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Land Patents
Book 15


(Source: Magazine of Virginia Geneatogy . Published by the Virginia Historical Society. Contriubted by Barb. Z.)
The following abbreviations are used in this series:

a: acres
g: granted
ptd: patented
afsd: aforesaid
g. by p.: granted by patent
par: parish
bet: between
L: land

R: river
Br: branch
N: north
Rd: road
c: corner
NL: new land
S: south

Co: county
OL: old land
sd: said
cr: creek
p: patent; page
Sw: swamp
E: east
W: west
Manuscript paging is given in parentheses within the patent abstracts, indicating the point where a patent is continued to another page.

JOHN FENTRIS. 13a. NL. Princess Anne Co.. in the N. woods; John Smiths c. in Thomas Purdy's line; c. on Reedy Br. 27 Sep 1734.(p.296)

HENRY HOLMES, JOHN JEMASON, & EDWARD HACK MOSELEY. 250a, NL [?] , an Island of Marshland in Princess Ann Co. in Corotuck Bay near the Ragged Islands. 1 Nov. 1733.

CHARLES HOWARDS. 130a. NL. Princess Anne Co.. Sw. L. in theN. woods; on the Cypress Br.; John Whilehurst c.; c on the Horse Bridge run; John Fcntns's line 27 Sep 1734.

CHARLES KELLY. 153a. NL. Princess Anne Co.. two islands of marsh L. on Muddy Cr. Bay & called Cape Porposs Marshes; a small cr. thai parts the island on the weslmost side from Canons Marshes; the eastermosi island called Cape Porposs is bounded by theBay and Peters Cooe. 27 Sep 1734.

JOHN MATHIAS. 46a. Princess Anne Co.. on eastern br. of Elizabeth R.: near Murroughis c.; along Stooke's line; Edmands's line (p.490). 13 May 1735.

JOHN SMITH. 62a. Sw.L.. Princess Anne Co.. adjoining his own L.; begins at Thomas Purdy's line. 5 May 1734. (p.211)

HENRY SNAIL. 200a. OL. NL. Princess Anne Co.. on the head of Lynhaven R. Woods; John Whithurst's L.;c. of Batson Whithurst's L.. 150a being sw. L. & never before p. 27 Sep 1734.


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