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1840 Census of Pensioners

Source: Census of Pensioners for Revolutionary or Military Services, Publ. 1841.
Transcribed by L. Rodriguez





Head of Family who Pensioners resided Jun. 1, 1840

Atwell, Charles B.   75 Hugh Smith
Brown, Issachar   80 Issachar Brown
Butler, Sarah 1st City District 78 George Marlow
Copeland, Sarah   72 Sarah Copeland
Dailey, Jesse 1st City District 79 Jesse Dailey
Furr, Enoch   95 Enoch Furr
Gilbert, Joseph 1st City District 92 Joseph Gilbert
Harvin, Edward   85 Edward Harvin
Hogland, James   81 John Hogland
Long, Jacob 1st City District 88 Jacob Long
Magdalena, Mary 1st City District 73 Samuel Dan
McPherson, Mary E. 1st City District 40 John S. Edwards
Newton, William 1st City District 52 Judth Newton
Quick, Elizabeth 1st City District 78 Elizabeth Quick
Richardson, John H. 1st City District 83 John Wor
Russell, John   92 John Russell
Stonsonberger, Margaret M. 1st City District 78 Margaret M. Stonsonberger
West, Hannah   68 John Onison
Widington, Benjamin 1st City District 76 Benjamin Widington


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