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Land Patents
Book 15


(Source: Magazine of Virginia Geneatogy . Published by the Virginia Historical Society. Contriubted by Barb. Z.)
The following abbreviations are used in this series:

a: acres
g: granted
ptd: patented
afsd: aforesaid
g. by p.: granted by patent
par: parish
bet: between
L: land

R: river
Br: branch
N: north
Rd: road
c: corner
NL: new land
S: south

Co: county
OL: old land
sd: said
cr: creek
p: patent; page
Sw: swamp
E: east
W: west
Manuscript paging is given in parentheses within the patent abstracts, indicating the point where a patent is continued to another page.

EBENEZER ADAMS of New Kent Co. Gent. (p. 112) 1.150a. OL, in Goochland Co.. N. side James R.. both sides of the main Byrd. originally g. 27 Sep. 1729 in three tracts of 400a. 400a. & 350a. 17 Aug. 1733.

RICHARD MEUX, 700a, OL, NL, New Kent Co., an island called West's Island (p.291) bet. Littlepage's & the Saitors Thorowfarc & Pamunkey R.; the tower end of Littlepage's Thorowfare; to the mouth of the Pamunkey R. at Rockahock Bay; opposite to the Indian Town; opposite Mr. Jennings his house: mouth of the Indian Thorowfare a little betow Craighit l's Quarter; opposite Mr. Claibum's house. 200a was formerly g. to John Meux Deed, father of the sd. Richard Meux by p. dated 12Aug 1713 and the residue never before p. 21 Aug 1734.

WILLIAM MORRIS of New Kent Co.. Gent. 400a. HanoverCo.. adjoining the L. of John Henry on the head of Roundahoul Cr.; near the sd. co. line (p.514). 20 May 1735.

WILLIAM TOWNS of New Kent Co.. 1.019a. NL. inN. fork of Buckskin Cr of Wests Cr. in Pr. George Co.; S. fork of Buckskin Cr. on the Beaver Pond; Thomas Jones line. 12 Sep. 1733.


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