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1778 Tithables

Source: "The History of Rockbridge County, Virginia", By Oren Morton, Publ. 1920.

Transcribed by Andrea Stawski Pack

In 17th and 18th-century Virginia, the term "tithable" referred to a person who paid (or for whom someone else paid) one of the taxes imposed by the General Assembly for the support of civil government in the colony. In colonial Virginia, a poll tax or capitation tax was assessed on free white males, African American slaves, and Native American servants (both male and female), all age 16 or older. Owners and masters paid the taxes levied on their slaves and servants.  
Tithable lists do not enumerate anyone under the age of sixteen or any adult white woman (unless she was the head of household).

A number follows the name if more than one tithable in a home

Abit, Thomas

Alexander, Archibald

Alexander, Joseph - 2

Alexander, Samuel

Alexander, Thomas

Alexander, William - 5

Alexander, William

Allen, Benjamin - 2

Allen, Hugh - 3

Allen, James - 2

Allen, John - 2

Allen, Thomas

Allet, James - 2

Allet, William

Allison, John - 2

Altizer, Emorick

Anderson, Isaac - 5

Angelly, Peter

Arnold, James

Arnold, Stephen

Bagg, Alexander - 2

Bailey, fames

Bambridge, James

Barclay, Hugh - 2

Barclay, Hugh

Barclay, John

Barty, James

Beach, Waldring

Beard, Hugh

Beard, David - 2

Beaty, William

Bell, George

Bennett, Benjamin

Berry, William - 4

Berryhill, John

Black, Henry

Black, Mary

Black, Robert

Blackburn, Benjamin - 4

Blackburn - 2

Blair, Daniel

Blair, James

Bogle, Barnabas

Bowen, James

Bowyer, John - 9

Boyd, John

Boyl, James

Bradford, Samuel

Brown, Rev. John - 5

Brown, Patrick

Brownlow, James

Brush, Bleakly

Buchanan, James - 2

Buchanan, James

Buntin, Moses

Buntin, William

Caldwell, George

Caldwell, George - 2

Caldwell, Henry - 3

CaldwelU Isaac - 3

Caldwell, John - 4

Caldwell, Joseph

Caldwell, Joseph

Caldwell, Thomas

Caldwell, William - 3

Campbell, Charles - 2

Campbell, Charles

Campbell, George - 2

Carr, Thomas

Carson, John

Caruthers, John

Caruthers, Robert - 2

Caruthers, Samuel - 4

Caruthers, William

Casady, James

Christian, Israel

Christian, Sampson

Clark, Michael

Cleek, Jacob

Cleek, Mathias

Cleek, Palsor

Cloyd, David - 2

Colbrath, Andrew

Collier, Aaron

Collier, Alexander

Collier, Moses

Connor, Dinnis

Cooper, James

Cooper, John

Cooper, William

Cope, Adam

Corbit, James

Coulter, James - 2

Coulter, Michael - 3

Cowan, Andrew

Cowan, Samuel

Cowan, William

Craig, John

Crawford, James

Crawford, William - 3

Crawford, William

Crawford, William

Crocket, Alexander

Crocket, James

Cross, Samuel

Crump, Edmund

Culton, Alexander

Culton, James, Sr. - 2

Culton, James, Jr.

Culton, Joseph - 4

Culton, Robert, Sr. - 3

Cummins, John - 2

Cunningham, James - 2

Cunningham, Moses

Davidson, Samuel

Davidson, William - 2

Davis, Philip

Davison, John

Deal, Alexander

Dever, John

Dick, Abraham

Dick, David

Dillon, James

Dixon, James - 2

Donnald, Henry

Donnald, Matthew

Donnald, William

Donally, Henry

Donally, John

Donally, Sarah

Dougherty, George

Dougherty, James

Dougherty, William - 2

Dryden, James - 2

Dryden, Nathaniel

Dryden, William

Dunlap, John - 3

Dunlap, Robert - 3

Eakin, Andrew - 2

Eakin, James

Eakin, John

Eakin, William

East, Josiah - 2

Edminson, David

Edminson, James

Elder, Andrew

Elder, Matthew - 2

Elliot, Capt. George

Elliot, Robert

Ewin, Edward

Ewin, Robert - 3

Ewin, Robert

Evans, Henry

Evans, John

Evans, Nathaniel

Faris, Robert (constable)

Faris, William

Fletcher, Robert

Foster, William

Francisco, Michael

Frazer, John

Fuller, Daniel

Fuller, Francis - 2

Galbrath, Hugh

Gay, Henry - 2

Gay, James

Gay, John - 4

Gay, John

Gay, Margaret - 2

Gay, Robert - 2

Gill Pressley

Gill, Richard

Gilmore, James

Gilmore, John, Sr. - 2

Gilmore John, Jr.

