to Sarah and Ester Goodwin, orphans of Lemuel, and to Lidia Richards, orphan of Robert, p. 145. October 7, 1756
Guardian accounts for Samuel Simmons by Philip Moody, his guardian, were recorded, p. 153. December 2, 1756
Henry and Mary Baker, natural children of Mary Dickinson, deceased, are to be bound out. p. 161. February 3, 1757
William Piland, orphan of James, is to be bound out, p. 181. July 7, 1757
John Pitt is appointed guardian to Lidia and Edmund Pitt, orphans of John, p. 214. August 4, 1757
Richard Carrell, orphan of James, and Herbert Haynes, orphan of Christopher, are to be bound out, p. 218.

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