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1840 Census of Pensioners


Source: Census of Pensioners for Revolutionary or Military Services, Publ. 1841.
Transcribed by Linda Rodriguez




Head of Family who Pensioners resided Jun. 1, 1840

Cason, William Berkeley Parish 75 William Cason
Griffin, William St. George's Parish 86 William Griffin
Jones, James Town of Fredericksburg 80 James Jones
Jones, Thomas R. Berkeley Parish 85 Thomas R. Jones
Knight, William Berkeley Parish 80 William Knight
Mansfield, George St. George's Parish 84 George Mansfield
Pendleton, P. Berkeley Parish 79 Phil. Pendleton
Pierce, John Sen. Berkeley Parish 88 John Pierce Sen.
Smith, James Berkeley Parish 90 James A. Smith
Smith, Philip Berkeley Parish 83 Philip Smith
Sorrill, John St. George's Parish 88 Frances Stratton
Stears, Richard Berkeley Parish 78 jenny Stears
Stewart, John Berkeley Parish 79 John Stewart
Trible, George Berkeley Parish 85 George Trible
Vass, Philip Berkeley Parish 78 Philip Vass
Willoughby, H. Berkeley Parish 79 Henry Willoughby
Wilson, Abr. Berkeley Parish 80 Abr. Wilson


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