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1840 Census of Pensioners

Source: Census of Pensioners for Revolutionary or Military Services, Publ. 1841
Transcribed by L. Rodriguez




Head of Family who
Pensioners resided Jun. 1, 1840


Anderson, Jacob Southern District 90 Jacob Anderson, Jun.  
Dickenson, Griffeth   84 Griffeth Dickenson  
Dickson, William Southern District 85 William Dickson  
Dove, William Sen.   82 William Dove Sen.  
Fitz, Robert W. Southern District 83 Tandy W. Fitz  
Ford, Elisha Southern District 79 Elisha Ford  
Hopkins, James   75 James Hopkins  
Hubbard, Joseph   78 Joseph Hubbard  
Hundley, Joseph   95 John Parker  
Jones, Elisha   82 Alexander Jones  
Lipford, Anthony P.   85 Anthony P. Lipford  
Lumpkin, Moore   78 Moore Lumpkin  
Martin, John D. Southern District 45 John D. Martin  
Miller, Ann   73 Samuel J. Miller died Jul. 28, 1840
Nance, William M. Southern District 82 William M. Nance  
Neal, John   79 John Neal  
Norvell, Henry H.   82 George Dove  
Pruitt, Zachariah Southern District 83 Zachariah Pruit  
Roach, James   78 James Roach  
Robertson, John   78 John Robertson  
Thomas, James   81 James Thomas  
Thompson, Jennings Southern District 78 `Jennings Thompson  
Wall, Peter Southern District 87 Peter Wall  


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