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Land Patents
Book 15


(Source: Magazine of Virginia Geneatogy . Published by the Virginia Historical Society. Contriubted by Barb. Z.)
The following abbreviations are used in this series:

a: acres
g: granted
ptd: patented
afsd: aforesaid
g. by p.: granted by patent
par: parish
bet: between
L: land

R: river
Br: branch
N: north
Rd: road
c: corner
NL: new land
S: south

Co: county
OL: old land
sd: said
cr: creek
p: patent; page
Sw: swamp
E: east
W: west
Manuscript paging is given in parentheses within the patent abstracts, indicating the point where a patent is continued to another page.

HENRY APPLEWHITE JUNR. of Isle of Wight Co.. 210a. NL. upper Par., of Nansemond Co.; N. side Nottoway R.; Richard Williams's L.; mouth of Farham's Br.; John Williams's line; (p. 94). 20 Jun. 1733.

JOHN BARFIELD. 400a. NL. upper Par.. Nansemond Co. (p. 85) S.E. side Sumerton Sw.; Adams L.; the tract being surplus L. found within bounds of a p. to John Barfield father to the afsd. John Barfield for 450a dated 8 Oct. 1672. 20 Jun. 1733.

SARAH BIRD. 203a. Nansemond Co., c. of Edmund Bird & John Rail's L.; L. of the sd. Ralls & Moses Homes; sd. Homes & James Harrclsc.; William Birds c; Burnt House Br. (p.422). 27 Jan. 1734/5.

ELY BRINKELY. 179a, NL, upper Par.. Nansemond Co.. both sides of the mouth of Cyprus Sw.; edge of the main Sw. (p. 50); edge of Robert Lassitors cornfield. 20 Jun. 1733.

MICHAEL BRINKLEY. 354a. NL. Upper Par. of Nansemond Co., a line of Joshua Spivies L. (p.285) to Humphrey Griffins L.; S. side of Mossey Sw. to John Brinklcys L. 21 Aug 1734.

RICHD. BROTHERS. 214a. Marsh L.. upper Par.. Nansemond Co..called Pitts's Marsh at or near Oropeak; John Brinkley's line; Pott Quarter Br.; Colo. Lear's L.; William Redding'sc. 20 Jun. 1733.

ROBERT BRYANT. JUNIOR. 4I2a NL. Upper Par. Nansemond Co. on S. side of Blackwater R. Begins at a c. in the co. line at Robert Bryant. Senior his L.; S. side of Cypress Swamp; the main rd.; Robert Carrs line (p.354) to Robert Bryant's c. 3 Oct. 1734.

JACOB DARDEN of Isle of Wight Co.. 247a. NL. upper Par. Nansemond Co.. SW. side blackwater R ; Thomas Bracyes L.; Stephen Darden's c; Cedar Sw.; nigh Bracy's c. 20 Jun. 1733.

SIMON EVERETT. JUNIOR. 189a. NL. Upper Par. of Nansemond Co.. S. side Nottoway K.: c. in the county line in David's Br. 6 Apr. 1734.

WILLIAM FRYER. 236a. NL. upper Par.. Nansemond Co.: Richard Parker's L.; Gaulberry Pocoson; Edward Roberts L.; sd. William Fryer's c; Joseph Horton's c. 20 Jun. 1733.

HENRY HOLLAND, 230a, NL, upper Par., Nansemond Co.; c. tree of John Holland Senr.; land of John Winburn junr.; Anne Ballards line. 20 Jun. 1733.

JOSEPH HORTON. 338a. NL (p. 69). upper Par. Nansemond Co.; Long br.; line of Andrew Ross;c. tree of Samuel Smiths!?]; head of BennetsCr.;c. of John Knight; Richard Parker's c. 20 Jun. 1733.

GEORGE KEEN. 147a. NL. upper Par.. Nansemond Co.; William Rail's c; head of Milner's Br.: Thomas Jones's c; (p. 92). 20 Jun. 1733.