Gilmore, John

Gilmore, John (colonel) - 4

Gilmore, Sarah - 2

Goodbar, Joseph

Gooding, Abraham

Goul, George - 2

Gordon, James

Gordon, John

Graham, Arthur - 2

Graham, Michael

Graham, Rev. William - 3

Gray, David (captain)

Green, Joshua

Greenlee, John - 3

Greenlee, Mary

Greenlee, Samuel

Greenlee, William

Greer, Alexander

Grigsby, James - 6

Guffey, Alexander

Guttery, John

Haddon, Thomas - 2

Hair, Henry

Hall, Andrew - 2

Hall, James (captain)

Hall, Nathaniel

Hamilton, Archibald

Hamilton, John

Hamilton, Robert

Hamilton, Samuel

Hamilton, William - 2

Hamilton, William

Hammon, Thomas

Hannah, Alexander

Hannah, John, Sr.

Hannah, John, Jr.

Harkins, Edward

Harris, James

Harriston, Thomas

Harvey, Daniel

Hays, Andrew - 6

Hays, Charles - 4

Hays, Charles

Hays, James - 3

Hays, John (captain) - 2

Hickman, Adam

Hickman, John - 2

Hill, Climuel

Hill, John

Hill, Thomas

Hill, Thomas

Hindman, Alexander

Higgens, Peter

Hiram, Frederic

Hodge, James - 2

Holdman, William

Houston, Henry

Houston, James - 12

Houston, John - 3

Houston, John

Houston, Samuel

Houston, William

Howell, Thomas - 3

Hoylman, Christopher

Hudson, Thomas

Huphman, Henry

Jack, Alexander

Jack, Samuel

Jack, William

Jamison, George

Jamison, William

Johnson, James

Johnson, Joseph

Johnson, Michael

Johnston, James

Jones, John

Jones, John

Kelly, Anthony

Kelly, George

Kelly, Samuel

Kelso, David

Kelso, Hugh - 3

Kelso, Moses

Kelso, Samuel

Kennedy, Ezekiel

Kennedy, James - 2

Kennedy, John

Keys, Benjamin

Keys, Roger

Keys, Samuel

Kilpatrick, Charles - 3

Kilpatrick, James

Kilpatrick, John

Kilpatrick, John

Kilpatrick, Thomas

Kilpart, Charles - 2

Kilpart, John

Kindred, Peter

Kingery, Jacob

Kingery, Peter

Kingery, Tobias

Kirkham, Michael

Kirkpatrick, Patrick

Kirkpatrick, Samuel

Koontz, Henry

Lackey, Thomas

Lackey, Thomas

Lackland, Joseph

Laird, David

Laird, William

Lane, James

Lanthron, Reuben

Lapsley, James

Lapsley, Joseph - 6

Larkin, John - 2

Lawrence, Samuel - 2

Lehy, William

Letcher, John - 3

Liggett, Alexander - 2

Linneen, Cornelius

Little, David

Little, Joseph - 2

Lockridge, Robert - 2

Logan, David - 2

Logan, James - 2

Logan, James

Logan, Thomas

Logan, William

Love, James

Lowry, Robert

Lusk, John, Sr.

Lusk, John

Lusk, Samuel

Lusk, William

Lyle, Daniel

Lyle, David - 6

Lyle, James, Sr. - 3

Lyle, James (D. S.)

