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John Garland Pollard.  The Pollard family of Virginia appears to have first settled at "Mount Zoar," in King and Queen county, Virginia, in the early part of the eighteenth century.  Members of this family intermarried with the Dandridges, Edwards and Spottswoods; and the family history includes many distinguished names in Virginia and elsewhere in the United States.  It has been said that King and Queen county, Virginia, contains many relics of old colonial days, but none so interesting as the old homesteads of the Claibornes, Braxtons, Dandridges, Edwards, Ayletts, Langbornes, Pollards and others, all of which have their own peculiar features and traditions of that time.  In those old mansions a former generation lived in lordly manner, and entertained those who came to their door with lavish hospitality.  Many of those old residences have decayed and disappeared, while others are in ruins, but here and there some few of those old buildings have been preserved with zealous care to the present time.  The glory of those old "Barons of the Pamunkey and of the Mattapony" has passed away, but their descendants of the twentieth century still cling to the fond tradition of that long ago, and are still noted for their geniality and personal integrity of character.
(I) Joseph Pollard, the earliest known ancestor, was born probably in King and Queen county, Virginia, in 1701, and died December 26, 1791, presumably in Goochland county, Virginia, aged nearly ninety-one years.  A great-grandson, John Pollard Sr., records that his own father, Joseph Pollard, son of William Pollard, sometime clerk of Hanover county, told him that Joseph Pollard moved from King and Queen county to Goochland county in 1754, when he was sixty-seven years of age.  According to the Pollard family records, made by John Pollard Sr., this Joseph Pollard married Priscilla Hoomes, of Caroline county, Virginia, who died July 26, 1795, aged "above 91" years.  They had nine children, seven girls and two boys, namely: 1. Sarah, born May 4, 1725, married, June 20, 1743, Judge Edmund Pendleton, first president of the Virginia supreme court of appeals, who died October 26, 1803, in his eighty-third year; she survived him and was living in 1814, then in her ninetieth year.  2. William, of whom further.  3. Anne, born February 22, 1732, married a Mr. Taylor, and had an only son, John Taylor, author, United States senator, and colonel in the revolutionary war; she was living in 1814 in her eighty-third year.  4. Elizabeth, born October, 1736, married a Mr. Merriwether, had issue, and was living in 1814 in her seventy-sixth year.  5. A daughter, who married a Mr. Watkins, but had no issue.  6. Thomas, born September 30, 1741, resided in Kentucky, and was "nearly 73" in 1814, when he visited Virginia, and this record was made.  7. Jane, born May 26, 1744, married (first) Mr. Dandridge, (second) Thomas Underwood, and was living "in her 71st year" in Hanover county, Virginia.  8. Milly (Priscilla), born May 12, 1747, married Colonel Edmund Pendleton, a nephew of Judge Edmund Pendleton, and in 1814 was "in her 68th year," and "now lives within two miles of her sisters."  9. "Another" (daughter), married a Mr. Rogers, of Spottsylvania county, Virginia, and left issue, two children, a daughter and a son, the latter, Thomas Rogers, being sometime a clerk under Thomas and William Pollard.  The daughter married an Underwood, and was the mother of Joseph Underwood, United States senator from Kentucky, and ancestor of Oscar Underwood, now United States senator from Alabama.  As Milly or Priscilla Pollard was reported to be the youngest of the children, this last mentioned daughter is supposed to have been born about 1734 or earlier.
(II) William Pollard, son of Joseph and Priscilla (Hoomes) Pollard, was born in 1730 (?), probably in Goochland county, Virginia, and settled in Hanover county, Virginia, where he was clerk.  Johnston's "Memorials of Old Virginia Clerks," says: "William Pollard was clerk of Hanover from 1740 to 1781, and William Pollard Jr. (who married the widow of Lyme Shackelford) was clerk from 1781 to 1829."  He married a Miss Anderson, of Hanover, and had ten children, five sons and five daughters.
(III) Joseph (2) Pollard, the greatgrandfather of John Garland Pollard, was the son of William and _____________ (Anderson) Pollard, and was born in Hanover county, Virginia.  He was a soldier in the revolutionary war; in an alphabetical "List of Revolutionary Soldiers of Virginia" there are two Joseph Pollards mentioned, viz: Joseph Pollard, of King and Queen county, Virginia, whose name appears in a "Report from the Secretary of War in relation to the Pension Establishment of the United States," Volume II, Washington, 1835; and Joseph Pollard, in Saffel's "Records of the Revolutionary War," 272, published 1858, in New York; however, it is possible that these may both refer to the same person.  Joseph Pollard married Catherine Robinson, daughter of John Robinson, of Hanover county, Virginia, who was the son of the Robinson, who was speaker of the house of burgesses; and he the son of John Robinson, president of the council, and a son of Christopher Robinson, who came from England, and settled in Middlesex county, Virginia, in 1664; and the last mentioned a brother of John Robinson, bishop of London, who was a plenipotentiary at the Congress of Utrecht.  Issue of Joseph and Catherine (Robinson) Pollard, four sons: Edmund, William, John, of whom further, Joseph.