EDWARD NORFLEET. 319a. NL (p. 80) in upper Par.. Nansemond Co.. W. side of the Island Gutt & N. side of the S. branch of Nansemond R.; John Norfleets line; William Sumner's c.; Sumner & John Porter; head of Eares's[?] Cr.; 92a part of sd. tract being Surplus L. found within bounds of a p. g. Thomas Norfleet for 300a on 13 Sept. 1668. the rest never ptd. 20 Jun. 1733.

DAVID OSHEAL & JOHN BEAMAN, 399a, Swamp L. upper Par., Nansemond Co., S. side Nansemond R. & the main Rd; c. of the sd. Osheal's & John Keatons L.; Osheal's own L.; (p. 70) Francis Sheete's L.; Thomas Dukes c; L. of William Peirce. 20 Jun. 1733.

RICHARD PARKER of the Province of North Carolina. 371a. NL, upper Par. Nansemond Co.; his own L.; a Pine in the Co. line; the land of John Knight (p. 68). 20 Jun. 1733.

JOSEPH PERRY. 191a. NL (p. 95) low Poquoson L. in upper Par.. Nansemond Co.; William Wallace his L.; bounding on Henry Gwin; Nathan Newby's line; bounding on sd. Newby & John Dcnby. 20 Jun. 1733.

JOHN PORTER JUNR., 185a, NL (p. 63) in upper Par. of Nansemond Co.; John Ballards line near the head of the graves[?l Sw.; Robert Yeats line; John Winbomes line; John Ballards line. 20 Jun. 1733.

JOHN PORTER. JUNIOR. 225a. OL.NL, Upper Par. of Nansemond Co.. on the S. side of Sumerton Sw.; the Grave Sw. to the mouth of Cole Harbor Sw.; crossing Sumerton main Rd. to a c. bet. the sd. Porter and William Moor; part of a p. g. to William Moor for 800a dated 22 Apr 1670 and since conveyed unto the sd. John Porter for 100a which by a survey lately made is found to contain the afsd. quanity of 225a. (p.294) 21 Aug 1734.

JOHN RALLS. JUNIOR. 278a. NL. Upper Par. of Nansemond Co.; at Henry Bakers L. & ac. of Thomas Jernagans L. on the N. side of Nuckles Sw. & on the side of the main rd.; Edmund Byrd's L.; S. side of theHazel Br.; c. of Moses Hornes's L. (p.275); Edward Homes L. 21 Aug 1734.

JOHN ROGERS. 151a. NL. in upper Par.. Nansemond Co.. on N. side of the beach Sw.; L. of Charles Russel; John Bairficld's p.; L. of Daniel Rogers; the co. line. 20 Jun. 1733.

JOSEPH ROGERS. JUNIOR. 234 a. NL. Upper Par. of Nansemond Co.. on the N. side of the Cabbin Sw.; a c. of Doctor Henry Jenkins Deed. & Joseph Rogers. Seniors L.: James Watson's line; William Gatkins line; a path called Scotland Rd. 21 Aug 1734.

JAMES WATSON. 303a. NL. Upper Par. of Nansemond Co.. at c. of Joseph Rogers. Junior runs to the sd. Watson's c; William Speight's line; John Watson's line. 21 Aug 1734.

JOHN WATSON, 428a. NL, Upper Par. of Nansemond Co.. S. side of bark Sw.; William Bultock's line on the S. side of bark Sw. (p.257) 1 Aug 1734.

JOHN WATSON. 309a. NL. Upper Par. of Nansemond Co.. at William Bultocks c. to the head of a small br. being a pan of the half moon br.; Christopher Jacksons L. to Howell's c; William Bakers line; Henry Jornagans line to William Bultocks line. (p.270> I Aug 1734.

THOMAS WOODLEY. 116a. Nansemond Co.. on SW side of Black Water R.; a c. in his own L. by the R.; mouth of Cedar Sw. (p.424). 27 Jan. 1734/5.

WILLIAM WRIGHT. JUNIOR, and EDWARD WRIGHT. 130a. Nansemond Co.. upper par., on the S. side of Nansemond R.;S. side of (he mainrd. in the main sw; at Major David Oshcal's L.; (p.521) Major David Osheals & Richard Woodward's c. 20 May 1735.


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