Asotin County, Washington
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Anatone Cemetery      
Asotin Cemetery 461945N 1170319W  
Asotin Creek Cemetery    

aka Bracken Cemetery

Autrey Cemetery 460305N 1172016W Mountain View
Ayers Cemetery      
Babandorf Cemetery      
Body Place Cemetery      
Clarkston Cemetery      
Cloverland Cemetery 461451N 1171349W  
Craige Cemetery 460706N 1170125W Montgomery Ridge
Critchfield Gulch Cemetery      
Green Place Cemetery      
Haberman Cemetery     Joseph Creek
Joseph Creek Cemetery      
Lake Cemetery 461259N 1171425W Cloverland
McKinzie Cemetery      
Mountain View Cemetery 460204N 1172122W  
Myers Cemetery      
Neal Cemetery      
Pleasant Ridge Catholic Cemetery     aka Sacred Heart Cemetery
Roupe Cemetery, Grouse Creek      
Silcott Cemetery      
St. Joseph's Catholic Cemetery    

aka Holy Family Cemetery

Taplin Cemetery      
Theon Cemetery 461000N 1170607W  
Vest Cemetery     Joseph Creek
Vineland Cemetery 462436N 1170458W Clarkston
Weissenfels Cemetery      



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