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Welcome to Columbia County

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I am Brenda (Bell) Dahmen your host for Columbia County. I am third generation born and raised in Columbia County.

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Columbia County is a 860-sq. mile county in southeast Washington state; bounded on north by Whitman county, on east by Garfield county; on south by Oregon and on west by Walla Walla county. It is devoted principally to production of wheat, peas and wool. On November 11, 1875, the county was established by the Territorial Legislature through the influence of delegate Elisha Ping. The Territorial governor had  previously vetoed a bill which would have named the county for Ping. The name chosen was that after that of Columbia River. The are had previously been part of Walla Walla county. The county seat is at Dayton, which is also the county's largest city.

Columbia county map
Cities and Towns
* Dayton * Huntsville * Starbuck *

Other Communities
* Alto * Covello * Delany * Grange City * Jackson * Longs * Marengo * Turner * Whetstone *

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Website Updates:
March 2015: Frontier Justice (Criminal) From 1877 - 1889, under "County Records"

January 2015: Only survivor of Little Big Horn and General Custer's last man standing; Frank Finkel

An Illustrated History of Southeastern Washington including Walla Walla, Columbia, Garfield and Asotin Counties Washington by Frederic Ambrose Shaver, 1862-; Richard F. Steele; Arthur P. Rose, 1875-1970, PART III, COLUMBIA COUNTY, Chapters I - IV, more to follow.

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Surrounding Counties:
* Whitman County, Washington - north
Garfield County, Washington - east
Wallowa County, Oregon - southeast
Umatilla County, Oregon - southwest
Walla Walla County, Washington - west
Franklin County, Washington - northwest

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