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Many thanks to Linda Rodriguez for all her hard work on this site.

Hello and welcome to the Genealogy Trails website for Rockbridge County, Virginia. We believe all data should be without cost, and our goal at Genealogy Trails is to help you track your ancestors through time by transcribing genealogical and historical data and placing it online for the free use of all researchers.

This is a continuation of our original, and highly successful, Genealogy Trails Illinois History and Genealogy Project and we are excited about this opportunity to expand into other states. We welcome your feedback and comments, and of course, your data contributions.

We're looking for folks who share our dedication to putting data online and are interested in helping this project be as successful as our Illinois websites are. If you think you might be interested in joining our group, view our Volunteer Page for further information.

You are welcome to browse the information on these pages and at the many links provided to garner the data needed to continue your research into your family history. However, Please remember that this information, in many cases, represents years of painstaking research on the part of myself, or the many generous volunteers who have donated their information to this site. You can show your respect for these efforts by not taking things to use on other websites and/or to claim as your own. I thank you in advance for your consideration.

County History
National Protected Areas: Blue Ridge Parkway - Jefferson National Forest - George Washington National Forest

Towns: Brownsburg - Glasgow - Goshen - Raphine

Surrounding Counties

Alleghany - Amherst - Augusta - Bath - Bedford - Botetourt - Nelson

I regret that I am unable to do personal research.
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County Updates
June 2013
Bios: Jordan
Obits: Posey, Via
Marriage Annoucements: Aberd, Alexander, Alisson, Allen, Anderson, Armstrong, Asher, Baily, Beard, Beaty, Beckal, Bell, Benson, Berry, Bogges, Bowles, Boyd, Bright, Brown, Brownlee, Buchanan, Burgess, Burt, Caldwell, Calk, Campbell, Carder, Carson, Caskell, Chambers, Clarke, Cloyd, Cole, Consolvin, Coots, Corby, Coulter, Coursy, Cowen, Crosby, Cross, Culton, Cunningham, Curry, Custer, Dale, Denton, Dickson, Dooly, Donahow, Downey, Dunlap, Eakin, Edmiston, Edmunson, Edwards, Elliot, Elliott, Enswinger, Evans, Evens, Flatcher, Fletcher, Frazer, Fulton, Gabbert, Gardner, Garvey, Gaul, Gay, Gibson, Golled, Graham, Greir, Grove, Gruffy, Guffy, Hall, Hanna, Harshbarger, Harvey, Hays, Heath, Hight, Hinman, Humphreys, Hutton, Jackson, Johnson, Johnston, Jones, Karvey, Kelso, Kenady, Kenear, Kennedy, Kenny, Keys, Kirkpatrick, Law, Lawson, Leget, Lemmon, Ligget, Locker, Logan, Lust, Marlin, Marline, Maynaught, McCampbell, McChesney, McClain, McClanahan, McClung, McClure, McConn, McCorsky, McCormick, McCutchen, McDonald, McDowell, McFadden, McGuflick, McKee, McMortrey, McNutt, McPheeters, McRea, Mewling, Miles, Milirous, Miller, Milor, Mines, Moor, Moore, Morris, Morrison, Mould, Murphy, Newlan, Nihlus, Nucomer, Omyer, Pakrson, Parker, Parks, Patterson, Patton, Paxton, Penor, Peterson, Petre, Pines, Pollock, Porter, Ralso, Reed, Rhea, Rick, Riley, Robinson, Rowen, Rudy, Ryan, Scool, Scott, Sea, Shaw, Sherley, Shields, Shirley, Sincks, Smiley, Smith, Solomon, Speer, Sproul, Steel, Steele, Sterrett, Steward, Stoops, Sturgen, Sutherland, Sutton, Swart, Swearingham, Tadford, Talford, Tate, Taylor, Tellor, Temple, Thompson, Tomey, Trimble, Trotter, Vernom, Walker, Walls, Wardlaw, Watt, Weaver, Weir, Welch, West, Weststrap, Weyble, Williams, Wilson, Woods, Young


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