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World War 2
Honor List of Army and Air Force Casualties


Source: War Department Records, held at U.S. National Archives and Records Administration

Submitted to Genealogy Trails by Sandra Davis

Abbr. Meaning Abbr. Meaning
GEN General (4 star) LTG Lieutenant General (3 star)
MG Major General (2 star) BG Brigadier General (1 star)
COL Colonel LTC Lieutenant Colonel
MAJ Major CAPT Captain
1LT First Lieutenant 2LT Second Lieutenant
CWO Chief Warrant Officer WOJG Warrant Officer, Junior Grade
FLO Flight Officer AVC Aviation Cadet
MSG Master Sergeant 1SG First Sergeant
TSG Technical Sergeant SSG Staff Sergeant
TEC3 Technician Third Grade SGT Sergeant
TEC4 Technician Fourth Grade CPL Corporal
TEC5 Technician Fifth Grade PFC Private First Class
PVT Private ----- -----

Casualty Key

Code Meaning
KIA Killed in Action
DOW Died of Wounds
DOI Died of Injuries
DNB Died non Battle
FOD Finding of Death under Public Law 490
M Missing persons

Army and Air Force Casualties


Serial Number


Status of Casualty

Atkins, Laney C. 33635760 PFC DNB
Campbell, W. C. Jr. 13185217 PVT KIA
Cary, Francis H. 33043141 PFC KIA
Elmore, Frank S. 35438246 TSG KIA
Fanning, Glen B. 33658568 PVT KIA
Foster, Luther D. 33886201 PFC DNB
Latham, Francis W. 33640017 PFC DOW
Miller, Fred L. 6887145 PVT KIA
Schaefer, Frank C. 33042766 PFC KIA
Tilson, David L. 33659727 PVT KIA
Wharton, Johnnie W. 33211933 PFC KIA
Williams, Donald H. 6837921 SSG DNB
Wince, Woodrow W. 13075332 PVT DNB
Wood, John D. 0-021387 CAPT KIA

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