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World War 2 
Honor List of Dead and Missing
Army and Air Force


Source: War Department records, stored at NARA;
Submitted by L. Rodriguez

Meaning of the Abbreviations

KIA--killed in action
DOW--died of wounds
DNB--died non-battle
FOD-finding of death
DOI--died of injuries

Name Serial No Rank Status
Balderson, Clarence B. 33519624 PVT KIA
Betts, Harrison E. 33282265 TEC5 DNB
Chamberlayne, Graham 33521007 PVT DNB
Coates, James H. 33519636 PVT KIA
Corbin, Ellis N. 32636646 TEC5 DNB
Ferrizzi, Samuel A. 13126284 S SG KIA
George, Thomas T. 33225195 SGT KIA
Haywood, Ernest L. Sr. 33857631 PFC DOW
Kellum, Elwood H. 33360627 PVT DOW
Lombardi, Dante A. 33334098 PVT KIA
Luckham, Calvin E. 33043003 PFC KIA
Nottingham, James 33094000 S SG DNB
Palmer, Paul C. Jr. 0-432640 1 LT DNB
Peirce, C. T. Jr. 33638062 SGT KIA
Purcell, Garland T. 33228007 S SG KIA
Ransone, Marvin L. 13085109 TEC5 DNB


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