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World War 2
Honor List of Dead and Missing Army and
Air Forces Personnel from: Virginia, 1946


Source: U.S. National Archives and Records Administration


Serial Number


Status of Casualty

Adkins, Andrew W. 33221795 PFC KIA
Bethel, John C. 33852712 PVT DOW
Carr, Robert L. 33049447 PVT DOW
Cook, Walter C. 33628474 TEC5 KIA
Creed, Elliott G. 33221802 PVT DNB
Edwards, Oscar S. 6852969 CPL DNB
Engleburt, John J. 33541228 PVT KIA
Flippen, William T., Jr. 13106108 SSG KIA
Gunn, John W. 33886204 PFC DOW
Harris, Paul C. 33040481 SGT DNB
Hart, Percy J. 33217553 PFC KIA
King, Roy 33536910 PVT DOW
Lamb, Clarence D. 33857985 PVT KIA
Long, William J. 6835568 SGT KIA
Myers, James H. 33652590 SGT KIA
Moss, George S. 33719171 SGT DNB
Reed, Clem 33655017 PFC KIA
Spessard, David B. 1327898 2LT KIA
Turner, Harvey J. 33652317 PVT DNB
Stovall, William B. 33445201 PFC KIA

Code Meaning
KIA Killed in Action
DOW Died of Wounds
DOI Died of Injuries
DNB Died non Battle
FOD Finding of Death under Public Law 490
M Missing persons

Abbr. Meaning Abbr. Meaning
GEN General (4 star) LTG Lieutenant General (3 star)
MG Major General (2 star) BG Brigadier General (1 star)
COL Colonel LTC Lieutenant Colonel
MAJ Major CAPT Captain
1LT First Lieutenant 2LT Second Lieutenant
CWO Chief Warrant Officer WOJG Warrant Officer Junior Grade
FLO Flight Officer AVC Aviation Cadet
MSG Master Sergeant 1SG First Sergeant
TSG Technical Sergeant SSG Staff Sergeant
TEC3 Technician Third Grade SGT Sergeant
TEC4 Technician Fourth Grade CPL Corporal
TEC5 Technician Fifth Grade PFC Private First Class
PVT Private ----- -----

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