Lyle, John (captain)

Lyle, John (skinner)

Lyle, John

Lyle, Robert

Lyle, Samuel - 6

Lyle, William

Lyle, Stephen

Mackey, Mary - 2

Mackey, Robert

Martin, Jane - 2

Mathews, John

Mathews, Richard - 2

Maxfield, John

Maxfield, William

Maxwell, James

McBride, Joseph

McCallister, John - 2

McCallister, John

McCampbell, Andrew - 2

McCampbell, James - 3

McCampbell, James

McCampbell, John - 2

McCampbell, William, Sr.

McCampbell, William

McCappen, John

McCappen, Robert

McCartney, John

McCaskey, Alexander

McCaskey, David

McCaskey, John, Jr.

McCaskey, Samuel

McChesney, Samuel

McChesney, Walter

McClain, John

McClung, Henry - 2

McClung, James, Sr.

McClung, James - 2

McClung, James

McClung, John - 2

McGung, William, Sr.

McClung, William

McClure, Alexander - 3

McClure, Alexander, Jr.

McClure, Arthur - 3

McClure, Daniel

McClure, Halbert

McClure, James - 2

McClure, John

McClure, John

McClure, John

McClure, Moses

McClure, Samuel - 3

McClure, William - 2

McCollum, John - 2

McCollum, Patrick - 4

McConnell, John

McConnell, Patrick

McCorkle, John

McCorkle, Samuel

McCorkle, William

McCowan, James

McCowan, Joseph

McCown, James

McCown, James

McCown, John, Sr. - 2

McCown, John, Jr.

McCown, John

McCown, Malcolm

McCrary, James - 2

McCrary, James

McCrary, Joseph

McCurdy, Archibald

McCurdy, Henry

McDowell, Elizabeth

McDowell, Samuel (colonel)

McElhany, William - 2

McElroy, William

McEntosh, John

McFaddin, Hugh

McGavock, William

McGee, Richard

McKee, James

McKee, John - 3

McKee, John - 3

McKee, Robert

McKee, William - 2

McKee, William

McKeharry, Robert - 3

McKemy, Alexander

McKemy, James

McKemy, John

McKemy, Robert - 2

McKemy, Samuel

McKemy, William

McKemy, William, Jr.

McKinney, John

McMath, James

McMath, William

McMullen, John

McNab, Samuel

McKight, John - 2

McNight, Timothy

McNutt, Alexander

McNutt, John - 2

McSpaden, John

McSpaden, Moses - 4

McSpaden, Samuel

McTeer, Samuel

Meath, Christopher

Miller, Henry - 2

Miller, Samuel

Milligan, John, Sr. - 2

Milligan, John, Jr.

Milligan, William

Mitchell, John-<5

Mitchell, John, Jr.

Montgomery, William

Moore, Alexander

Moore, Andrew (captain)

Moore, David

Moore, David

Moore, Hugh

Moore, James

Moore, James

Moore, John, Sr. - 3

Moore, John - 2

Moore, John, Jr.

Moore, John

Moore, Joseph, Esq.

Moore, Robert - 2

Moore, Samuel - 2

Moore, Samuel

Moore, William - 3

Moore, William - 3

Moore, William

Morris, Thomas

Morter, William

Muckleroy, James

Muckleroy, William

Murphy, John

Neely, John

Neely, William

Nesbitt, Samuel

Nevil, Henry

Nowling, John

O'Brian, James - 2

O'Diddle, James

Park, John

Parks, James

Patterson, Samuel

Patterson, William - 3

Patton, James

Patton, William

Paul, John

Paul, John, Jr.

Paxton, John - 2

Paxton, John - 6

Paxton, John (captain)-

Paxton, Samuel - 2

Paxton, Samuel

Paxton, Thomas - 7

Paxton, Thomas

Paxton, William, Sr. - 5

Paxton, William

Peoples, John - 3

Peoples, Nathan

Peoples, William

Perkins, John

Pickens, James

Pine, James

Poage, James

Poage, John (captain) - 6

Poage, John

Poage, Robert

Pollock, Samuel

Porter, John

Porter, William, Sr.

Porter, William, Jr. - 2

Pressley, William, Sr. - 2

Pressley, William, Jr.

