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1870 Mortality Census

Transcribed by Shauna Williams

Persons who died during the year ending 1st June, 1870, in Clark County Territory of Washington. Singleton W. Beale, Ass't Marshal

These entries are pretty faded on one side of the page. Please take this transcription as my best effort but realize that mistakes will be made!






Married of Widowed

Place of birth

Father Foreign

Mother Foreign



Cause of death


---n  Harriet 3 F W   Wash Ter X   October   Disease of Bones
  -ead?, ------- 39 F W M Missouri     January Keeping House Ascites Dropsy Abdominal
  ----- Charles 24 M W   Illinois     May Farmer Consumption
  ----- Laura 7/12 F W   Wash Terr     October   Remittent Fever


----- Anna 

8 F W   Indiana    


  Typhoid Fever
-5 --nn, William 5 M W   Oregon     March   Laryngitis? Inflammation of La----
-7 -----r Baby 1/12 M W   Wash Terr     May   Dyptheria
  ---- ----les? 1 M W   Wash Terr     May   Dyptheria
-4 ---lett? Edward 12 M W   Illinois     March Domestic Servant Body Fall of Accident, crushed by tree


------n Alice 4 F W   Wash Terr     Nov   Disease of Lungs Fevre
5- ---ies? Anna 11/12 F W   Wash Terr X   Nov   Inflammation of bowels
  ------ry Joseph 50 F W   Canada X X Nov Sister of Charity Cancer Carcinoma of stomach


----- Patrick




  Ireland X X June Farmer Acites
  Johnsen? John 13 M I   Wash Terr     Nov Mission Orphan Consumption


Mercier? Alexis 27 M W   Canada X X October Ret Merchant Dropsy
  ----- William 70 M W   Massachusetts     Feb Hotel Keeper Ascites
  Smith, Elizabeth 14 F 1/2 B   Oregon     April Mission Orphan Consumption


-----ton, Josephine 26 F W   Missouri    


  Typhoid Fever
55 ----- Milo 1


W   Wash Terr     June   Inflammation of Brain

Stub---, Ellen

27 F W M Wisconsin     August   Child Birth
131 Stub--?, Ellen 2/12 F W   Wash Terr     October   Murasmus?
157 Myers, John Henry 7/12 M W   Wash Terr     April   Teething
--- Peabody, Katie 12 F 1/2 B   Wash Terr     May Domestic Servant Accidental death by drowning


------- Stella

3/12 F W   Wash Terr     July   Cholera Infantum
175 Okeane? P. Infant Son   M W   Wash Terr     July   Still Born


Kanny, Josephine

4/12 F W   Wash Terr     July   Cholera Infantum


Lee, Annie 4 F W   Wash Terr     Sept   Croup
220 Walsh, Mary 3 F W   Wash Terr     April   Inflamation of Bowels


H-----, Thomas

24 M W   Missouri     June Farmer Accidental death by drowning


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