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Adams (West) Cemetery, Othello      
Adams Cemetery 465214N 1190759W aka American Legion Cem.
Ammaus Cemetery 471445N 1185227W aka Schafer, Kiehn, Emmaus
Bartges Cemetery      
Bauer Werttemberger Cemetery      
Bell Cemetery      
Bemis Cemetery 465528N 1181804W aka Rogers Cem.
Bess Hampton Memorial Gardens     Othello
Bonney Cemetery      
Breese Cemetery      
Bronson Cemetery      
Bruihl Family Cemetery     Hooper
Burfiend Cemetery      
Carrico Cemetery      
Chambers Cemetery      
Crowe Cemetery      
Cunningham (Christian Church) Cemetery      
Delight Cemetery 464745N 1183246W  
Dormaier (Hoefner) Cemetery      
Emauel Lutheran Cemetery     Ritzville
German Methodist Cemetery     (aka Bauman-Nissen-Friese)
Glacken Cemetery      
Griffith Cemetery     Marcellus
Hampton Road Cemetery     Hatton
Harder Family Cemetery      
Hatton (IOOF) Cemetery      
Hoffnungsberg Cemetery      
Horn Cemetery     Ritzville
Jasman (Knecht) Cemetery     Moody
Kansas Prairie Cemetery 465432N 1184849W  
Kappel Cemetery     Ruff
Labes Cemetery      
Lind Cemetery 465905N 1183713W  
Link Cemetery      
Memorial Cemetery 470756N 1182338W  
Menno Cemetery      
Michigan Prairie Cemetery 464504N 1183942W  
Mobley Cemetery     Benge
Old Ritzvill Cemetery      
Paha Cemetery 470124N 1182921W Ritzville
Pfannekuchen Cemetery      
Pleasant Valley Cemetery 465536N 1192710W  
Ralston Cemetery      
Ritzville Memorial Cemetery      
Salem Cemetery     aka Saloma Cem. - Ralston
Smith Cemetery     Washtucna
Snyder Family Cemetery      
Staley Coulee Cemetery      
Stallion Cemetery     aka Johnson Cem - Benge
Unnamed Cemetery     Othello
Washtucna Pioneer Cemetery     aka Mountain View
Weishaar Cemetery     Moody
Wilkinson Family Cemetery     Benge
Woodruff Cemetery     Cunningham
Zoar Cemetery      

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