Page County, Virginia

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Cemetery Name



Antioch Cemetery 383827N 0782641W  
Beahms Chapel Cemetery 384024N 0782429W  
Bundy Cemetery Unknown Unknown  
Comer Cemetery 383130N 0783452W  
Dougans Cemetery Unknown Unknown  
Evergreen Cemetery 383952N 0782630W  
Gray Hollow Cemetery 383201N 0782917W  
Green Hill Cemetery
aka Luray Cemetery
383953N 0782718W  
Grove Hill Cemetery 383145N 0783646W  
Jeffries Cemetery Unknown Unknown  
Koontz Cemetery 382734N 0783459W  
Leaks Chapel Cemetery 383438N 0783247W  
Longs Cemetery 383719N 0783346W  
Marshall Cemetery 383623N 0782700W  
Mason Cemetery Unknown Unknown  
Mount Calvary Cemetery 383747N 0782525W  
Mount Carmel Baptist Church Cemetery 383647N 0782718W  
Old County Cemetery 383957N 0782806W 500 W. Main St. Luray, VA
Rileyville Cemetery 384558N 0782309W  
Rinaca Cemetery 383014N 0783831W  
Saint Georges Cemetery 383208N 0782844W  
Saint Luke Cemetery 383543N 0783322W  
Saint Pauls Cemetery 383304N 0783626W  
Samuels Cemetery 382734N 0783043W  
Strole Cemetery



6 miles north of Shenandoah, VA on the east bank of the Shenandoah River across from Newport

Tanners Ridge Cemetery 383048N 0782657W  
Unknown Cemetery



Located about two miles east of Rileyville


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