Rockbridge County, Virginia Genealogy Trails

Virginia Military Institute

Class of 1876


(Transcribed and Submitted to Genealogy Trails by Helen Coughlin)
(Source: Register of Former Cadets, Centinnial Edition, Virginia Military Institute, Lexington, Virginia. Published 1939)

Explanation of symbols and abbreviations.

Cadets entered the lowest class unless otherwise noted, or indicated by graduation in less than the number of years in the standard course.
At the head of each class list has been shown the number of cadets who are graduated in course and those who were subsequently graduated.
The place from which the cadet matriculated follows the name; then the period of cadetship; then the class standing-- the eighth standing graduate being printed thus - Grad. 8. When an asterisk precedes the class standing it indicates that the cadet was declared a distinguished graduate.

An asterisk (*) before a name indicates deceased.
A dagger (†) indicates graduated.
N. S. - indicates No Stand.
Ent. - indicates entered
Rep. - indicates repeated
Names in italics have been repeated elsewhere.
Gd. - indicates left on guard at V. M. I. on April 21, 1861.
DM - indicates drillmaster in Richmond April - July, 1861.
- indicates on detail sent to Harper's Ferry from V. M. I. on April 22, 1861.
yr. or year - indicates an academic year (usually about 10 months, but some.sessions varied from this standard - particularly in the period 1861 to 1865).
$ - indicates in Corps of Cadets when it was disbanded in Richmond on April 2, 1865.
- indicates that this name or title is shown on the Roster of May 11, 1864, attached to Lt. Col. Shipp's report, dated July 4, 1864.

Capitalized names - killed in battle or who died in the military service of a belligerent nation.


(Nos 2,797 to 2,863)
35 were graduated June 29, 1876. 67 members.

†*Ball, Burgess; Leesburg, Va.; 4 yrs., ex-75, out a yr., Grad. 5; Prof., Fayetteville, Ark. Coll.; Died Dec. 26, 1880.

*Baskervill, Charles Thomas; Boydton, Va.; 2 yrs., ent. 3rd; Lawyer; Commonwealth’s Attorney; Boydton, Va.; Died Dec. 1, 1930.

†Beatty, Adam; Thibodaux, La.; 2 yrs. 4 ½ mos., Grad. 17; Civil Engr. and Timber appraiser; Westwego, La.

Berry, John; New Orleans, La.; 1 yr. 1 mo.

†*Beverley, Robert, Jr.; The Plains, Va.; 3 yrs., Grad. 16; Farmer; Caret, Va.; Died Dec. 28, 1928.

*Bibb, Peyton Benajah; Montgomery, Ala.; 7 ½ mos., ent. 3rd; Civil Engr.; Died July, 1906, New York City.

†*Blow, William Nivison, Jr.; Littleton, Va.; 4 yrs., Grad. 20; Civil Engr.; Capt. U. S. Army; Major, U. S. Vol., Spanish-Amer. War; Died Oct. 29, 1907, Norfolk, Va.

†*Braswell, William Thomas; Whitakers, N. C.; 4 yrs., Grad. 26; Farmer; Edgecombe Co. Bd. of Education, N. C.; Banker; Died Feb. 22, 1932, Whitakers.

*Brickell, Frank Hamer; Vicksburg, Miss.; 3 yrs. 7 ½ mos.; M. D., Tulane Univ., La.; Physician; Died Aug. 8, 1898, Asheville, N. C.

*Burks, Olin Eustace; Rockbridge, Va.; ½ yr.; Never followed a permanent occupation. Died about 1895.

*Butler, Hardage Lane; Shepherdstown, W. Va.; 2 yrs. 9 mos.; Physician; Died April 7, 1881, Shepherdstown, W. Va.

†*Cash, William Boggan; Cash’s Depot, Chesterfield Co., S. C.; 4 yrs., Grad. 34; Planter; Chf. of Staff, Gov. Wade Hampton; Killed May 15, 1884 on his plantation in Chesterfield Co.

†*Conway, Charles Leroy; Fredericksburg, Va.; 4 yrs., Grad. 15; Asst. Prof. V. M. I.; Purser Norfolk Steamer; U. S. Census Service; Died Oct. 29, 1926, Washington, D. C. 

†*Cooper, Samuel Morrison; New Orleans, La.; 5 yrs., rep. 3rd, Grad. 30; Grad. U. of Va.; Physician, Grandview, Texas; Died July 7, 1929.

Cumming Charles S.; Marietta, Cobb Co., Ga.; 3 yrs. 4 mos.

†DeBruhl, William Jesse; Columbia, S. C.; 4 yrs., Grad. 32; Storage and Grocery Comm. Merchant; Formerly, Salt Lake City, Utah.

*Dudley, James Saunders; Lynchburg Va.; 2 yrs; Farmer; Insurance; Lynchburg, Va.; Died May 12, 1894.

