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Asotin County

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Towns and their Histories

Source of history: Origin of Washington Geographic Names 1923


What is now known as Ten Mile Creek was known to the Indians as Anatone. It is claimed that it was so called for a noted Indian woman who lived near the present site of Anatone. (Source: J.C. Packwood, in Names MSS., Letter 381.)

A county, a town and a creek in the southeastern corner of the State. The names is from the Nez Perce language and means "eel creek" from the abundance of eels caught there. The town at the mouth of the creek, where it flows into Snake River, took the same name in 1878, as did the County when it was organized under the law of October 27, 1883. (Source: Origin of Washington Geographic Names 1923)

Vinland, a name once applied to Clarkston, Asotin County (Source: Origin of Washington Geographic Names 1923)



Grahams Landing


Hanson Ferry

Jerry, a town in the northeastern part of Asotin County, named by John Knight, on August 1, 1906, in honor of Jerry McGuire, a stock rancher who owned land there since 1875. The former name was Grand Junction, because Asotin and George Creeks joined there. (James Buchan, in Names MSS., Letter 317)

Mountain View


Silcott, a postoffice at the mouth of Alpowa Creek, in the northern part of Asotin County. It was named for John Silcott, the pioneer who ran the ferry across the Clearwater, to Lewiston, before that city was named. (Cliff M. Wilson, Postermaster at Silcott, in Names MSS. Letter 240) William S. Newland filed the plat for "Alpowa City" on April 10, 1882, but nothing come of it and the place lapsed into Silcott in 1885. (Illustrated History of Southeastern Washington, page 697.)


Zindel, a former postoffice, two miles from Rogersburg, in the southeastern part of Asotin County, was named in honor of the pioneer, M.W. Zindal. (C.D. Brown, of Rogersburg, in Names MSS. Letter 262)


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