Ramsay, Samuel

Ramsay, William

Ratliff, Thomas - 2

Read, Patrick - 2

Reagh, Archibald - 2

Reagh, William

Reah, John

Reid, Adam

Reid, Andrew, Esq. - 2

Reid, Daniel

Reid, Joseph

Reid, Thomas, Sr.

Reid, Thomas

Reid, William

Right, John

Riley, Barnabas

Riley, John

Richey, David

Richey, James

Richey, John

Roads, Christian

Roberts, Leonard

Robinson, Alexander

Robinson, James

Robinson, John

Robinson, John - 2

Robinson, Matthew

Robinson, Robert - 2

Robinson, Thomas

Robinson, William

Rowan, William

Rush, John - 2

Russell, William

Saianter (?), William

Sally, George - 2

Sea, John

Sea, Martin

Scott, Andrew - 2

Scott, David

Scott, James

Scott, John

Scott, Samuel - 3

Shaw, Robert - 3

Shields, Patrick

Shields, Robert

Skeen, Henry

Skeen, Joseph

Skeen, Robert - 3

Skillern, William - 2

Smiley, Alexander

Smiley, Alexander

Smiley, Andrew

Smiley, John, Sr.

Smiley, John, Jr.

Smiley, Walter

Smith, James

Smithers, Andrew

Snodgrass, James

Snodgrass, Joseph - 2

Something, John

Spear, John

Spence, John

Spencer, Ninian

Sprague, Thomas

Staton, Thomas

Steele, Robert

Steele, Samuel (captain) - 2

Steele, Thomas

Stephenson, James

Stephenson, Joseph - 2

Stephenson, Robert

Sterrett, Robert - 3

Stuart, Alexander

Stuart, John - 3

Stuart, Robert (miller)

Tagart, James

Tate, James

Taylor, Andrew

Taylor, David

Taylor, Elizabeth

Taylor, Isaac

Taylor, Isaac

Taylor, James

Taylor, William

Tedford, James, Sr.

Tedford, James

Telford, Alexander, Sr. - 2

Telford, Alexander

Telford, David

Telford, George

Telford, Robert, Sr. - 2

Telford, Robert

Telford, William

Templeton, James

Templin, Terah

Terry, Stephen

Thompson, Edward

Thompson, John - 4

Thompson, John

Thompson, Joseph

Thompson, William

Thornham, Thomas

Todd, James

Todd, John

Todd, Samuel

Todd, William

Tolly, Christian

Townley, James

Trafford, Charles

Trimble, Isaac

Trimble, John - 5

Trimble, Moses

Trimble, Moses, Jr.

Vernor, John

Vickers, Riley

Vickery, John

Vineyard, Christian

Walker, Alexander - 4

Walker, Alexander

Walker, James, Sr.

Walker, James

Walker, James

Walker, John, Jr. - 2

Walker, John - 2

Walker, John - 2

Walker, Joseph -

Walker, Samuel

Walker, William

Wallace, James - 3

Wallace, John - 2

Wallace, John

Wallace, Joseph

Wallace, Peter-^3

Wallace, Samuel - 3

Wardlaw, James - 2

Wardlaw, Robert

Wardlaw, William - 3

Welch, James

Welch, John

Whiteside, Moses - 2

Whitesto, Stephen

Whitley, James

Whitley, Jonathan - 5

Whitley, Solomon - 2

Wickenson, Benjamin

Wickenson, Peter

Wiley, Alexander

Wiley, John, Sr. - 7

Wilkenson, John

Wilkenson, John

Williams, Richard

Williams, Smith - 3

Williamson, Benjamin

Williamson, David

Wilson, Alexander

Wilson, David

Wilson, Ephraim

Wilson, George

Wilson, Hugh

Wilson, James - 2

Wilson, John - 3

Wilson, John

Wilson, John

Wilson, Nathaniel

Wilson, Samuel - 2

Wilson, Samuel

Wilson, Samuel

Wilson, Seth

Wilson, Thomas - 4

Wilson, William

Weir, George - 2

Weir, Hugh - 2

Weir, Hugh

Weir, John

Weir, John

Weir, Joseph

Weir, Samuel

Woods, Jass

Woods, David - 2

Woods, Elizabeth - 4

Woods, Patrick

Young, Benjamin - 3

Young, William

Total - 997

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