†*Edmondson, Frazor Titus; Memphis, Tenn.; 4 yrs., Grad. 24; Lawyer; City Atty., Memphis, Tenn.; Died March 12, 1910.

†*Ellett, Tazewell; Richmond, Va.; 4 yrs., Grad. 14; L. L. B., U. of Va.; Lawyer; Lt. Col. Va. N. G.; Mem., Bd. of Vis., V. M. I.; U. S. Congress; Died May 18, 1914, buried at Richmond.

†*Exall, Alexander Duval; Richmond, Va.; 4 yrs., Grad. 9; Civil Engr., (retired); Drewrys Bluff, Va.; Died June 14, 1928.

†*Fisher, Samuel Blackwood; Pottsville, Pa.; 3 yrs, Grad. 10; Lawyer; Died Oct. 4, 1880 at Pottsville.

†*Gatewood, James Duncan; Norfolk, Va.; 2 yrs., Grad. *4; M. A. June  17, 1916; Asst. Prof. V. M. I.; M. D., U. of Va.; Medical Director U. S. Navy; Author; Ex-Pres., U. S. Naval Medical School, U. S. Navy; Commodore; Died in Washington, D. C.; Feb. 27, 1924. 

†*Green, Angus McDonald; Culpeper, Va.; 3 yrs.; Grad. 21; Lawyer; Capt. Va. N. G.; Editor; Died July 11, 1893. (One of the youngest cadets ever graduated at V. M. I. not quite eighteen.)

†*Greene, Edward Appleton; Culpeper, Va.; 4 yrs., Grad. 25; Engr.; Chief Engr.; Consulting Engr.; Died Apr. 19, 1903, Zanesville. Ohio.

†*Hambleton, Frank Sherwood; Baltimore, Md.; 4 yrs., Grad. 13; Banker; Staff, Gov. of Md.; Died Aug. 16, 1908, Bad-Nauheim, Germany.

Hamilton, R. N.; Adams Co., Miss.; 1 yr.

Hanson, John Delmayne; Donaldsonville, La.; 2 yrs., ent. 3rd; Physician; Donaldsonville, La.

†*Hutcheson, William Gilmer; Montgomery, Ala.; 4 yrs., Grad. 6; Lawyer; Killed by Ry. train in 1913, Nashville, Tenn., his home.

†*Johnson, Richard Otto; Springfield, Clark Co., Ohio; 4 yrs., Grad. 33; M. A. June 17, 1916; Lawyer; Supt. Indiana State School for the Deaf; Author; Bus. Dir. Indianapolis Public Schools; Insurance Counselor; Died Jan. 4, 1928, Indianapolis, Ind.

*Jonas, Joseph Bloch; New Orleans, La.; 2 yrs; Clerk and Asst. Bookkeeper in Cotton Factory and Mgr. of Cotton Plantation; Died Sept. 10, 1889 near White Castle, La.

*Kelly, Granville James; Culpeper Co., Va.; 3 yrs. 1 ½ mos., in 4th thrice; Merchant, Musical Instruments, Sewing Machines and Jewelry; Died Sept. 1893, in Missouri.

†*Lang, Samuel Logan; Camden, S. C.;  4 yrs., Grad. 27; Cotton Planter; Real Estate and Insurance; Capt. S. C. N. G.; Camden, S. C. Died May 4, 1905.

†*Lawson, Joseph Wilson; Lynchburg, Va.; 5 yrs. rep. 4th, Grad. 35; Merchant; Died Jan., 1885, Lynchburg, Va.

*Lee, Dabney Carr; Clarksburg, W. Va.; 2 yrs. 4 mos.; Lawyer; Clarksburg, W. Va.; Died Feb. (illegible) 1918.

†*Mackall, Benjamin F.; Langley, Va.; 2 yrs., Grad. *2; Mining Engr.; U. S. Corps Engrs.; Asst. Engr., S. A. L. Ry.; Contractor; Died Apr. 5, 1911. Langley, Va.

*Maddin, Thomas M.; Waco, Texas; 6 mos.; Died 1912 in Austin, Texas.

*Mason, Charles T.; Amherst Co., Va.; 1 yr. 3 mos.; Dead.

*Maury, John Walker; Charlottesville, Va.; 2 yrs., rep. 4th; Clerk; U. S. Customs Service; Died April 14, 1885, St. Louis, Mo.

*Mclver, Thomas Powe; Cheraw, S. C.; 2 yrs.; Fertilizer Bus., Cheraw, S. C.; Died Aug. 22, 1904.

*Melton, Preston LaBorde; Columbia, S. C.; 3 yrs, 5 mos.; Lawyer; Died April 19, 1901, Columbia, S. C.

†*Minor Richard Catlett; Cobham Depot, Va.; 4 yrs., Grad. 12; Lawyer in Stockton; Died Feb. 9, 1937, Stockton, Calif.

*Morgan, Edwin Lee; Alexandria, Va.; 2 yrs., rep. 4th; Physician; Washington, D. C.; Died Nov. 23, 1920.