(IV) John Pollard, son of Joseph (2) and Catherine (Robinson) Pollard, was born July 14, 1803, in Goochland county, Virginia.  He was a lawyer, a man of integrity and industry, who filled some of the most important offices in his county; he was a Whig before the civil war, and a Democrat thereafter; but on account of advanced age did not take part in that struggle.  He died September 13, 1877, in King and Queen county, Virginia.  He married Juliet Jeffries, daughter of Thomas Jeffries, a successful merchant of King and Queen county, Virginia, and the sister of Judge James Jeffries, of the same county.  Children of John and Juliet (Jeffries) Pollard: 1. John, of whom further.  2. James, a lawyer of Baltimore, Maryland.  3. Henry R., city attorney of Richmond, Virginia.  4. Robert N., a lawyer in King and Queen county, Virginia.  5. Mary Elizabeth, married Philip T. Woodward, clerk of Middlesex county, Virginia.  6. Sue, married R. H. Woodward.  7. Sarah, married the Rev. Alfred Bagby, D. D.
(V) Rev. John (2) Pollard, son of John (1) and Juliet (Jeffries) Pollard, was born November 17, 1839, in King and Queen county, Virginia, and died July 14, 1911, at the home of his son, John Garland Pollard, at Ginter Park, Henrico county, Virginia.  He was educated in the local schools of his native county and at the Columbian University of Washington, D. C., from which he graduated as A. B. in 1860, and A. M. in 1861, also as D. D. in 1877.  He was tutor in 1860-61, and later a minister of the Baptist church; pastor in Baltimore, Maryland, from 1870 to 1880, and president of the Maryland Union Association from 1874-76; pastor in Richmond, Virginia, from 1880-1886, and president of the State Mission Board from 1882-84; vice-president of the National Temperance Society; and was professor of English language and literature from 1886-1901; also was a member of the Modern Language Association, the American Historical Association, and of the American Philologian Association.
He married Virginia Bagby, daughter of John Bagby, a merchant, on the 10th day of July, 1861, in King and Queen county, Virginia, and had nine children, namely: 1. Mary E., born August 22, 1862, married G. Harvey Clarke, of Richmond, Virginia.  2. Edward Bagby, born October 9, 1864; minister, author and scholar, also A. M., Ph. D., and D. D., is professor at the Crozer Theological Seminary at Chester, Pennsylvania.  3. Juliet, born September 22, 1866, married J. W. Wills, of Atlanta, Georgia.  4. Bessie G., born November 30, 1868, married Millard E. Cox, of Louisville, Kentucky.  5. John Garland, of whom further.  6. Annie Maude, born November 17, 1874, married Robert Lee Turman, of Atlanta. Georgia.  7. Lalla Rookh, born May 28, 1879, married O. P. Smoot, of Bowling Green, Virginia.  8. Susie Virginia, born May 23, 1882, died August 25, 1906, unmarried.  9. Grace Nelson, born October 28, 1883, married Rev. Robert H. McCaslin. D. D., of Montgomery, Alabama.
(VI) John Garland Pollard, son of Rev. John (2) and Virginia (Bagby) Pollard, was born August 4, 1871, in King and Queen county, Virginia.  He was educated in the local schools, at the Richmond (Virginia) College, and at the Columbian University of Washington, D. C, from which last named institution he graduated in 1893 with the LL. B. degree.  He began the practice of law in the same year at Richmond, Virginia, and has continued actively in the profession since that time.
In politics Mr. Pollard is a Democrat, and has long been identified in local and state political affairs.  He was a member of the Virginia State Constitutional Convention in 1901-02, in which he was a representative from Richmond; was presidential elector on the Democratic ticket in 1904, and served as chairman of the Virginia Commission of Uniform State Laws.  He was editor of the Annotated Code of Virginia in 1904, and editor of the "Law Register" from 1904 to 1906.  He has also been mayor of Ginter Park, a suburb of Richmond.  In 1913 he was elected attorney-general of the state of Virginia.
Mr. Pollard was sometime president of the Capitol Savings Bank of Richmond, and director of the Bank of Commerce and Trusts, also of the National Bank of Virginia.  In 1913 he was director of the Old Dominion Trust Company, of the Central National Bank, and of the Schmelz Brothers, Bankers, Incorporated, at Richmond, Virginia.  He is a member of the Beta Theta Pi and the Phi Beta Kappa, Greek letter college fraternities; member of the local Blue Lodge, Ancient Free and Accepted Masons; of the Independent Order of Odd Fellows and of the Royal Arcanum.  In religion he attends the Baptist church at Richmond, Virginia.
He married Grace Phillips, the 10th day of August, 1898, at Portsmouth, Virginia.  She was born May 5, 1873, in Elizabeth City county, Virginia, and was the daughter of Captain Charles T. Phillips, clerk of the courts at Portsmouth, Virginia.  Issue of John Garland and Grace (Phillips) Pollard: Garland, born November 15, 1901, in Richmond, Virginia; Charles Phillips, born November 15, 1903, in the same city; Susie Virginia, born August 30, 1906, in Richmond, Virginia.
(Source: Encyclopedia of Virginia Biographies - Vol. IV. Transcriber: Chris Davis)


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