†*Morris, George, Watson; Trevilians, Va.; 4 yrs.; Grad. 22; Clerk, U. S. Dist. Court; Farmer; Died Feb. 21, 1919, Green Springs, Va.

*Mosby, Louis Scott; Somerville, Tenn.; 1 yr.; Farmer; Died April 25, 1882, Somerville, Tenn.

Nelson, William Sands; Orange C. H., Va.; (illegible) yrs.; Druggist; Formerly, Gordonsville, Va.

†*Newman, Edgar Douglas; Woodstock, Va.; 2 yrs., ent. 2nd, Grad. *1; Lawyer; Judge County Court; Banker; Woodstock, Va.; Died Sept. 21, 1927.

*Owens, William Otway, Jr.; Lynchburg, Va.; 3 yrs., ent. 3rd; Physician; Col. Med. Corps. U. S. A., World War; Major and Surgeon, U. S. A. Died Dec. 24, 1924. 

†*Parr, William Folger; Baltimore, Md.; 4 yrs.; Grad. 8; Civil Engr.; Insurance; Died Jan. 7, 1913.

†*Pinckney, Robert Howe; Charleston, S. C.; 3 yrs., Grad. 23; Gen. Agt. Life Ins. Co.; Lt. Col. S. C. N. G.; Lt. U. S. Vol. Navy. Spanish-Amer. War; Comdr. S. C. Naval Militia, 1803-04; Insurance Agt.; Died Feb. 14, 1913, Charleston, S. C.

†*Roller, Oliver Brown; Mt. Crawford, Va.; 4 yrs., Grad. 7; Grad., U. of Va.; Lawyer; Lt. Col. U. S. Vol. Spanish-Amer. War; Col. Va. N. G.; Mayor; Died Sept. 28, 1912, buried in Harrisonburg, Va.

Salisbury, Samuel; Columbus, Ga.; 2 yrs.

*Shuttleworth, David Dobbs; Pensacola, Fla.; 1 yr.; Gulf Transit Co., Pensacola, Fla.; Died Nov. 28, 1936 at his home in Pensacola.

*Sibley, Guy Clarence; Mobile, Ala.; 2 ½ yrs.; Gen. Agt., Mutual Life Ins. Co., Lawyer; Editorial writer; Dead.

Singleton, George Seth; New Orleans, La.; 7 mos.; Orange Grower; Bd. of Education, Brevard Co., Fla.

†*Smith, James Henderson; Lexington, Va.; 4 yrs., Grad. *3; Presbyterian Clergyman in Va.; Instr., V. M. I.; Died Nov. 9. 1889.

†*Smith, Samuel Harrison; Baltimore, Md.; 4 yrs., Grad. 29; Civil Engr. in Calif, and Va.; City and Co. Surveyor; Died at his home, Sept. 14, 1908, San Francisco, Calif.

*Stiles, William Lee, Jr.; Baltimore, Md.; 1 yr.; Dentist; Clerkship in House of Representatives; Died Oct. 13, 1916, Baltimore, Md.

†*Taylor, Edmond Pendleton; Orange Co., Va.; 4 yrs. 4 mos., rep. 4th, Grad. 28; Farmer and Engr.; Died Sept. 23, 1911, Orange, Va.

*Taylor, Hugh McGuire; Berryville, Va.; 2 yrs.; M. D., Med. Coll. of Va., 1876; Prof. of Surgery; Pres., Med. Exam. Bd. of Va.; Surgeon at Va. Hospital and C. & O. R. R., Richmond, Va.; Died May 30, 1922, Richmond, Va.

*Tillman J. E.; Columbia, Ga.; 1 yr.; Died about 1916.

*Towles, Daniel Turnbull; Bayou Sara, La.; 2 ½ yrs., rep. 4th; U. S. Customs Service; New Orleans, La.; Died Feb. 11, 1924.

*Tucker, Virginius Michaux; Jefferson P. O., Va.; 2 ½ mos.; U. S. Civil Service, Washington, D. C.; Dead.

†*Turnbull, Needham Stith; Lawrenceville, Va.; 4 yrs., Grad. 18; LL. B., U. of Va.; Lawyer; ex-County Judge; Legis.; Lawrenceville, Va.; Dead.

†*Van Bruyssel, Ferdinand C.; New Orleans, La.; 3 yrs., Grad. 31; Belgium Diplomatic Service; Dead.

†*Watson, Thomas Shelton, Jr.; Trevilians, Va.; 4 yrs., Grad. 11; Farmer; Died at his home in Charlottesville, Va., Aug. 27, 1927.

†*Williams, William Cary; Suffolk, Va.; 4 yrs., Grad. 19; Merchant; Capt. Va. N. G.; Wholesale Bus.; Died April 19, 1892, Portsmouth, Va.

Willis, John M.; Elizabeth City, Va.; 3 yrs.; Lifelong Educator; Hampton, Va.


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